ORIF Surgery - right leg/ankle - general adivce please!

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Been thinking about posting for a while but plaster tech's adviced no searching the web!

Would like to get some hope for the future smile

Sorry if this is the same as many other posts!

I broke my ankle/leg on 21st April and was in hospital awaiting surgery in pain most of the time till 30th April.

From then till now I have pretty much been in bed the whole time and only gone to toilet and back. In the first few weeks when I ventured out of the bed room I spent hours recovering from the pain of swelling so have gradually done less and less! I have been on paracetemol and Naproxen for nearly all of this time.

Cast possibly/hopefully to be removed for boot Tuesday 12th June, will there be any light at the end of the tunnel with the boot?

As nice as it should be having people to care and bring breakfast, lucnh etc, I am fed up now and want to repay some of the kindness I have been shown and want to get back to being upright!!

I keen hearing with regards the swelling, keep your foot raised, take ibuprofen/naproxen, drink lots ad wiggle your toes, but none of it seems to make a massive difference!

The bad bit.... I have always been physically strong (not worlds strongest man but can move concrete slabs withough too much issue) but mentally, like a lettuce leaf and wonder if that is the bit that is making it harder, depression etc....

Can anyone turn the lights on ? smile

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    I’m so sorry Freddy!  Sounds like no fun at all. I didn’t had the same injury- mine was wrist/arm. So my mobility was much different from yours. And many times I said a little prayer that it wasn’t my ankle.  In my opinion there’s good news and bad news.

    The boot should definitely help, but the pain and swelling may still be bad. I was told my swelling could last a year although it is gradually get better but does flair up.  4 months post op I still can’t get my wedding ring on. Pain is much better and only an issue when wrist is flexed too far (only about 80% of previous range of motion)

    Physical therapy is vital. Do exactly the exercises as given. Don’t overdo them thinking more is better. I did and it wasn’t. Did too much and it actually set me back

    Do as much as you can now. You should be able to exercise the other 3 limbs. You have already lost muscle mass. But if you were strong and active before it should come back pretty quickly. Just frustrating when you suddenly realize how weak you’ve become. Also make sure you go through range of motion with your major joints - hips knees ankles shoulders elbows and wrists.  I now have severe shoulder issues caused from disuse. Shoulder limits me more than the radius/ulna does. Frustrating to need help for something that could have been prevented if either the surgeon or therapist had told me to exercise the shoulder in all directions too. 

    Good luck to you. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It is easy to get down and sometimes it helps to let it out in private - punch some pillows and crying jags helped me.  Just frustrating that that tunnel seems longer than expected.  But you will get back

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    I’m really sorry to hear abt all of this freddy, it’s normal to have those pains and always raise ur leg/ankle on pillow above the heart level to reduce swelling, put an ice bag under ur foot if u feel irritated, and exercise ur legs in swimming pool (walking a bit steps from deep part)  before u walk on the ground, water pressure can help u make steps without being painful much. You can definitely walk around three months, trust urself, rest these days, watch netflix, play games or listen music.

    I feel u because that’s what i have been through, be strong, u gonna reach to the end of the tunnel soon.


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      I haven’t experienced an ankle injury before but my daughter has....she opted not to have the boot (but sounds like your injury is much worse than hers was), because she was starting a job as a lifeguard and would be around pool.  The little exercises she did in the pool sped up her recovery tenfold! So I agree with the other poster — try to get to a pool for water therapy after you get your cast off (your doctor may be able to write a prescription for this and maybe get you into a facility with a small pool just for this type of therapy — it is the best and quickest way to heal (in my opinion anyway). I’m so sorry you’re still in pain. I broke both my wrists over a year ago and I’m just now seeing full range of motion. It seems to take a long time but I am 61 yrs old. Good luck!  
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    Thank you all for your responses, it does give hope. thank you very much!

    I would have replied sooner today although the swelling got bad and I couldn't do anything but try and concentrate to get it to reduce because of how hard the cast was pressing against my ankle, then I spent several hours feeling really sick, happily both have passed!

