Ongoing stomach issues, would really appreciate advice (Y)

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Hello everyone,

I'll try to keep it short here if I can.

After over a month of suffering the most stress I've ever dealt with, nausea, no appetite, slight weight loss, panic attacks, episodes of mania, and 5 doctor visits things have sort of straightened out. In other words I've not been on any medication for my stomach (ppi's or anything) for about 3 weeks. I also haven't had much nausea if any at all for about a week now I've not taken any nausea pills for about 5 days *VERY PROUD OF MYSELF* My appetite has well and truly returned also *REALLY PLEASED*. I'm ALMOST back to normal. Now that I've been eating properly and sleeping lots like my doctor told me to I feel like I have more of a standing point as to how I feel. (If that makes sense).

"Almost back to normal" means that for the last week or so I've had the same symptoms. I've been having this "heavy" feeling in the centre of my upper abdomen right under my breastbone. I've had this sensation here and there ever since late August when I had stopped eating regularly and was nauseous a lot. I feel like I'm eliminating things as I go, so forgive me if I'm not getting straight to the point.

I have been taking my medication for my Ulcerative Colitis at the full dose now for the last 2 weeks and I feel like my lower bowels are very slowly getting back on their feet.

This "heavy" feeling feels like it has evolved somewhat over the last couple of weeks. It feels like trapped wind, it can occasionally be painful, but mostly it is just uncomfortable. It's not nauseating, but it feels like its stuck. The sensation is located right in the middle of my torso. My "upper abdominal region" if I really want to sound like I know what I'm talking about. Under my breastbone, right in the pit of my stomach. It's seriously NOT BUDGING!!!

Also it feels like I have some slight pressure on my chest, I've experienced trapped wind in my chest before, it kind of feels like that. The chest pressure thing is causing me to cough every now and then, I'm not sure why. In the past I've been known to have a "nervous cough" but I'm not sure if that's what it is. I've not freaked out about my heart or anything because I'm pretty confident that's not the problem there.

Anyway I have tried a couple of things to try and alleviate this whole feeling of "wind" if that's what it is.. For example everyday this last week I have taken a slow and gentle walk around my neighbourhood in attempt to "loosen" the feeling of wind about an hour before I eat a meal. It seemed to help one evening but it didn't make me feel 100% better. Then the next night the same walk made me feel worse a little..!?!? One day I tried a drink of Andrew's Salts, apart from finding it horrible it didn't seem to do much, so I haven't tried it again. I've still mainly stuck to drinking tapwater, no tea or coffee or alcohol. Like I said I have been eating 3 meals a day, but still relatively bland foods with fruit and veg thrown in there.

I feel like I'm lost. I saw my doctor again last week on Wednesday afternoon, he had another feel of my abdomen. ...He really went to town on me actually, he felt my throat, he pressed under my armpits (that felt really weird), he pushed on pretty much every part of my abdomen. He said everything felt fine, I had to take his word for it coz I was a little winded lol. We went through how the week previously my blood tests had a ll come back clear and required no further action. He reassured me on the fact that he was about 99% sure that I didn't have an ulcer and that he was pretty much 100% positive that I didn't have stomach cancer. I brought up the Gastritis that was suggested to me last month. The doc's words were "Pretty much everybody has Gastritis, its not a big deal at all." I asked yet again if there was anything I should try cutting out of my diet and the doc said "No I would ask that you carry on eating normally." which I have done. I was also recommended to keep a lid on my stress levels (which I've made a good start on).

So here I am. I'm eating again, sleeping better and relieved of the nausea. But I feel like I'm stuck and I'm not sure what to do with myself. I don't really feel like I'm getting better, but unlike last month where I felt sick for different reasons everyday, and was literally going mad, I suppose this is change at least. And change is better than feeling worse.

I realize I didn't keep this short at all, I apologize.

Has anybody ever gone through something like this? Has anyone ever experienced a seemingly broken stomach with slight chest pressure? Is that possibly connected? Is this all stress induced? Does everyone agree with my doctor on the fact that this is stress related damage that will take a bit of time to come back from..?

