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  • 8Violet 2

    Pain for 5.5 months but determined issue 5 weeks ago

    Hi, I have experienced leg pain for the last 5 and a half months and my doctor was not able to determine the cause.  She sent me for x-rays and a variety of tests before referring me to a sports doctor.  I had an ultrasound and they said I had Grade 1 muscle strains but I was in constant pain so I talked...

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  • julie90197 3

    Neurosurgeon appointment.

    Hi all I have facet joint arthritis and 3 prolapsed discs which cause sciatica. I have just received a letter off the neurosurgeon to make an appointment. I am a bit worried about this and am wondering if it will help with the burning pain I have in my back and pain down my left leg when I walk. Does...

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  • george37332 2

    Cordal Epidural Injection

    Tomorrow I have this procedure given by a Pain Management Consultant This is for continual Sciatic Pain in the legs which impair mobility. Anybody have experience of this procedure? How long did it last? I understand two per year can be given because of the |Steroid component of the injection. George...

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  • bbqjoe 2

    This is awful!!!!

    This is just awful! About three months ago, I woke up, and it felt like someone had taken a sledge hammer directly to my right hip. Walking hurt ferociously. I don't recall falling, nor slamming into anything, and I certainly don't remember getting hit with a 10 lb sledge. It stayed that way for a week,...

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  • hugh 96577 1

    Recovering from sciatica

    I had sciatica 6 years ago and had a very successful op that took a long time to recover fro .however I damaged my back 6 weeks ago today herniated disc and am glad to report it is improving from a lot of pt i can now walk pretty good and pains in butt and thigh have gone and calf is slowly going .I...

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  • jay 32499 1

    Piriformis Syndrome & Sciatica Pain

    I am not usually the sort of person to post in these forums but I wondred if anyone could help me out.  My partner suffered with 2 slipped disks towards the end of 2016 which took months to heal. 3 weeks ago we had to move furniture out from our old house into our new home and this has caused him to...

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  • BillyP 2

    Sciatic pain from L5 / S1 facet joint senovial cyst

    Hi there, Has any one had a synovial cyst on the L5 /S1 facet joint.? I have had injections to no account. The next step is partial removal of the cyst, but it seems posible that the cyst may just grow again. The last and final opp is removing the synovium sac (or what ever) and fusing the two joints...

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  • stephanie22717 1

    Help with my partners non stop Sciatica.

    I'm posting on behalf of my partner, he's 30 years old from the UK and around 5-6 years ago he slipped a disc after sneezing. I should probably mention that he is 6 foot 8, if that makes a difference with spinal injuries I'm not sure. But after he slipped his disc he developed very severe sciatica for...

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  • jason81041 1

    10 months out from microdiscectomy still in pain.

    I had a second L5S1 discectomy back in August, after surgery my pain had gone but the left side of my left foot and the back of my left leg were numb, which they had not been before the surgery. the numbness gradually subsided revealing that it had been masking a lot of pain. This too has lessened over...

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  • barb 3342 2
  • fiona17920 1

    pain in groin

    can anyone help who has experience similar situation? I have pain in my groin, after prolong sitting, when I stand I experience excruciating pain.  I walk as if am old then suddenly pain will disappear. I feel as if I want to vomit sometimes and afraid to walk?  

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  • laura68832 1

    Long car journey advice for sciatica relief

    Hi, I experience pretty regular bouts of sciatica on all ends of the pain scale. I can usually manage it quite well with various pain relief, heat/ice and have a tens machine that is great. Unfortunately what seems to aggravate it the most is being in the car for anything more than an hour, I will then...

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  • julie90197 3

    Disc prolapse and facet joint arthritis

    Hi all. Just over 2 months ago I went for an MRI on my lower back. I kept getting unbearable pain and I have got very very tender points on my lower back and buttocks. I also had a day where the skin on the back of my legs felt like I had really bad sunburn on them even though it was middle of winter....

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  • ryan 50228 1
  • mark96134 1

    Doctor ordeed blood tests and MRI without speaking to me??

    Okay so this is kind of a long story. I work at hard labor job and I hurt my low back while bending and lifting something and at first was in great pain, I couldn't bend at the waist without pain. I went to a chiropractor who told me it was a bulging disc without doing any scans, I didn't trust this...

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  • jonathan19825 1

    Hernitated Disk Sciatica - HELP!!

    Hi All, I have been reading this forum for the last couple of the days, normally in the middle of the night when I am forced to get up because of the pain. Let me give you some background. February last year I was a normal healthy 34 year old. I was helping my girlfriend move house and during the course...

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  • jrtom 1

    Leg pain for six months--what could it be?

    Hello, 22 year old male here. Not extremely active, but I get my exercise in at least once a week. 5'10" 150 lbs. Starting in January 2017 I've had leg pain. Just my right leg, stinging pain of the back of my knee where it bends. Sharp pains in my calf, thigh, and foot. Sometimes in my buttock, sometimes...