    I find it partly difficult thinking while this is difficult and I wouldn't wish it on anyway there are people out there who are having a much harder time so trying to use that to kick myself into being stronger and more patient.

    I will defainately take note of all of the ideas as I want and need to recover as soon as possible whilst avoiding rushing as t is sending my slowly nuts.

    I just hope that whatever I get next week doesn't make things as bad as they were for the first 2 weeks of this cast where it was bad straight away and the thought of 4 weeks after the previous weeks of pain mean that some days it was so bad I couldn't do anything and just stared at the cieling for the day which wasn't good but over that hill now..

    It realy is a long road isn't!! and Netflix etc definately help smile

    Thanks again!!

    Hope you all have a good day/evening!

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    I know just how frustrated you feel!

    Whilst i cannot comment on your broken ankle I can share with you  how fed up you are as I broke my right wrist at the beginning of April! My cast was removed one month ago and since then my fingers are like sausages! Whilst I am not in pain I have very little movement in my wrist due to the stiffness of being in a cast and also some numbness due to nerve compression.

    I hated having to rely on other people to do things for me as I am quite an independent person but now am so pleased that I can just about cut my own food!

    Like you mentioned there are so many other people who are in a worse situation than myself and I should be grateful for every little step of progress that I make but it is difficult. I was quite depressed at the beginning but since attending physio therapy I think I may be able to see light at the end of the tunnel - I’m crawling towards that light though but every little achievement is progress!

    Good luck with your recovery!

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    I think the loss of independance is a big problem, having never experienced such a loss before where I can't even get food or drink orl eave the bedroom.

    The other difficulty that I am experiencing today, hence writing this so early before I completely loose the will is....The "every other day" nature of the recovery that I experience. By this I mean the day before yesterday was bad, really bad, angry, frustrated, upset, constant pain from the swelling, then yesterday was I think the best day I have had since the accident where I got up to go to the toilet several times and no swelling at all and I felt so much better and ready for nearly anything. Today already really angry and frustrated and had disruptive nights sleep. Has anyone else had it like that?

    Whilst I am also massively paranoid that something bad might be going on or happen within the cast I then think that if every other day is really good then surely it must be fine.

    I wonder whether with these injuries part of the problem (by my thoughts anyway) is the length of time. Sometimes people have injuries they then recover and within days or weeks they are feeling better. Whereas with this it is months and that is really quite wearing.

    To add to the worry my father-in-law has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and whilst the treatment is good I find it doesn't stop the worry. Even though as I know those that don't worry say..that it is a waste of time that doesn't change anything, and while I know and beieve this it doesn't stop it! Oh the brain and its complexities!

    Anyway I am going to now spend the day trying to concentrate on not flipping out due to how things are (could be a difficult time!) so I will wish you all a wonderful day and hope that your suffering like mine dissolves quickly and get better every minute that passes!!

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      I can relate to how you feel (apart from the fact the I have broken my wrist not my ankle!)

      I feel frustrated by my lack of progress even though my physiotherapist is pleased with the stage that I am at.  My fingers are constantly swollen- worse in the morning- which hampers movement.  My physio has told me to hang my arm down by my side and move it as normal as I have been walking around with it dangling in the be air like a dog with a wounded paw, not quite sure what to do with it! I told him I was concerned about the swelling if I kept dangling it but he said to elevate it at the end of the day. I did find trying to get comfortable in bed the hardest and find that by the morning my fingers are once again stiff and feel that I am back to square one!

      I have good days and bad days where I think that I am feeling a bit more positive about my progress as then get disheartened when I feel and ache or pain or a bit more tingling when I move my wrist!  I have been reminded to be patient as everybody’s healing is different but I get so frustrated as I am yet unable to do things that I did before! I too know of someone who broke their wrist and was back in work a week later but my physio said that she was in the lucky 15% who do.

