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  • sally Jane 1
  • aabb 3


    I think I may have sciatica. For years, on and off, I have had pain and discomfort basically in my left buttock. Docs and physio both say it's not sciatica. I even took myself for a sports massage thinking this would help. Eventually it calmed down for a long while until last week when I felt it

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  • mpayne 1

    Sciatica - Calf weakness but not much pain anymore

    Hi all, I hope this finds somebody! Bit about me - I'm 21, (was) fairly active and in shape. So, a couple of weeks back I went to a physio regarding my sciatica-like pain where I was told that I had slipped disc in my lower back. At this point I was in a fair amount of pain. 3 months prior to

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  • thesprc 1

    New product to help relieve sciatic pain when sitting?

    Hello I hope that our new product (the Sciatic Pain Relief Cushion) , a cushion designed to offload the sciatic nerve, can help some of you.  The cushion will be launched on Crowdfunding in four weeks time, but we are already on twitter (@thesprc) and facebook etc so you can sign up to be notified

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  • stephanie22717 1

    Help with my partners non stop Sciatica.

    I'm posting on behalf of my partner, he's 30 years old from the UK and around 5-6 years ago he slipped a disc after sneezing. I should probably mention that he is 6 foot 8, if that makes a difference with spinal injuries I'm not sure. But after he slipped his disc he developed very severe sciatica

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  • jay 32499 1

    Piriformis Syndrome & Sciatica Pain

    I am not usually the sort of person to post in these forums but I wondred if anyone could help me out.  My partner suffered with 2 slipped disks towards the end of 2016 which took months to heal. 3 weeks ago we had to move furniture out from our old house into our new home and this has caused him

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  • laura68832 1

    Long car journey advice for sciatica relief

    Hi, I experience pretty regular bouts of sciatica on all ends of the pain scale. I can usually manage it quite well with various pain relief, heat/ice and have a tens machine that is great. Unfortunately what seems to aggravate it the most is being in the car for anything more than an hour, I will

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  • lee34 1

    Can Sciatica happen on both sides?

    Last 2 weeks have been given cocodamoal for my right side seems abit better. Am noticing the same type of pain in my left buttock and low back, can this happen twice?

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  • jordanrankin97 2

    Severe left groin pain (female- 6+ months)

    I am a 19 year old female and have had severe groin pain for six months now. The pain is indescribable and takes my breath away, it is so sharp almost like someone is viciously ripping my leg from my pelvis bone. It happens all day everyday consistently no matter if I'm resting or walking. Nothing

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  • Dylan999 1

    A.R.T. and Acupuncture the Miracle Cure?

    So I've had sciatic pain for a few years now and through stretching and Pilates to strengthen my core it has mostly left my back but is now in my right leg due to a muscle pinching the nerve when I'm sitting. My sports medicine Doctor whom I've been seeing about this is recommending a combination

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  • harpoon 2

    Sciatica and black and blue.

    7 months with sciatica and stenosis. Basically crawling from the kitchen to the living room to now,  classroom teacher duties. (on your feet all day).  However for several months of healing, I'd get very painful aches in the left side (sciatica side) of my lower back, left leg, buttocks, calf and

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  • johnjo 1

    Pains Galore

    Sciatica for 8 years severe chronic middle back pains everyday left shoulder down left arm into my hand aches and then goes numb doctors answer is co codamols 500/30 Ibrobrufens Amitriptoline This apparently works for some and not for others I'm currently seeing a medical Osteopath at private

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  • ashley17290 1

    I'm 16 and I have Sciatica

    Hello, my name is Ashley and I was recently diagnosed with Sciatica (last Friday morning around 3:30 a.m to be precise). I am in so much pain if I am being honest. It started a couple weeks back but then it was only lower back pain. Then this previous Thursday, the back of my thigh started

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  • jan051297 2

    IDD treatment

    Hi just would like to know if anyone has tried IDD treatment for a slipped disc causing Sciatica as I am considering this treatment rather than surgery of any kind. IDD in Leicester seems rather an expensive treatment I have been quoted £700 for 10 sessions. I've been in pain since Jan 2013 and

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  • Warrie 2

    Post Microdiscectomy L5/S1

    HI Everyone, Would like some advice/comments good and bad with regard to my experience of recent surgery. First off here's my story. Twelve years ago I experienced a pro-lapsed disc which left a snag pushing into my sciatic nerve. Despite having two epidural injections and a nerve root

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  • mimm14 2

    Does anyone have these symptoms

    Hi all , In agony 24/7 cant cope had an xray showed nothing,cant sleep in any position ,cant sit or stand. Exhausted ,depressed , When I get up from sitting its like my hips are sciatica pain is unbelievable .. My left leg is weak and I struggle to put in on the floor it bends with

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  • stacey11102022 3

    Does this sound like sciatica??

    Hi there i suffer health anxiety so this may be a long post.. I went to my doctor a few weeks ago as i had been having pain in my right buttock , burning/pinching sensation in my thigh the doctor told me i had a trapped nerve in my back and sent me on my way with naproxen( has not helped) . But the

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  • myachinback 2

    Sciatica for 6 weeks, PLEASE HELP!

