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I have been on Citralopram for four weeks now and have, until last night, been getting on well with them. They have sorted out my anxiety so I have been able to go out and socialise and shop etc. But I still get the heart skipping feeling assosiated with the symptoms.

Will these ever go away or will I just have to accept them as part of the anxiety, also as I mentiond earlier I woke at around 2am and went into a panic attack. This is only the second one since beeing diagnosed and put on AD's.

I was under the inpresion that the pills would eliminate the attacks and I would only feel the side effects of the pills or some anxiety symptoms.

Can anybody relate to this or is it just me, and will I ever get the end of the feeling and symptoms and lead a near noraml life again.

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    Hi there. yes, the first few weeks on these I would say my anxiety increased. i found theyd make me more relaxed, yet if I had to go out, i found my legs would go jelly like and Id want to walk fast, making everything sort ofzooooooooom by me. I dont know if youll understand what I mean- but I know this was all to do with anxiety.

    recently, i started to retake it. Than kgod i did. as the last month ive had real problems. Ive now got some serious issues to deal with at work. normally, i would be running off to the offy to make sure I could stop with the worry and get some sleep. This time I am managing to just think ( well okay I was silly- but I can only apologise and beg) if that doesnt work then its not the bel all and end all. What I am trying to say , is that I thik it takes a while to understand that this is an active ingredient that can make you restless and irritable if you cant train your brain with exercises ( or to do the exercises) Ie, being able to take that deep breath in at the right moment...not after the anxiety has launched its wicked ways. Once you get that technique, its easier to let the pill work and relax you. Dont know if this helps, but ( sorry I know Ive not explained myself clearly here) What I am trying to say is breathing exercises , relaation techniques, and addressing the main issue( urm) helps!!!

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    I've been on citalopram for 4 months now started on 20 mg and dropped down to 10mg after a month. after the first couple of weeks i felt a lot better.

    Then on Friday took a turn for the worse had panic attacks between 2 and 3 times a night since.Yet durring the day apart from plenty of energy i have been fine.

    Due to this i am becoming irritable.

    Is it really that easy to go backwards when you have been doing so well?

    I'm not even sure what has triggered it as i don't really seem to have anything stressful going off in my life.


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    Hi Guys thanks for the kind words and support. I have been on the pills for 6 weeks now and have been having a lot more good days. I did speak with my sister who is also on them and suffers from anxiety and she took 8 weeks to feel the full effects of the pills.

    I did wake up in a good way this morning but after about 30 mins I felt very weak as if I was going to pass out and short of breath. I went back to

    bed to try and relaxe which has helped me so far. It is just the feelings I get in my chest, one minute my heart beat normaly then it beats hard then back to normal. This cycle does make me go light headed so have to sit down again till it clears.

    I do feel very frustrated when I get days like this as after so many good days the bad day you get just seems to knock your confidace.

    Not sure if anybody else had had simiular days, would be good to here from anybody just so I no that it is not just me.


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    I am going through the same thing. I have been on Citalopram for 4 weeks now. I had bad side effects (nausea, dizziness, increased anxiety) during the first 2 weeks but then I started to really feel the benefits and noticed that I was feeling better able to cope with each day (I am taking them for primary anxiety and secondary depression). Then, towards the end of last week, I had a terrible anxiety attack and the feelings from it have stayed with me for the last 5 days. I think I am calming down again now but I am disappointed as did not think I would have such bad attacks if the pills are working (and had been working). I am on 20mg. It is heartening to read that some people took 6 weeks before feeling the full benefit so I shall stick with it. Also, that is the first serious attack for nearly a month and I was having them daily before then. Did others have recurrances before they felt the full benefit?
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    Hi,ive been on these now since march o8..i went on them for anxiety and bad panic attacks.the panic attacks stopped straight away but the anxiety took a bit longer.I still get anxious now but i think of those like the bad days..i have more good days.I still take it day to day as im not 100% But im alot better than what i was.I was so bad i got agrophobia.It was awfull! :? But when i read back at how i was to how i am now im getting there.I only take 15mg as 20 was a bit to much.this is a great website and it really helped me when i was really bad..just keep posting it really helps..take care.x
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    Hello Kim & all

    LOL yes reading back I think we have all come a long way and hey like you - this site helped me get this far!

    Oh those were the days, depsite our problems we developed a good team of friends and support.

    Perhaps we should have a reunion lol.

    Keep your chins up folk - there really is a light at the end of the dark tunnel!

    Melbi x

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