operation or medication???!!!

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I am a 24 year old female.

A few months ago I had an endoscopy which showed a hiatus hernia and Barratts esophagus.

I was told by my consultant I didn't need to worry about the Barratts because it was only a small amount and whilst in the endoscopy he had removed the affected area. (not sure I quite feel it's nothing to worry about)

Anyway, I was referred to have the 24hour manometery and ph test, I have just had my results back as 48.9 and told this is high and is a concern. (considering whilst I had the test i would say my symptoms were only 3/10 it's a concern for me too)

I currently take ompreazole 20mg 2x a day, and to be honest my heartburn problems are non-exsistent whilst on it, however I'm continously tired, and if I'm not constipated I've got diarrhea!

I have been told to look at the options of either staying on ompreazole long term or having the laprascopic fundoplication.

I really don't know what to do, can anyone share there experiences with me???


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    Hi Stephanie

    It is difficult as only you can decide. Operations are always the last option. Have you tried adjusting your diet to eat more alkaline food?. Also there are success stories with natural treatments such as priobiotics, DGL etc. Plenty of great info on this forum.

    Lots of people don't like being on PPI's long term but there are also people who have been on them for years without a problem. The same is true with having the op - many are symptom free now and some still have problems. I suffer from non acidic reflux which is more difficult to treat. I had the op last year and it hasn't worked for me. In fact I have now have other digestive issues which I didn't have before. I'm afraid it is a bit like russian roulette. The op does not 100% guarantee a cure. 

    I think the issue for most of us is we are given the sticking plaster treatment. What is needed is to find what is not working correctly in your digestive system to cause it. Possibly food intolerances, overgrowth of bad bacteria, low stomach acid etc. It doesn't take too much imbalance somwhere to cause it. We were'nt born with it so someting must have changed


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    dont be to keen to have the op ,scare tissue will form as anywhere esle on the body and can cause problems later on . 

    if i was you i would be looking at a natrueopath or a homeopath 

    see if they can help you first .as these people really understand health

    esp digestive issues . 

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    Hi Steph.  Sorry to hear that you're going through such a difficult time.  I don't know enough about the operation to advise you, but wondered if you would be able to either go back to your consultant to talk it through properly, or see your GP.  They really are the best people to give you the information you need.    

    If you feel you would like to discuss your options more fully with the consultant, maybe you could give his/her secretary a ring and see if you can do that.  I think you really need to know the pros and cons of both options, before you can make an informed decision and it seems a little unfair that you've been left to do this yourself.    You might want to ask about the success/failure rate with the operation and the pros and cons of staying on the omeprazole.   I do believe long-term use of PPIs can cause loss of bone density, so, this is something you may have to think about.  On the plus side, of course, the omeprazole is protecting your oesophagus from further damage.

    I wish you all the best.    

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    Thank you for your replies, I'm just so confused at the moment.

    My personal opinion is surely my consultant's should be working to find out why my body is producing so much acid? I mean if my hiatus hernia is the cause, couldn't I just have surgery on this?

    When the consultant gave me the results on Saturday, he told me 90% of people are satisfied with the surgery, but told me there is also the risk of failure later on, and having worse IBS symptoms.

    My consultant recommended I look into the FODMAP diet, but on quick glance I can notice a lot of food that people recommend to help relieve acid reflux being foods to avoid.

    I have a lot of artheritus in my family, (my mum is registered disabled due to bone problems) and I am currently seeing a physio due to my continous clicking joints and pain in hip, legs and shoulder. As I have now been researching long term effects of omeprazole I have seen so much saying about how it effects your bones, no one has ever told me this, my physio doesnt even seem to know what Barratts is, let alone any link from my condition, medication to the bone problems im currently having!

    I don't seem to get any help or support from my consultants, just continously being told to look into things! sad

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    Dear Stephanie

    I too had a hiatus hernia and was on omeprazole 20mg twice daily.  I had the laparoscopic nissen fundoplication in December and the operation was a complete success.  However, you do have to taper off the medication slowly afterwards as your body has adapted to low levels of acid and if you go off cold turkey the symptoms are still there.  I can now eat and drink normally.  

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    Hi Stephanie. I guess you won't read this since it's 4 months ago.

    I have the same dillema as you at the moment.

    Yes, the PPI is responsible for you being tired.

    I feel tired all the time and it's really obvious when you stop and get back on it.

    It also kicks my Herpes Simplex to the forefront and i have prostatitis since

    2 years (for which i need to take a bad ass antibiotic) But no!, "That can't be

    because of the Meds" the doctor said.

    After 15 years of using the meds i'm starting to get bones problems

    and i can notice it because they start to make noise etc.

    All the doctors i'm facing now (in Italy, but i'm from Holland), are not really helping me out lol. It is a true battle and constant stress.

    I have tried to stop 2 times after really getting informed better and

    not just taking the meds because doctors say it, but the last time i already

    had an appointment for a gastroscopy and i was diagnosed with esophagitis grade 2. Now i'm back on the meds and that for at least 12 weeks.

    What i did notice after 3 days not using the meds,( i needed to stop for 2 weeks to also check for HP) was me reacting heavy on the usual suspects but also bread.

    I was burning like hell and getting food back in my mouth on occasions but i tried the Apple cider trick and it worked pretty well. I still had reflux but when i adjusted all my food it was way way less. We all remember the times when all was good and no acid was ever coming back up etc right? Something went wrong though, and most of the doctors just don't give a F.  Operation or not? I really don't know just like you. That you already have a Barratts esophagus, is pretty damn screwed and for the time being you should use the Meds just so you can get a game plan.

    The real question is: what is causing this? Instead of life-long meds use.

    I am convinced that it can be adjusted with diet and surgery if you are not ok with the use of PPI, and maybe even 'only' with diet.  I never felt so strong when i needed to stop for 2 weeks, but the acid, especially for 3 days was crazy mad.

    I mean, 5,10,15 years on PPI's has to almost shut down your stomach right?

    It's like a revers of the normal system.  Anyway. I hope you can find your way.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks for sharing your experience, sorry it sounds like you're having a bit of a rough time soon.

      I confirmed with my consultant over a month ago I'm going to have the operation and I am just awaiting my date.

      The health professionals think that because of my age and health I will recover well.

      In fairness I'm glad (although was unsure at the time) I have decided to have the operation, because co-incidentally in the last 10 days or so I have started experiencing some of my bad ibs symptoms that I had before meds were controlling the reflux, I look about 6 months pregnant at the moment, I'm struggling with fitness and gurgling excessive air when eating!

      I am also under investigation for possible bone/muscle problems so again the ompreazole will not be helping this!!

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      Hi Stephanie. I'm glad to hear you've made a decision.

      I hope everything will work out.

      I'm pondering if i should go for the Operation and if so, which one and where hahaha.  I hope you get loads of support and you will be able to continue the great work you're doing. The Ibs symptoms are very much likely related to the Omeprazole. I didn't experience any when i stopped and my belly was almost getting flat again haha.

      So many things you mention sound very familiar.

      Keep your head up!

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    Just wanted to let you all know that I have been given a date for my operation - 24th October!

    Personally at the moment it couldn't come quick enough, I'm continously bloated, burping a lot, unable to tolerate foods I have been, coughing up phlegm, coughing in night, pain in my right side, constipation, the list feels endless!! It almost feels like either my body is becoming immune to the meds or there not working anymore.

    I will try and keep you all updated.

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