Sciatica? Can’t stand for more than a few minutes

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I woke with serious lower back pain where I couldn’t walk hardly in early December 2020. It then went into my right buttock and It is now April 2021 and I can’t stand for more than a few minutes because the pain in my right leg feels like a hamstring injury if I do.The outside of my right foot feels numb and has pins and needles.Seriously it’s been 4 months now and I’ve had Naproxen, gabapentin and now Amitriptyline.Nothing is helping and i can’t even go shopping. Physio exercises make the pain worse. I’ve been referred for a scan but who knows how long that will take.

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    Sciatica works in different ways. just 2 years ago, I couldn't stand like you, But today I can stand just fine, but Now I can't sit for long periods of time. I would seek a chiropractor for a re-adjustment. I suspect a disk may have move, dislocated etc. This happens to me all the time. I'm able to maintain this myself or my wife can help realign my spine once in a while. often this means kneeling on a chair backwards and allowing her to hug/twist my left then right. Doing this realigns the center of my back. As for the lower back, I would lay on the floor on my right side cross my left leg over my right leg and twist my body backwards. again all that I'm telling you should NOT be done if you've never had this done to you before by a chiropractor. If you elect to have a chiropractor look at your spine, remember what he does so that if something happens, you can attempt the alignment yourself. Again, I've had to do this myself often and I'm use to it.

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      @LostInTransit thanks. I’m hoping the scan appointment will come through quickly so I can find out what it is, I’ve read so much and mine is similar to hamstring pain and advice is not to stretch it so I just daren’t do anything until I know for sure

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      If it is a hamstring pull/strain, it would be suggested that an ace bandaged be wrapped/worn over the area. In my youth I've had the hamstring injuries' due to running track & field events. So take a wide ace bandage and wrap around your inner thigh area. You may need to wear the bandage for 2-4 days for any healing to occur.

      The cat scan would show either a ruptured disk in your back and if it's a hamstring an Ice pack then wrap with the bandage is the only thing that can be done.

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      hi, thanks for your response but it’s definitely not a hamstring injury.With it starting in my back then moving to my buttock and now down my leg ( just feeling like a hamstring injury) i know it’s linked to some kind of nerve pain

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      Just to clarify, a hamstring injury would occur within the inner thy area. If your injury is on the outer edge of towards the back of your legs this is a sign of a slipped disk of even a pinched nerve in your lower back. There's only been one time in my life where the pain was so bad, the Dr said I might have to have pins in my spine. So I'm not looking to have this done. In other words if you pain is that bad, you need to goto the Dr.s and do the case. If you went to the chiropractor, they would put you on stem to stimulate the muscles and would take xrays and scan as you've suggested.

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      thank you @LostInTransit I’ve been back to my doctor a few times, i think he’s just at a loss because we’ve tried the painkillers and nerve tablets and it’s not 4 months in so he’s referred me for a scan because there’s not much more he can do. I don’t know whether to just live in pain every Day until the scan or what else to do. I don’t really want to visit a chiropractor untili know whether the nerve is damaged bee because the physio said if i stretch a damaged nerve it could cause long ten problems

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      how are you doing now as i see this post is rather old.

      I would like to know if you managed to have it sorted

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    Dont you wish you hadn't mentioned hamstring 😅.

    my sciatica feels like a hamstring but I know it's the nerve down the centre of your leg.

    I am so fed up with my sciatica I want my sciatic nerve cut so I don't feel pain again, I can't walk, sit, stand or lie down. I have to alternate between them all day and all night, sleeping is done as and when I can I eat standing up my life ain't worth living.

    I would rather live in a wheelchair than try to hobble around but unfortunately I don't think doctors will perform the procedure I want .

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      oh i really feel for you in that pain cause i have been through it twice.

      I had severe sciatica last year due to a bulging L5/S1 it was horrific the pain and lack of sleep and my life was a shambles. I was on all different medications and in the end I was taking MST , naproxin and paracetamol.

      I had surgery really quick and I waited 4 months for that. I had a Lumbar Discectomy which worked wonders for 8 weeks and then all of a sudden the pain started again.

      I am now waiting for another MRI as I may need more surgery but I just can't cope with the pain in my leg . I can't stand for longer than 5 seconds or walk the only relief I get is if I lay on my stomach.

      i honestly sympathise with you

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      I have the same plus complications with peroneal palsy.

      Today I wanted to die as the thoughts of enduring pain like this for much longer is making me want to give up. It is disheartening to read the stories here regarding the lack of success with surgery. And, the time people have to wait before receiving any help. 2.5mg diazepam plus ibuprofen 600mg + tens machine left on for hours did give some relief in the end, but it is not a path I want to go down.

      I am beginning to think physio is useless. Sometimes I think complete immobilsation in bed with legs in traction for several weeks ( preferably in an induced coma) may work as any activity seems to cause even further irreparable damage.

      I have been reading up on MR Neurography . Perhaps it would eliminate a lot of wasted MRI scans. Not available in my country 😦

      Here is a link

      Best of Luck. Hope you beat it.

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    i have the same issue now it started 1 month ago and was prescribed a 6 day steroid and ibuprofen 800 and really did not do much

    i had to travel to mexico from US and went to see a doctor there and all have said its sciatica

    this doctor gave me a 10 day tramadol and bevodinix and 2 months of Lyrica! was told to loose weight i have gained 40 pounds during the pandemic i am also doing PT

    walking with a cane and still in pain not as bad as 1 month ago but leg burns when i walk or stand sitting i have no issue

    i really hope this horrible pain goes away also my primary referred me to a Physical medicine and rehab doctor

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    It must be incredibly frustrating not being able to stand or walk without feeling intense pain. Trying different medications and waiting for a scan can be tough, but hopefully, it will provide some answers and relief. Hang in there, and if you need support, don't hesitate to reach out. You're not alone in this.

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