Hope someone replies with some feedback,



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    Some of my symptoms are similar with nausea and massive amounts of wind. Consultant I saw this week while awaiting Barium swallow X-Ray suggested charcoal tablets for the wind.

    I said that I had tried them many years ago and found them rather disgusting. He said that they are much better nowadays as they are coated.

    From newspaper article:

    One of the quickest ways to beat the bloat is to take charcoal tablets. This is because charcoal, say practitioners, has powerful absorption properties and the ability to soak up gases, small particles of toxins and bacteria found in the large intestine that can lead to bloating.

    Scientific research already proves that charcoal tablets are excellent for treating food poisoning. They are also commonly used in hospitals for treating diarrhoea.

    Eating charcoal absorbs these gases, reduces the size of the large intestine and deflates the stomach. If you feel bloated, take two tablets, three times a day. Available from most chemists and good health shops, a coating prevents your mouth from turning black and produce a neutral, non-charcoal taste.

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    Dear Andy,

    I hope by now your symptoms have diminished. You went through a colossal of physical but also emotional-stages, which caused so much frustration and confusion. Sometimes, our bodies experience different types of symptoms, and it is a good idea to check it out with the doctors, as you did. If all turns out well, but confusion and feelings are persistent, could it be that what you are feeling is environmental in that you pain is triggering some old emotion, which are representing themselves with physical pain? My suggestion for you, venture into understanding yourself, how you express your emotions, your style of life and what these triggers mean to you in your life today.

    I hope these are thought provoking to you. These are not to challenge you but to encourage you to move forward with different tools at hand.

    All the best,


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    hello andy,

    i have the same feeling since few months, i can't walk normally when i try to walk i feel pressure in the upper center of my abdomen and feel bloating when walking so i also have general anxiety and in my opinion its anxiety related problem so we both know how it feels and requesting you if you found the solution for this problem kindly share with me because this is really annoying and putting you in stress

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    Hi Andy

    You are not alone! (and that doesn't mean ET has landed,lol).

    I have suffered for two months or more now with the most distended stomach I have ever seen. In fact I look at least six months pregnant and it is rock hard and very uncomfortable.

    Mine started during a trial period of using a CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea. Basically it blows oxygen into your lungs during the night and helps you to sleep without waking constantly. I used it for six weeks then went to the clinic for a follow up appt. I mentioned that my stomach was feeling uncomfortable but nothing was said. The new machine they gave me was an older design and blew air into my lungs constantly, rather than when needed. Within two days I was blown up like a balloon and getting very worried! I saw my doctor about it and as she didn't know the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, she panicked and sent me for an emergency CT scan. It came back negative so I was given peppermint capsules, Ranitidine and Mebeverin to help settle it down and told to go back to the Sleep Clinic for them to sort out. As I had been off of the CPAP machine for such a long time, they felt that anything caused by it would have cured itself and I was referred back to my doctor!!!! She is getting bloods done and a referral to a gastroenterologist, all of which takes forever.

    it does seem to be settling slightly but by bedtime it's right back solid and swollen! I have an idea that it is the valve that stops anything other than food from going down to your stomach. Apparently this could be faulty and not working properly, so I have been blown up constantly. I need to get back on the CPAP machine but I daren't because it will blow me up again.

    Talk about a viscious circle!

    Hope you are feeling better, I will update this post when/if I get a diagnosis. 

    Best wishes

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    Hi Andy I know it's 4 years since you posted how are you doing now. I've simular problems I've had wind stuck in middle area of stomach like swallowed a plum lol had this since the 90s I've seen doctors many times. Had endoscope was put on lansoprazole but found it gave me stomach upset. It's hard trying to explain to doctors they say pain but not really just uncomfortable it's there if I turn side ways or bend ok I've got hiatus hernia and acid reflux and stress problems. But did noticed once or twice that when I'm calm it's not too bad...

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