      I got very claustrophobic in my cast and was also worried about every little symptom- if it is bothering you I suggest you go back to the hospital for a check just for some reassurance- I went back twice to have my cast split as I found it too tight - then where the plaster was split it kept pinching my arm -can’t win!! Hopefully you’ll be in a walking boot soon and regain your mobility.

      I am sorry to hear about your father-in-law, it’s only natural to worry about other people close to you- my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time but she is an example to me as she is so positive and gets out and about more than me!

      Best wishes!

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      THanks Vanessa

      It sounds like there can be similarities between leg and arm breaks albet with some obvious differences smile the frustration is still there at recovery which can be a long journey!

      Amazing how different people experience it, there was another post I replied to this morning where they mentioned 11days post op and already no painkillers etc and no pain, wish that was my experience but glad they are recovering quickly.

      Technically this is my 4th cast as I have been back before this one and it has been changed but all they said they could do was to put a split in as you mentioned but with the previous non full cast I already had lots of pain at the edges of the cast so didn't see the point and generally after a couple of hours it went down.

      Aside from the discomfort/pain and difficulty getting around and the already mentioned lack of independence I really struggle with the frustration that the advice on swelling seems to have no effect on me and that just waiting for it to go down is the only cure and not a friendly one!!!

      Today is the day I am hoping for my cast to be removed and get the boot but at the same time worrying about whats under the cast as it is sore today and whether I will actually get the boot and even ore so whether I will get any releif from the boot, only time will tell!! Something that would permit at least a bit more comfort after all this time would be nice!

      I am sorry to hear about your mother I hope she is ok, as you say only natural but difficult to see others going through very difficult times.


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      Hi - how are you? Did you get your walking boot?

      When my son had his cast removed after surgery on his tendons I was a bit worried about what it worried about what the wound would look like but it was very neat and didn’t look too sore although it was a bit sore for him.

      I find this forum very useful and reassuring with regards to other people’s experiences- it seems we all vary greatly with our healing! I feel as if I am making one step forward and two steps back at the moment - yesterday was a good day with diminishing numbness but experiencing a bit more today! At least I have physio this afternoon so I’ll be able to discuss my concerns.

      The swelling is still a problem for me also - no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to be going down - I am finding that the warm weather doesn’t help!

      Let me know how you are getting on and take it easy!

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      Yes I did get the walking boot yesterday, I wish I could say it has been a fatnastic turning point but sadly it hasn't, it has given me more to worry about that really isn't having a good effect.

      The frustrating thing is the consultant said it was healing well but when he took off one of the bandages there was a little blood and so he said to keep it on and gave me antibiotics to prevent and infection risk which has sent the mind into overdrive even though he said it was fine and wasn't by the ankle so no pressure from movement. The other bandage on the inside of the ankle was dry but by the time I got home there was the tinies bit of blood which freaked me out and as it was by the ankle I have been worrying about it all day and night.

      Last night I tried to change the plasters bt the ones they gave me weren't the right size and it ended in a massive argument with the wife just to add to the stress.

      I need to start moving the ankle up and down by of course that hurts too and with that and the worry about the incision and any issues there....I feel like I have fallen off a cliff into the ravine...

      Why is it that for some us experts in a field can say something is fine yet there are still things to freak out about!?

      I am hoping that over the coming days these feels dissolve and I can feel better and get about without worrying so much!

      When I had the cast I too found the hot weather really didn't help, I have had a fan on for days now asa keeping cooler seems to be better!

      Sorry to hear your am is not playing ball either. I hope the physio today provides some relief and progress!

      Do you have some sort of equivalent to the airboot but for the arm?

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      I feel your disappointment- it’s so frustrating when you think that progress is being made and then other symptoms arise giving you more to worry about.

      I found that even though my husband and family mean well I keep getting frustrated with them as they don’t understand what I am going through and how worried I am sometimes. It’s hard going from an independent person to having to rely on other people.

