Ongoing issues unresolved! gas!!! so much gas.

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GAS! gas gas and more gas. i spend must of my day and night in pain, sometimes its really bad and others its just annoying. i remember (although it seems like a lifetime ago now) during the day thinking, oh i need to burp... or oh i need to fart and then passing the gas. now im in so much pain. i get really bad pain under my breastplate in the middle, im being treated for reflux but meds barley do much and gaviscon hardly touches it, only thing that seems to get rid of the pain is burping, then after 10 seconds of reflieve the pain comes back and i have to wait until i can burp again.

I am having the same sort of issues with my intestines, i get lower stomach pains and gurgling noises that cause pain, i can pretty much feel it making its way around my guts, i get back pain but mid and lower before finally passing the gas then a few minutes later the symptoms reappear. this is on and off all day. when it is on its really rather painful ive tried ignoring it, i have to wait another 3/4 weeks to get old meds out of my system before i can have a stool sample tested i have had blood tests and all come back fine

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    I've tried Mallox for indegestion and gas. Works better than gaviscon for me. Im testing out this medication called Silicol Gel. Research it and see whether it may help with your symptoms. Ive hardly had to touch a perscription med since being on it.  its only a 4 week treatment and im on week 3. It apparently 'fixes' your insides and afterwards you shouldnt be in so much digestive discomfort.... so far so good but i am worried about what will happen when i come off of it, bt worse cause is i go back to my perscription meds... 

    Also for gas and the pain under your breastplate which I get all the time. try gentle exercise twice a day. ie I try and do 2 short walks for 10-20 mins each. It helped me so much i invested in a cross trainer so i could do walking exercises at home in winter without helping outside in the cold smile Similary this gentle exercise will get your digestive system working faster and help it to not be so sluggish and should hypothtically help relieve gas too.. Finally, a cup of Green tea after meals and one first thing in the morning works wonders for me, bt you can experiment with other teas. 

    Good luck. 

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    Dear pibolarman,

    I fully appreciate your problem, I had a similar problem two months back. I would like to point out that I am not medicaly trained and if you want to try anything that worked for me it would be best to talk to your GP first.

    I tried Mebeverine first with limited success, I tried Buscopan which worked better for me. These are both anti spasmotic medicines.

    My GP recommended Colpermin which you can get from the chemist or on prescription.

    The best results was obtained by eating fennel seeds whch you can obtain from the local health shop. Please be careful, remember we are all different and I would not like to hear you had some adverse reaction.

    Hope this is some help to you.

    Best regards


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    Hi there Hunsound awful have you been checked out for your Gallbladder too as it really doesnt sound just like ibs i wish you well

    love always



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    Look FODMAPS diet online and stick to it for a while. This diet tries to eliminates the foods that are high in sugars we cannot digest but bacteria in large intestine gorge on them producing lots of gas. Worth a try if it gives you some ease as it did me. Best of Luck!


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    Hi pibolarman 

    hi after reading ur lines above it sounds like your gas / fart problem might be ibs irratal  bowl syndrome which suck bad I know what you mean with the pain in the guts then u fart or go to the loo and feel a bit better I take a 10 mg buscapan tablet  x 2 =20 both morning and night u can get them just from a chemist u don't need a script and I find it helps so much with the pain and cramps in my gut for the hole ibs but as far as ur reflex problem I can comment on that one cause I don't know what to that will help u so I wish u thes of luck with it all      regards Nadine 