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  • m33r4 1

    Shooting pain attacks in right groin area - female

    About me: 43 years old (44 soon) Gender: Female Weight: 9 stones Height: 5'4" Births: 3 children (now in late teens) by caesarean sections Occupation: Admin Hobbies: avid weightlifter for about 5 years but given up about 1.5 years ago Daily exercise: dog walk for about 15 minutes Problem: About 10 years...

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  • painsucks 1
  • Beccababes37 1

    Help ! My sciatica Is ruining my life.

    I am 50 years old and according to my physiotherapist very fit for my age. I was diagnosed in March 2013. Since then I have had this debilitating condition off and on, more on though. At first it wasn't too bad, but now it's getting worse. I have been taking the highest dose of diclofenax constantly...

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  • Ageing Cockney Viking 2

    problems with S1 Disc

    Is there anyone on this forum with problems relating to the S1 disc also knows S1/L5 or Cauda Equina? ​If so, please could you message me?   ​The reason for the enquiry is for whatever reason, highly qualified health professionals have a very poor record of diagnosing problems and even more problems...

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  • davet1975 1

    Excruciating Sciatic Pain - Gabapentin

    Evening all, I've had a history of back issues, with surgery to repair 2 prolapsed discs 13 years ago. I have. When pain free and had no bother with my back since. However, the other day when lifting a case I felt my back go, since then I have had terrible sciatic pain, ranging from uncomfortable...

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  • Ladywriter1968 2

    Living with Sciatica

    When was in my late 20's I started to suffer from Sciatica in my lower back, pain was excrutiation, as time years went on it eased and I learned to live with it, this was on my right side. A few weeks ago now I am in my late 40's It started down my left side. The same pain I went through before. Sciatica...

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  • sally Jane 1
  • aabb 3


    I think I may have sciatica. For years, on and off, I have had pain and discomfort basically in my left buttock. Docs and physio both say it's not sciatica. I even took myself for a sports massage thinking this would help. Eventually it calmed down for a long while until last week when I felt it starting...

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  • mpayne 1

    Sciatica - Calf weakness but not much pain anymore

    Hi all, I hope this finds somebody! Bit about me - I'm 21, (was) fairly active and in shape. So, a couple of weeks back I went to a physio regarding my sciatica-like pain where I was told that I had slipped disc in my lower back. At this point I was in a fair amount of pain. 3 months prior to this...

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  • thesprc 2

    New product to help relieve sciatic pain when sitting?

    Hello I hope that our new product (the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion) , a cushion designed to offload the sciatic nerve, can help some of you.  The cushion will be launched on Crowdfunding in four weeks time, but we are already on twitter (@thesprc) and facebook etc so you can sign up to be notified when...

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  • lee34 1

    Can Sciatica happen on both sides?

    Last 2 weeks have been given cocodamoal for my right side seems abit better. Am noticing the same type of pain in my left buttock and low back, can this happen twice?

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  • jordanrankin97 2

    Severe left groin pain (female- 6+ months)

    I am a 19 year old female and have had severe groin pain for six months now. The pain is indescribable and takes my breath away, it is so sharp almost like someone is viciously ripping my leg from my pelvis bone. It happens all day everyday consistently no matter if I'm resting or walking. Nothing stops...

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  • Dylan999 1

    A.R.T. and Acupuncture the Miracle Cure?

    So I've had sciatic pain for a few years now and through stretching and Pilates to strengthen my core it has mostly left my back but is now in my right leg due to a muscle pinching the nerve when I'm sitting. My sports medicine Doctor whom I've been seeing about this is recommending a combination of...

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  • harpoon 2

    Sciatica and black and blue.

    7 months with sciatica and stenosis. Basically crawling from the kitchen to the living room to now,  classroom teacher duties. (on your feet all day).  However for several months of healing, I'd get very painful aches in the left side (sciatica side) of my lower back, left leg, buttocks, calf and foot....

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  • johnjo 1

    Pains Galore

    Sciatica for 8 years severe chronic middle back pains everyday left shoulder down left arm into my hand aches and then goes numb doctors answer is co codamols 500/30 Ibrobrufens Amitriptoline This apparently works for some and not for others I'm currently seeing a medical Osteopath at private clinic...

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  • ashley17290 1

    I'm 16 and I have Sciatica

    Hello, my name is Ashley and I was recently diagnosed with Sciatica (last Friday morning around 3:30 a.m to be precise). I am in so much pain if I am being honest. It started a couple weeks back but then it was only lower back pain. Then this previous Thursday, the back of my thigh started experiencing...

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  • jan051297 2

    IDD treatment

    Hi just would like to know if anyone has tried IDD treatment for a slipped disc causing Sciatica as I am considering this treatment rather than surgery of any kind. IDD in Leicester seems rather an expensive treatment I have been quoted £700 for 10 sessions. I've been in pain since Jan 2013 and have...

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  • Warrie 2

    Post Microdiscectomy L5/S1

    HI Everyone, Would like some advice/comments good and bad with regard to my experience of recent surgery. First off here's my story. Twelve years ago I experienced a pro-lapsed disc which left a snag pushing into my sciatic nerve. Despite having two epidural injections and a nerve root compression...

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