OOO MY God Breakthrough

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Ok folks its early days but here goes.

Ive had Chronic daily headache for 20 years, ive had everything from



Beta Blockers




Methysurgide ( this worked but is no longer made )

My tablet of choice for an attack is Imigran ( sumatriptan) I take about 6 to 12 a month to cater for mainly the daily headache that debilitates me and can turn into a Migraine....

Anyway im now on my 5th Botox volly and this doesnt work either. so this is what ive found

My father came with me on Holiday this year hes 83 and has a volly of tablets, i was on a course of Gabapentin which had made me feel ill and spaced out, i was sat in the airport loking green and as always he said here take something i have to settle your stomach, The name of the drug was cimetidine

I took it didnt feel any better and the holiday commenced, over the 2 weeks i took various imigran but totally stopped Gabapentin.

anyway i still had the tablets he gave me in the cupboard, i recently went for my 5th Botox jab and i also had bad acid, due to imigran etc. so on my way home i took a Gaviscon which settled me down. On getting hom i remembered the tablets my dad gave me and popped one. I then spoke to him and asked what the normal dosage was its 3 times a day with meals..

Guess what in 5 days my head as been totally clear...........

2 things either its his tablets and everything for the past 20 years has been stomach related to something or her Botox jabs actaully hit a nerve thats needs with the tablets 

What ive also noticed is after ive eaten and feel tired i sometimes get one. or after breakfast...

So now im taking 1 in the morning 1 at lunch and 1 around 9PM but all i ca say is this is the first time outside of Methysurgide that my heads been free from the daily headache....

Ill keep you all updated as i progress this week and next.... but man ooo man what a find....


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    oh my gosh I am so happy for you    fingers crossed it keeps question: what is cimetdine?   I am in the USA  and have never heard of it.  is there another name for it?  thanks
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    they removed my link so google it, its a kind of Acid limiter and histimine tablet

    here a snippet

    Cimetidine is an H2-blocker. It works by blocking the action of histamine and reducing acid in the stomach.

    If i think back to some of the things that made me better i had Alka Seltzer XS, if the imigran didnt work 50% of the time if i took an Alka seltser it would clear up the headache, now always but sometimes.

    I also know that a trigger for me if imigran isnt in my blood was Beer and Curry, 

    Obviously im not saying where all like me, and its very early days Wild, but after iver tried absolutley everything thrown at me, this was a revelation, i even wake up fresh now. Everything the neros throw at you interferes with our nerves heads Moods, we dont think of the tummy.... 

    In my younger days Teens i got drunk a lot and was sick alot, maybe i damaged something, i,ll keep you posted anyway and let you know if anything progesses...

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      I find the alka seltzer xs is a life saver along side triptans ..have recently got out of the cycle of medication overuse after 19 days straight and weaned off codeine to find some normality again . I remembered about the alka seltzer xs and would recommend them to anyone. ..though I have not heard of the other tablet you mentioned. Must look into it,, thanks for the info!

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    thanks for the info    at this point anything is worth trying!!!  XOXO
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    I like all of you have suffered for many years with migraines .

    I collapsed with one dreadful attack with servere stomach pains and vomiting. Was diagnosed with abdominal Migraine as well. Now take Domperidone , which makes the stomach and digestion move faster .

    Often in a typical migraine attack , the stomach slows down first and then comes the headache .

    I have now cut out loads of foods from my diet . Gluten , tomatoes , all fizzy drinks , high fat cheeses . It's been really great and made a huge difference.

    I think diet plays a really important part .

    With a migraine before , when I was getting over it all I craved was coca cola and cheese and onion crisps !!!!! I was getting 4 massive attacks a week . Now I have had 1 in 8 months .

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      There are all sorts of theories around diet and migraine as I am sure you have come across. I have found that the better balanced/healthier my diet is using spices and herbs with just a little good quality sea salt, and very little sugar even cutting down on some fruit eg bananas has really got rid of my cravings and night time kitchen raids. It is all helping my weight which was becoming a problem and yes fingers crossed I do think it is helping my migraine. I tended to wake early morning with full blown migraine, which they thought may be associated with low blood sugar, which was what started me looking at diet in the first place. Hope it may be of some help.

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    Hi All,

    Great to hear of things working for people. What is the dose of Cimetidine Tobamory? Best wishes.

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      Hi Helen i take 200MG 3 times a day. Basically Breafast Lunch and then Dinner.

      Just an update ive requested these from my GP as i was using my Dads and i rang today and hez agreed for me to have my own, ive just been to collect them and was told my local Chemist can only get 800MG in the future, but they gave me their last 60 200MG, it seems like quite a jump, however ive done reserahc and 200MG is low, and the normal is 400 and 800.

      Today again im free from Daily Chronic headpain, i can slightly feel tenderness on the right side but nothing that at all bothers me.

      What does concern me however is this, IF and i say IF my 5th Botox course which was also last week is working then this white elephant of cimetidine has been a waste, but with the last 4 not working im sjeptical its Botox and its this pills....

      You know what its like i,ll try anything now, 20 years of being grumpy makes you fed up. I do wonder how my life would have panned out if i had not had Migraine.

      Im lucky to have 3 kids a very well paid job and im EXTREAMLY lucky that job is home based... how the heck i would have coped god knows if id had to go everyday to work properly.....

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      Hi Tobamory,

      Mind if i ask about the botox? I had Botox twice (can't remember at the moment what protocol it was called, but it involved 31individual injections per go, going from forehead on front, over head down to shoulders at the back) without success, and was given to understand that if it had not worked at that stage, it was unlikely to. I must say I would think twice of ever trying it again. Needles dont normally bother me but so many in such a very sensitive area was no joke. Is this what you have had done?

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    just an update day 7 and still ok, had a slight ache start but i popped one and ate and im ok
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    I had to stop working 5 yrs ago due to the chronic headaches.  I was missing so much time.  It really impacted my life.  I know a lot of my problem now is rebound headache but without taking the Imitrex I'd have to be in bed all day.  This way I can have a life (somewhat) smile
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    I to used to suffer with headaches on a daily basis. I read an article about how perfumes and strong odours could trigger them. I decided to stop using anthing scented and to my astonishment my headaches went fir a good few months. I still got little ones during my menstrual cycle,but they were manageable.

    I found air fresheners to be the worst culprits,even now when I go visiting people I have to be on alert.

    Its a bit ironic as Im here about migraines but im on meds for that.☺

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