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    Oh I know about the gas.  Sometimes the gas pains and bowel movement you can feel it go round and round and then an explosion.  It scares me especially when I get the what I call Pass OUt Pains and nothing comes out and you wait and wait and then explosion.  then I am ok for a day or 2 and it cycles again.  I am eating so plain and bland (oatmeal, boiled chicken, soft boiled egg, steamed veggies, applesauce) No fried no greasy no spicy just bland and still the stomach rejects.  I started a probiotic that is supposed to help but does nothing.  Its so annoying and it started overnight without warning.  I had diahrea for 10 days back and forth to ER and then hospital admitted me tested me for everything and colonoscopy and all they come out with is IBS.  Doctor wants me to take Prozac and I hate the way I feel on it so what is a person to do?  Just so depressing this whole thing with no end in sight.  lets stay in touch.  
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      Hi eilostnyc 

      you are so right with having said about eating bland and what I say boring food cause otherwise I end up the same as u stuck at home with running to and from the loo I do admit though I do treat myself once about every 3 weeks I'll get take away for my dinner even though then all nite and the next day I pay from it and hopefully one day some doctor some where might come up with something to help people with ibs cause there seem to be a lot of people with it but not many people won't to talk about it which I find odd it's not like there going to catch it if they haven't got it lol but I hope u find some help or relief soon xx 

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      I know Nadine.  Sometimes during the day when I drive or go to the store or take the bus, whatever I look at other people and say to myself "Am I the only one with this problem?"  Everyone seems so cheery and going about their business and I feel so alone like its only me and that depresses me.  I just wish I could feel better. I need to stop focussing on my condition but I find that difficult.  talk to you again soon.
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    Dear pibormam,

    I can fully appreciate the discomfort you are going through, you clearly have problems with food tolerance. I am not medically trained but I have heard of your condition by reading this forum.

    Some people have had relieve from there wind and bloating by adopting the Low FODMAP diet. I understand that FODMAP stands for Fermentable, Oligo, Di, Mono-saccharides, and Polyols.

    These are short chain carbohydrates which are not well absorbed in the small intestine.The result is easy fermentation causing water to enter the large intestine leading to gas, bloating and diarrhoea.

    It seems to help if you aim for a low FODMAP diet.

    You should look on the internet to look at what this diet involves.

    Basically, it means eating

    Lean meat, fish, white meat turkey, and white meat chicken.

    Greens such as kale or spinach, green beans, lettuce and tomatoes.

    Berries, Grapes, and kiwi.

    Gluten-free bread, rice bread.

    Oats, rice and quinoa.

    If you do go for this it would be a good idea to keep your GP informed.

    You might find you get good results very quickly but please avoid coffee and alcohol.

    Remember, we are all different but changing your diet and keeping a food diary is worth a try.

    I hope you get good results and would like to wish you a Happy Christmas.

    Best regards


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      Thank you for listing the foods; on the fodmap diet.  I am eating so so bland and pretty much what you listed and for the most part it is helping.  If I go off just a wee bit.....boom diarrhea.  Would you also say that dairy should be eliminated?  I don't eat much dairy.  Rarely do I have milk with my cereal, and I am not a big cheese person.  I used to love things like lasagna, baked ziti but the soft cheeses are just no good for me.  I am even afraid to eat pizza.  Oh well I guess thats the way it goes.  Thanks for the info.
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    Dear eilostnyc,

    You asked the question "should dairy be eliminated" To this I would say absolutlely yes. I shall now tell you a little story.

    When I was first diagnosed with IBS I thought to my self, well all I need to do to avoid constipation is lubricate my pipes a bit so things move along a bit better.

    I decided to heat a plate of bread and butter with the butter spread lavishly on each slice. I eate the lot and went to bed quite early. This was a VERY BAD PLAN don't try it!

    I woke up about two hours later in dreadful pain and found I could not lay on my left side my right side or my back and spent the night propped up in a fireside chair, I did not sleep much and I was very tired in the morning.

    When I told my GP what I had done he just smiled and advised me to avoid all fats if I could. I said I thought that if I lubricated my tubes things would work a bit better. He replied that my refrigeration pipes are nothing like bowel tubes and work in a completely different way, too much oil or fat causes them to contract violently and this is what causes the pain.

    For anyone at all who has IBS and reads this PLEASE  don't make my stupid mistake as it will give you absolute hell for up to 24 hours.

    Dairy foods normally contain lots of fat such as milk, butter and cheese.

    Have a lovely Christmas but don't get sick please.

    Best wishes


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