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My story started out about 10 days ago.  As I was driving home on a 12-hour road trip, I slowly started to notice one of my Lymph nodes in my neck become swollen.  It was immediately alarming because I've never had a node become so large, and hard (like a rock) in my neck.  The next day I noticed a sore throat which I blamed on allergy changes from Virgina to Florida in a short time.  The following day my sore throat became much worse and I began to develop a mild, constant head ace.  I also noticed my tonsils were enlargened and that there were white spots all over the back of my throat.  I went the doc the next day suspecting that I had strep.  The quik strep test was negative, however the doc said they were unreliable tests and that I showed ever telltale sign of Strep.  She put me on Amoxicillin.  The next day my throat pain grew much worse and my tonsils grew larger.  I went back to the same urgent care clinic and was given an antibiotic injection as well as a steroid injection in order to "speed up the process."  The next day, Friday the pain grew worse and so did my tonsils.  I powered through the weekend, taking my amox and prednisone i was prescribed.  Over the next few days the pain grew worse and of course my tonsils continued to swell and grow red and puss filled. And I ran low grade fevers at night (around 100-100.5) Come Monday night the pain was so severe, that I couldn't swallow food and could barely swallow my own saliva, let alone water.  Then I began to hack up blood and mucus.  At this point I was fearful that I would keep bleeding or not be able to breath, so I took myself to the ER.  They took a CT scan to look for abscesses and I was honestly hoping they would find something, I had been in so much pain I wanted any reason for them to cut out my tonsils (still feel that way today).  After laying in the dark sleeping, being hydrated Via IV, the doctor came in with my bloodwork and told me I had mono.  I was shocked because that possibility never crossed my mind.  This was this previous monday night.  Now it's thursday.  I still have been running low grade fevers at night, and waking up with excruciating throat pain and night sweats/chills/mild aches.  I don't get fatigued, I get tired, but I can walk around and get to my car if I need to.  I take 600mg ibuprofen every 6 hours which brings the pain from a 8/9 to a 6, but still have a hard time putting down food and fluids.  Any one have a case similar to mine? I don't want to end up in the hospital again, that CT scan was very pricey haha $$$.  The worst part really is my throat, and now being stuck at home every day is bringing me down emotionally.  I had to drop my summer engineering courses and just want to feel normal again.  Don't even have a clue where  I got it from other than the fact that my sister has it at the same time now.  If y'all have any suggestions for relief please comment.  


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    Mono infection or EBV can be caught easily from other people you are in contact with. 

    It is also called kissing disease.

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    Matt as read your story I thought I was reading one of my texts to my friends about my experience that's how close they are except I did get an abscess. It took me a month to feel better and a month and a half to feel somewhat normal and not panicked. Not to freak you out but I was in the E.R. 4 times. 3 of those times it was all in my head and reactions to the medications I was on for the abscess. I also had 2 CT scans and saw my doctor once a week for a month also I saw the doctor more then I needed to. All I can say from my experience is I have never been sick like that before and the time frame to get better is long but it does go away or get better. I was lucky to recover faster then some of the others that comment on here but still a month and a half seemed like forever.

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    Hi Matt,

    So sorry to hear that you've been feeling so unwell with mono / glandular fever. It's a nasty virus and I really do sympathise from having went through it about 10 years or so ago. Some of those early stages is a bit of a blur for me now looking back, but it was a horrible time and I had the swollen lymph nodes and feelings of the rushing low grade fever constantly, just not feeling well within myself it was horrible.

    The key thing is to do the right things early on Matt and it will help recovery be quicker. Rest and removing stress as much as possible is so important, a common mistake people make it to try to 'push on' through it, continuing to work and live life at the same pace as before - but this virus requires respect and it requires as much rest as possible, so definitely do take some time off if you can because your body needs it to help recovery.

    Also would definitely consider taking some vitamins / herbs to support your immune system when going through this horrible phase. A good strong multi-vitamin can each day is a good idea, and high doses of Vitamin C (1000mg to 3000mg per day), with B complex vitamins and Co-enzyme Q10 good for energy levels and helping your mood to cope a bit better. Immune boosting herbs like echniciea and siberian ginseng also helped me through that phase.

    Thinking about you Matt and just to reassure that all these symptoms are common with the virus, it's just a horrible thing to experience and you will recover from this - don't panic if it still takes a little bit of time for some that can be the case - but recovery will definitely come and will come much quicker if you do the sensible things at this stage. Hoping things pick up soon Matt and hang in there. Message any time, it's a good supportive forum here.


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    Thanks for the uplifting responses guys. It really takes an emotional toll in addition to the great physical toll it is taking on my body. It's comforting to hear from others who have shared my experiences and encouraging to hear how and when they got through it. I'm about to leave for my ER follow up appointment so if I learn anything new I'll let y'all know! Have a good one!

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      Hi Mattusf,

      It can be a long road with this horrible virus, The emotional is as bad as the physical. I used raw orgainic coconut oil as a mouth/throat rinse and green tea. Hope you are feeling better soon and rest as much as possible.


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      Hey Matt,

      Most definitely it is so hard to cope with emotionally, as you and Mono have noted, but just keep focussing on the fact that even if you don't feel great today or are struggling at the moment with this, there will be a full recovery ahead and better health - don't panic if it takes a bit of time sometimes that can be the case for some unfortunately, it's different for everyone - but I truly believe you will get through this and be healthier and stronger for it.

      Take care and hang in there


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    I first started my mono symptoms on May 1st. Started as a sore throats that gradually got worse until the end of the week it had peaked. Accompanied by a low grade fever of 100.8 and swollen lymph nodes in my neck as well as mildly swollen tonsils. I went to Fast med and they tested me for strep (negative obviously) and gave me amoxicillin. Went to the hospital a few days later due to breathing complications and tested negative for mono there. Anxiety started to kick in because nobody could figure out what was going on. Chills, night sweats, heavy chest, and body aches would follow. Went to fast med again and was given a new antibiotic as well as a powerful antibiotic shot with no effect. Several days later I was in the hospital again, this time for dehydration. Was put on an IV and tested again for mono. This time postive! With the anxiety gone I felt more relaxed knowing it was mono. However, the antibiotics had taken their toll on my digestive system so probiotics are a stable for me now. I'm going on a month since first symptoms showed up and my current symptoms are neck aches, occasional chests pain, occasional back pain, swollen spleen, and overall fatigue and ill feeling. My throat is still red but not sore and I still get occasional head aches. They key is rest and to make sure you're getting good rest and consuming everything you need. Mono isn't a rocket science, it effects everyone differently and for different durations. Hope this helps calm people's nerves. Age: 19 Sex: Male

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      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for sharing your story and so sorry to hear you've had such a terrible month with mono. You're so right that rest is the key, and your body has certainly taken a battering and it takes a bit of time to recover so continue to rest and take it easy at the moment - frustrating as it is I know - also good idea to take some vitamins and herbs if not already doing so. A good strong multi-vitamin per day is advisable, as is B complex to boost energy levels and help nervous system settle down. High doses of Vitamin C (1000mg-3000mg per day) also good and immune boosting herbs like siberian ginseng, oregano and echinicea can all help.

      Just hoping things settle and you feel better soon - don't panic if it still takes a bit of time for your body to recover, that is normal - but you will fully recovery and as a young man you have lots still to look forward to so hang in there and remember you will get through this horrible time - I truly believe that.

      Take care


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