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Oral cancer


Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but can’t find a group specifically for oral cancer

My GP has sent me for an urgent cancer suspected referral after i have been dealing with an ulcer on my lip for 3 months without any improvement despite multiple medications tried. I also have major pain in my jaw/ear area along with white blotches on my tongue & trouble swallowing. 

My appointment is on Thursday so was wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect or even if this sounds like oral cancer (as according to google it does!) My anxiety levels on this are through the roof so any advice appreciated xxx

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  • Hollaka79

    It does sound a bit like oral cancer. Do you have burning symptoms too?

    • amburr99

      Thank you for replying. Yes the actual ulcer burns like mad on my inner lip, especially when eating & drinking. And my mouth as a whole feels just sore when I eat/drink. I struggle to swallow saliva & have to get a drink just to swallow it - it’s a really weird feeling. My lip bleeds in the night so I wake up with blood on my teeth/lip (very small amount) I have white patches down sides of my tongue which My gp tried treating as oral thrush but it hasn’t gone & ive had multiple treatments now & it’s been there since the summer. 

      I have a bad feeling that this is oral cancer, 2 of my GP’s seem to think it is & if it is I really hope it’s early stages as I’m a single mum of two (2 & 11) and not sure I could deal with going through full chemo (I’ve already been doing a chemo type treatment for Crohn’s which I was allergic to & had to stop). 

      My lip hurts so bad now that I just want to fix it & get back to normal 😞

    • amburr99

      I’ve not heard of burning mouth syndrome but will look it up. It mainly hurts on the ulcer (canker sore) on my lip. Was awake half the night with pain as my lip had swollen & again the ulcer was bleeding.  I have Crohn’s disease so know all about ulcers in the mouth but they usually come & go & disappear in a few days, max a week but this has been going on since beginning of October so way past the time threshold of a normal ulcer.  

      I’m allergic to peanuts & the swelling part kind of looks like I’ve rubbed peanuts on my lip then there’s a big red patch all around with this crater like hole which is yellowish inside with a bit of white around the edges. My Dr measured it a few weeks back at 6x4 so is pretty big (maybe I’m working on building my own crater!) lol! X

    • Hollaka79

      I know burning mouth syndrome can cause painful ulcers that wont go away! It can affect eating and sleeping and brushing your teeth. Its a autoimmune disease I believe. So maybe it happened because of crohns and ur body is struggling to keep its immunity strong. I believe a lot of things could of caused it to happen. But, for sure rule out cancer.

    • amburr99

      Thank you. I saw specialist Thursday & he is sending me for a biopsy of lip & tongue. He thinks it’s benign & IBD nurse thinks it’s likely Crohn’s but they want to rule out cancer for sure. I think it’s more likely the crohns as it’s not under control right now but just wish it would go away as hurts like hell 😞

    • Hollaka79

      Totally understand you pain and worry. At least your getting it done ASAP and will know very soon. But, I would stay calm and relax until you get your results. After all your doc did say he things it's benign. Look up some remedies to try to help with the pain.

    • Hollaka79

      Ouch! I bet it wasn't pleasant. But, good thing you got it out the way and you will soon know your next step. Just take some meds cozy up in bed or on a couch watch your fave shows and relax. You got the big step out of the way now you just have to stay calm till results. I wish you Good luck and healing!

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