      When my son had his cast removed following an operation on his tendons the wound was more or less dry with a little area of wet blood but nothing too concerning.  Perhaps having your plaster removed disturbed your wound a bit hence a little more bleeding.  Do you live in the UK? If so I suggest that you visit your doctors surgery if you can as the nurse there should be an expert in wound management and perhaps get your doctor to take a look just or a second opinion! I did this with my own doctor as I was concerned that my cast was removed without me even having an X-ray beforehand but he said that this was quite common.

      When my cast was removed I didn’t know what to do with my wrist - I was afraid to move it as it hurt but my consultant got me press my hands together to stretch my wrist but it really hurt! I’m finding movement a little easier now as I have started physio - have you been referred yet? When my cast came off I wasn’t given any support for it - I expected to be given a least a splint for support but nothing! I felt like a puppy with a wounded paw when it came off as I was just holding my arm up in the air, not quite sure what to do with it. Thankfully now I am able to dangle it down by my side but am still concerned that this doesn’t help the swelling but my physio said that it’s fine to do this!

      I’m still getting good days and bad days where I feel anxious and sorry myself but I try and remind myself that I need to be patient and everybody heals at a different rate but this is easier said than done sometimes and no matter how much my physio says that I am doing fine and everything is ok like you I still worry!

      Like you I hope the worry subsides as time goes on - I am aiming to return to work in September so hopefully I’ll feel more normal then!  Next step driving!!!

      Keep me updated on your progress and best wishes!

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      Hi Vanessa,

      How are you getting on?

      Its been a while but in that time I sank a bit deeper then had my first physio session which was unbelieveably painful then she handed me 1 crutch and said go to the end of the corridor without touching the wall or anything, needless to say it was very difficult but..... on the plus side it was the push I needed!!

      I am now getting about on the airboot as I should have been days before but it is amazing to be able to walk to the end of the road and get outside in the fresh air.

      Not to mention I have been able to help my wife with a bit of tidying!

      Are you seeing any progress?

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      Hi Freddy,

      I’m glad to hear that you are making progress- I think that slow and steady is the way forward for both of us!

      I’ve had a few sessions of physio and even though he is pleased with my progress I still feel down sometimes as I don’t feel normal yet - I guess that I’m just too impatient! My wrist is still stiff though I have to admit it is better than it was and some of the numbness has diminished though I don’t want to speak too soon in case it comes back!  On the plus side I have now started to drive short distances which is a step in the right direction to regaining independence! I bet you feel better just being able to go for a walk and even helping a bit with the housework - just being able to wash the dishes was a big achievement for me!

      You should start to see more improvement now that you have started physio even though it is hard - I have been given resistance bands to help with wrist strengthening but am finding the exercises difficult as I cannot yet make a full fist but I will not give up.  I think patience and determination is the key for both of us!

      Keep me updated with your progress as it’s nice to be able to chat with someone else also in a similar condition!

      Best wishes 😁

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    Hi Freddy, I feel your pain, I have a severe spiral break of my tibia and a couple of breaks in my fibula done on 28th Feb 2018 slipping on the ice on a dog walk! I had to have emergency surgery to save my foot/leg as during the night of my accident day I developed acute department syndrome, scared the pants off me!!  have been in an external fixator for the last 16 weeks, non weight bearing for 12 of those and only minimal weight bearing for the last 4 weeks. I went back today hoping to get a date for removal of frame but been sent away for another 4 weeks.  

    When I initial had my accident I was emphatically told NOT to take ibuprofen/naproxen as it hinders bone recovery. Even now after all this time, if I’m upright for any length of time my foot swells, goes dark purple and feels uncomfortable. I also get “lightening strikes” a nerve type pain that shoots down my leg and makes my foot judder - in the main these are uncomfortable but occasionally very painful.

    When you go to bed, do you have your leg on pillows? True elevation to reduce swelling means having your leg higher than your heart. I have been told the swelling in my ankle may never go or, once I get more mobile movement should help.

    I did read one lady saying we should get a form of counselling to deal with the psychological aspects of all this, I would totally agree, many a time I have thrown my toys out of the pram!!