    I need help, immediately. I've been dealing with sciatic issues for years but NEVER have I ever been in so much pain. The pain is deep down in my left buttocks and shoots down my entire leg. I have tingling often, and a gnawing pain almost like a horrible toothache in my leg. I went to the doctor,...

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  • lajr216 1

    HELP!!!! ANYONE!!!!!

    I am going on three weeks with the most horrible pain down my leg and into my foot I can't do anything and I am so tired of being in pain all day every day I barely sleep and work is torture because I am a machinist and I am on my feet for 8 to 10 hours a day I've tried cold compresses I've tried

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  • m33r4 1

    Shooting pain attacks in right groin area - female

    About me: 43 years old (44 soon) Gender: Female Weight: 9 stones Height: 5'4" Births: 3 children (now in late teens) by caesarean sections Occupation: Admin Hobbies: avid weightlifter for about 5 years but given up about 1.5 years ago Daily exercise: dog walk for about 15 minutes Problem: About 10

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  • briant 2

    Sciatica pain for over 6 months

    Hello! Since late August last year, I have been having problems with my lower back and right leg. It started as a lower back pain, but I used an ointment that the pharmacist recommended, and it got better in about a week. But - about a month after that, I developed a pain that made me bend to the right,...

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  • susan0310 2


    I was told that the pain I am experiencing is sciatica. I have pain in the buttocks that radiates up to the groin in the front of my leg and goes down the front to my knee and even to my ankle. I can't even lift my leg up. Has anyone else had this kind of pain. I am really getting nervous thinking

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  • leah72074 1

    Someone tell me sciatica gets better...

    I'm 20, & just having my second sciatica flare up. My first one was in December of 2016 and my second starting last week so mid February of '17. I CAN NOT HANDLE IT ANYMORE. I've read a couple of websites of other people saying they deal with this for 10+ years. THERES NO WAY. This is only my

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  • danh95643 1

    Sciatica Procedure

    Hey Everyone, Looking for a bit of advice and feedback who has gone through these procedures. I am 31 years old. I tore my facet joint a few years ago playing sports. Made a good recovery after about 8 months. Minimal pain. I reinjured it again working out in late 2016. Now the pain is worsening.

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  • Guest M

    sciatic nerve damage

    hi everyone, i would just like to tell you of my long standing struggle with sciatica and nerve damage. I had an operation to free a trapped nerve in 2004/5(discectomy and decompression)since then i have had all the symptoms of nerve damage in my right leg ,burning,tingling,weakness,in

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  • andrew25224 1

    Corroded disc

    Hi guys just wanted to say that I've been suffering from pain for 15 years, I am now 30, I have been to physios, chiropractors, tried hot and cold treatments and had no relief, it is now February 2017, I went to the doctors in September 2016 and explained everything and said it was getting worse

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  • Inkwitxch 1

    Leg pain returned four weeks after microdiscectomy.

    I'm a 24 year old self employed female. Four weeks and three days ago I underwent an emergency microdiscectomy. The surgery went well apparently. But I never had the surgeon or anyone actually talk to me about it afterwards. The NHS has gone to pot, as I can't even get a follow up appointment, for

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  • kate91306 1

    Is this sciatica?

    I need help with an leg numbness issue that i have been dealing with for about a year now. I am a 30 yr old female, somewhat active, as much as i can be with a desk job. About a year ago, July of 2016, i paticipated in the AVON 39 in Boston, this is a fundraising even and you walk 39 miles in 2

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  • Soxy 3


    Had a cortisone back injection for sciatica two months ago.  This did not work at all. Am I wasting my money going for a second one if the first one failed? Gabapentin tablets didn't do any good either. This problem is ruining my life.

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  • danielj 1

    Sciatic Pain - what stretches will work

    Hello All, Let me start by giving you some information about me: I’m a 30 year old male who spends most of the day sat in an office. I currently weigh: 19st 6lb but I was 21st 6lb about 3 months ago, this is all thanks to my new found love for mountain biking which has become difficult over the

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  • Crystal2017 1

    Only 36, shut in for 3 1/2 mths but Dr won't offer relief!?

    I really need some one to give me thier take on my situation. I feel so alone and stuck and depressed. LAST SPRING, felt the electrical snap feeling in my lower right side as I pulled trash cans up a crazy staircase in a wind storm. After a wk I could walk enough to leave the house to go to the

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  • Liveforeverx 1

    Sciatica, help!

    Hey! I'm a 21 year old female & I was diagnosed with Sciatica in December & it's been driving me crazy since. I have had back problems in the past as I done gymnastics from a young age & studied make-up artistry for two years, both which can strain your back, also my job of working in retail has

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  • TreesT 1

    Sciatica leg pain is so bad .

    Got gabapentin off doc hope it works I've never experienced pain like it . Stabbing pain in leg and foot and when it hits the ankle well agony isn't the word . Let u know if it works .

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  • Soxy 3


    I have sciatica which is caused by a cyst at the bottom of my spine which is pressing on nerves. Have been on Gabapentin (useless); have had an epidural injection in back (useless) and am now being put on a drug called Phegabalin which I am due to start in a months time when I've weaned myself off

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