Only 36, shut in for 3 1/2 mths but Dr won't offer relief!?

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I really need some one to give me thier take on my situation. I feel so alone and stuck and depressed.

LAST SPRING, felt the electrical snap feeling in my lower right side as I pulled trash cans up a crazy staircase in a wind storm. After a wk I could walk enough to leave the house to go to the ER. X-ray inconclusive, prob a sprain or strain, possible herniated disc but they're treated the same...Take pain/muscle and afterwards follow up w Dr.

Go to my Dr of 5 yrs: Pain meds &muscle relaxers and rest ...better in 5 wks

SUMMER..I'm active/strong/ happy. Continue working FT Corporate PT Artist. Buy house, save up $ to switch careers. Fall time Left corporate and went FT artist. Think no insurance no problem I'll get it in January....

NOVEMBER 1st I sneeze as sitting toliet and it happens again...same injury.

Now I have no ins, so instead of going to ER, I wait it out w/o the pain/muscle pills bc I'm strong & independent& stubborn.

I make it to Dec 1 (somehow) and feel I'm over it. 5 days later wake up back to the beginning!!

DECEMBER I'm just loss in pain and depression. I can't leave, barely can shower and again my bf is making all meals, chores, bills, helping me, seeing me helpless telling me to just go to ER. But now I'm scared of the ER bill and think the pain/relaxers they'll give aren't worth the huge bill. So now he's a mess and I'm a mess and it nearly killing me. I'm really really depressed.

Come Jan 15 I'm mentally clear and my sciatic area somewhat better, go to a PT place with cash. (Waiting on Medicaid approval bc now I'm broke and can't work for mths. )

PT shows me some ways to move but says " can't help with PT yet, too tight and swollen- Go get oral steroids". Charity line says go to hospital Dr area for ppl with no income. Spend hrs there only to do pprwork/ see no Dr ..Says it's a mth wait! So I leave and go to ER. I'm histerical at this point. They act funny towards me, don't help get around etc. Give me steroids after a fight for it & advil/Tylenol.

The 5 day steroids really help! I can't get out for long but I can take care of myself! But 7 days later I'm back to beginning.

I make that appointment 1 mth later at hospitals area for poor folks. Dr seems nice but I'm hurting so bad it's hard to explain all this. But he says has my records of everything so far bc my Dr & ERs are on his same system. He only will give alieve and 10 days of Flexeril. PT starts in 2 wks at 3 X's a wk for 4 wks then come see him " and thats when we can do maybe a MRI or nerve test". He refused my idea of the steroid shot and changed his mind saying I'm too young to try for nerve pills after talking to another Dr.

CURRENTLY..Now it's 3 days later the muscle pills he gave is not doing anything whatsoever.Im worse bc of the long Dr visit we had & I sneezed again! Now I'm back in that depression again. These aren't even enough muscle pills to even get me to the 1st PT Visit!!! Then 4 wks to see him again?!?! I can't!!!

The alieve is so mild I mean come on. The pain the stiffness is so bad I haven't washed below my knees in mths! I can't keep living like this. Maybe i'm I not exlaining well enough? I cried as he told me he's not giving me a shot, pain meds, or nerve pills . He just says they have to go conservative at first..."At first"!?!....I'm 36 and I can't get take care of myself or 3 1/2 mths now I need this to stop . I'm so upset. This is ruining my life. I'm losing it.

I got approved for Medicaid this week. I have a " managed care insurance" that will start March 1 and my old family doctor takes i! But that's 2 wks away...the PT starts in 2 wks ...What do I do !?!?!

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    Hi Crystal, I know just how you feel, I was in agony for 5 months almost bed ridden, I cried in pain just going to the toilet, my son bless him looked after me as I couldnt do anything it was a nightmare at one point I was on several lots of pills as I ended up going to hospital for pain management, but nothing helped, I persevered with pain killers an strong anti inflammatory pills and eventually it eased, Ive never felt pain like it and Ive had 3 children, Im alright now but it took time, but your not alone. I did have an injection into my muscle in the end, not very pleasant but effective and naproxen anti inflammatories and Tramadol for pain, your doctor should offer you these, its awful he hasnt
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      Hi I''ve had this bout of sciatica for over 3 weeks now ,It's a soul destroying pain .I real pill phobic so told this lovely doctor I never fill the scripts I am given for strong painkillers despite having fibro and o/a widespread .Sent for xray today and told contrary to physio to try short walks I've borrowed a walker and managed to 'in pain' go to doc.xray dept and chemist .First outside in these 2 weeks except to physio who hasnt helped but has parking at door .Hope it eases soon .I've enough aches .A walker is great although I felt everyone was looking at me but I'm going to try ,Mind weather is to be awful ,Maybe Tesco will do ,

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    Hi Crystal

    I know how you feel as I was doing some cleaning years ago lifting things and then suppressed a sneeze and more agony.  I was given naproxen and flexeril but could not even put shoes on.  The physical therapy helped some but I ended up having a facet block high helped. The main thing is I have had to watch how I move and how I lift things.  

    I would go go to the pharmacist and ask for advice. When it comes to pain relief they know much more. If you mention you are unable to see doctor for 2 weeks the pharmacist may suggest a combination of over the counter things depending if you have any allergies etc. 

    I know if feels hopeless right now but try to keep your mind occupied and you will be well very soon wink

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    Hi crystal

    Reading that made me want to cry as im in same situation.just waiting for some dr to help !!my appointment is next month ,im house bound a shell of my self ..

    You need to wait and see your family Dr ..

    I know pt offer all this advice but the end of its not the solution ,in my case it made it worse ..if I was you.I would hang in there till u see your Dr who.knows you...

    Sending love I know your pain.

    Hopefully you get help very soon X

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    wow, what a mess. you really need and mri but now your stuck on the gov't doll and you've got an uphill battle. consider going back to corporate to get some ins?

    gabapentin will be your friend and i'm blown away they won't give it to you. that free doc isn't being conservative he's being stupid. consider getting it on blackmarket. i'm not joking. i wouldn't be surprised if your old family doc doesn't treat you the same as when you had real ins. hopefully he/she is a stand up person.

    hate for this to be on the negative side but it is what it is. an mri will show you what you are dealing with and how to progress with therapy. the gabapentin will allow you to function, IT WILL NOT HEAL YOU and you may even put on a little weight with it. good luck!

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      Thanks Debbie Mimm Alley and Mike. I really appreciate the support. It's been so rough and I can see many people on here have the same problems.I guess I'll just grin and bare it 2 more week till the PT starts. Maybe they will evaluate and tell the Dr I need more meds to get through this. Called old Dr and have an appointment there March 6th. I'm sure they'll give better care.

      Whew thankfully today I think I've recovered from that trip to the Dr so I think I can make it , hell...What's another 2 wks right? Jeez ...Makes me want to get involved in helping ppl like us after all this!

      Thanks again for helping me.


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