    Do you have access to a wheelchair? You can get them from the Red Cross for a small donation. I have one with a leg extender and it has been a lifesaver. Getting out and about is vital for your mental well being!!!

     I see you were hoping to have your cast off on the 12th June, hope this went ahead? Long road ahead, do not think about next week just one day at a time x

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      Hi sasbats,

      I read your post re your accident and truely felt for you as that sounds absolutely terrible.

      I find it quite scary that you can have such a bad accident when out for a walk but I suppose this is sometimes how these things happen.

      I didn't think they did external fixators much more? although I was told if my swelling didn't go down I would have to go down that route.

      Sleeping was a problem because of the pain but has got much better and now only on 1 level of pillows, where originally I was on about 6 just to get some comfort.

      My wife and I talked about getting a wheel chair to get around and I think that we should done that as it would have helped.

      Yes I had my cast off on the 12th and got the air boot and hoped for good progress but sadly this pushed my anxiety and fear over the edge and I was worse. I got home from the appointment and went straight to bed where I felt safe. It wasn't till 22nd when I had physio which was extremely painful that the physio forced me to get up and walk which was really hard at first but has got easier and has made a huge difference. Just getting outside into the fresh air as you say definately made a huge mental difference.

      In some ways I feel embarassed that I got in such a bad way but my problem was more mental than physical considering how much worse off others are but now feeling much much better I can see how low I got.

      There were days that were ok'ish where I held it together and there were days I was in peices researching one-way trips to Switzerland. I asked my GP for anti-depressants but he said no because a boken leg was only temporary. I then had a nurse look at the wound a few weeks later and broke down and she said to go back to the GP and because I broke down there too he gave me anti-depressants. Now while the anxiety is still there it is so much less than it was before and I get up and about every day.

      As you say still a long road but I can definately feel the progress although it is slow. I want to get back to gardening as in the 2 months I couldn't get out of bed the garden has gone mad.

      I really hope you get a date for removal of the frame soon. Are you able to weight bear yet?

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      Hi Freddy,

      I am now able to minimal weight bear on my toes but I am finding it really difficult on crutches as I am so scared of falling over onto the pins in my shin! 

      I too have started physio to build up my thigh muscles again but I’m finding the exercises are causing my back problems to flare up so I dread doing them!

      I too find it so hard to believe I’m in this predicament because of slipping on ice out on a dog walk! When the doc told me on Friday that the frame is going to be on for at least a further 4 weeks on top of the 4 months it has already been in place I’ll admit I burst into tears! The inactivity is driving me insane. Work won’t let me back because health and safety won’t let me in with my frame so I’m having to cope on SSP which is only £90 a week. Thankfully me and my partner had already decided for me to move in with him so on my discharge I moved straight in. Family and friends had finished the decorating and emptying of my house ready for renting but not the most romantic of times. It became really hard for both of us after about a month, the novelty of me not doing or being capable of doing anything had definitely worn off and he found it hard being my career. Huge rows, toys got thrown etc etc but thankfully now all is great after a long talk. I think we all forget how hard it is for all concerned.

      Keep your chin up and just take one day at a time, often easier said than done I know and most of all don’t feel guilty for feeling down, I have read loads of forums with people going through the same and it is so hard for us.

      Onwards and upwards for us all, take care S x

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      I can sympathise with your predicament! Whilst I have not broken any legs I have previously posted about how a fall in the garden led to my broken right wrist at the beginning of April.

      Like yourself and Freddy I have been feeling quite anxious and depressed about the whole situation but am improving gradually following a few sessions of physio.

      It’s amazing how being incapacitated makes you feel mentally and initially felt like no one understood what I was going through but this forum has been a great help and now I don’t feel so alone!  I am getting out and about more and doing more things for myself such as tying my hair back and cutting my own food but felt so worthless initially as I could not even do the simplest of tasks such as writing and I even missed doing the ironing!

      I was told that I would have to be patient with my progress and think of each day as a day closer to healing.

