Ongoing genital itching and pain

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I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. Im in my 40s and in good health however this year I have suffered a few problems with my groin. At the beginning of the year I started experiencing severe itching in my genitals. I tried everything I could think of and eventually my wife persuaded me to see my GP, she gave me a steroid cream which helped but it never really cleared up, I just found that I kept buying the same cream over the counter and using it a lot to stop the itching. She did examine me and asked a lot of questions however I left her office in a very fragile state of mind because of the whole experience. A few months later I then started to experience pain in my testicles, I put up with this for around 3 months because I could not find any lumps, however the pain got worse and worse and eventually I went to see my GP. This time it was with a male Dr who clearly had no idea, he said he would refer me for an urgent ultrasound and pretty much got rid of me as quickly as he could. The next day I was in so much pain I had to call 111 and go to my local hospital who diagnosed me with epididymo-orchitis and gave me a 2 week prescription of Antibiotics. I got my ultrasound appointment, which was nearly for a month later so I guess that either all the ultrasound appointments are taken up by pregnant ladies or they did not take me serious. After two weeks I have taken the Antibiotics, I am still in discomfort and pain and the Ultrasound was , according to the radiographer, all clear. I am none the wiser.

So, I don’t know what to do because I don’t think I have received a good service from the NHS, I don’t feel they have taken my problem seriously or consider it any kind of priority, its causing me a lot of distress as I still nearly a year later have itchy painful genitals. I can say 100% that there is zero chance I have an STD. I can’t possibly go back to my GP because the male Dr is useless and when I tell the receptionist the nature of the issue she will not give me an appointment with my usual GP, I think because she is female. Not only am I in pain but this is having an effect on my already fragile mental state.

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    Ultrasounds can take as long as 12 weeks, so a month is pretty good going.

    You don't have to tell the receptionist what the issue is if you would prefer to see your udual GP. You can state I'll discuss that with the Dr or you can give them another reason not related.

    Epydidymo orchitis can take quite some time to clear up and can re-occur pretty quickly at times. As you have found out it is also damn painful.

    If you've had a vasectomy then it does sound like Post Vasectomy Pain syndrome, which is a right nightmare.

    I'd suggest back to GP and explain still in lots of pain, you could ask for heavier duty pain relief but you also want to ask for a referral to see a urologist. 


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      I had missed this reply from you sorry.

      Post Vasectomy Pain syndrome can occur anytime within a 10yr window of a vasectomy.

      Often misdiagnosed initially as epidimus orchids.

      Main symptoms would be persistent pain in testicles or groin which doesn't respond to anti biotics. Other symptoms would could be pain on erection and or ejaculation. General fatigue.

      Ultra sound scans don't usually reveal whole lot for this but slight swelling on the scan maybe noticed.

      Tight supporting briefs will help alleviate the aches. I'm still using a jock strap 3 yrs later.

      For main symptom list use Wikipedia and search fur post vasectomy pain syndrome.

      If you're going back to Dr's mention you had vasectomy and PVP as most GP's won't connect the dots and are woefully ignorant of the condition which affects more than the 1 in 10 the NHS state.

      Hope GP visit goes well

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    As to the you wear 100% cotton pants?.     Anything other than cotton is not recommended.    Also are your pants washed separately on a high temperature?      a mate of mine suffered like you and got rid of all his non cotton pants[that includes polyester/cotton] and bought cotton ones. Then they were washed at a high temperature and not in with all the other stuff. Also tight pants and tight trousers dont help.  If you can go without pants at night that helps.

    Hope that helps. 

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      Hi, thanks for replying. I read about the cotton and the tightness so I actually stopped wearing pants altogether months ago because although it sounds weird it actually helps. I read some online articles about "jock itch" but I dont really think I match it exactly as I was checked for bacterial infections and I am very hygenic and clean. It just worried me when the pain came with it, but as bad as it is I have kind of given up and started to put up with it all now. I feel I can't possibly go back to my GP because they dont seem to take me serious or really want to know, my wife has tried to assure me its all in my head but I'm not sure. I just dont think the service is there for guys like me, it just seems to focus on women children and old people. Thanks for your reply though, and the others, because it actually helps knowing someone will read what I write and actually come back to me with suggestions and that means a lot to me.
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    I would definately get a second opinion.

    Dont suffer in silence. It sounds like your suffering enough.

    Please get yourself sorted out. You dont have to tell the receptionist your problem. I would ask to speak to another Doctor.

    Good luck.

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    Cameron,you do need to go back to your GP. You dont need to tell the receptionist anything about your condition...just say" thats between me and the doctor".

    I know you think you have been treated badly by the NHS but in fact I think your treatment has very much been fairly normal.     You should not be using steroid cream for a long time.     If you found it did not work after a while you should have gone back to the doc.

    All doctors treat what,in their experience, is the commonest cause of the symptoms first and then when that doesnt work they will go on to the next phase of treatment which could be referral to a urologist or dermatologist or both.      If you dont go back,how can a Gp know what is happening and that you are getting more and more stressed?       Dont specify a particular doctor,just see whoever you can,they will have a record of everything that has so far been done and your results from the ultrasound.  I am quite sure that the reason you couldnt see your normal GP was not because she was female. Perhaps she just happens to be the most popular doctor at the practice and gets full surgeries before any of the other doctors.

    I think you have suffered enough so do have faith and go back to the doctor.

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      Hi Marina,  you make a lot of sense and you sound very knowledgeable so I really appreciate everything you have said. I think you are right and I need to see my GP again ... just gotta build up the nerve now after all this... thanks for coming back to me. smile 
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