      Back to fracture clinic tomorrow to see how everything’s going - fingers crossed for us

      all! X

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      I really feel for you as that really does sound terrible. Make me feel bad for complaining about my situation but either way it is really difficult.

      I'm sorry the physio is flaring up back problems, you don't need that on top of everything else. I hope that resolves itself soon for you.

      I have found the physio really painful but the pain seems to go when she lets go of my foot.

      Having to wait 4 weeks ontop of the 4 months i can fully understand the tears as that must be heart breaking. Not being able to get around on top of it does crush the soul. I will be thinking of you and hoping that the time goes quickly and the next appointment brings with it the removal of the frame.

      It souds like it has been really difficult for you and your partner and not at the best timing but it at least the long talk resolved it. I had similar with my wife after getting angry over a few things that were mostly related to my massive fear of anything and everything going wrong. We have moved past it too after a talk.

      As you say onwards and upwards! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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      Hope the fracture clinic appointment went well!

      Patience is something I keep getting told, I want to get back to driving but was told Friday that it is going to be a while yet which is frustrating.

      I am finding the physio how you described it where by the end of the day I have more flexibilty and then by the morning I am back to where I started and have to go through the pain of stretching it again sad

      My wound is sore today aswell after the wound clinic nurse had a dig around to get rid of the over granulation.

      The boot is also a nightmare in this weather. I go for a walk and come back and the tubular support bandage is damp as is the padding of the boot which is not nice. Would be perfect in winter!

      Hope you continure to recover quickly.!

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      Hope you’re appointment at the fracture clinic went better than mine!

      Glad to hear you’re becoming more and more able to do more and more things for yourself even if one of them is ironing!! I must admit I never thought I’d be pleased to be able to do that chore again!!

      Take care x

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      Thanks Freddy.

      Went to a mini festival yesterday that is held every year in memory of a friend who was killed in an industrial accident 7 years ago and ended up feeling sorry for myself. Had a great day with fab music and great friends but oh God talk about feeling frustrated!! Couldn’t dance and had to rely on my partner and friends to push me from a to b as the ground was too rough. Me getting upset then made me feel guilty as at least I’m here and will recover unlike our friend!! 

      I like you had the fear things...fear of falling over and further hurting myself, fear of infection, fear of never getting my frame off and then the fear that is in place at the moment - fear of what it’s going to be like once my frame is off. 

      Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we had a switch to stop overthinking!!

      Onwards and upwards Sx

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      Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. The mini festival sounds like a wonderful way to remember them by but understand it would be an emotional time for you especially with the frustrations of your leg.

      If I had my accident earlier in the year I think I would have been in a similar position as my wife and I lost an amazing close friend on my birthday 7 years ago and around my birthday I often get emotional.

      I too suffer from feeling guilty for things. Those that are not with us will always remain in our hearts and thoughts and we are the better for knowing them!

      You will recover and next year you will be able to make up for the lack of dancing this year. smile

      If there was an overthinking switch I think my wife would remove the switch and wire it so it could never be switched on again smile

      Hope you have a good week !!

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      Thank you - I’ve been discharged from fracture clinic as they don’t need to see me again but a bit concerned as my wrist doesn’t feel right and it’s really hard to explain what it feels like - I get tingling in my hand and wrist feels numb inside  - really weird! They didn’t even take another X-ray before discharging me!

      I’m finding it really hard to switch off from worrying about every little symptom but I agree that I should be grateful that I am still here and breathing! I need more patience I think!

      Another physio appointment next in two weeks so I will discuss my symptoms then with my physio!

      I think the best advice is to take every day as it comes and not to think too much about what could go wrong!

      Best wishes x

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      Sorry to hear that your wound is painful - this hot weather certainly doesn’t help!

      I’ve been discharged from fracture clinic but they didn’t take an X-ray before discharging me so I hope my break is healing as it should be! Still feeling numbness and a weird sensation in my wrist which I keep overthinking about and fearing the worst - google is my worst enemy at the moment!

      I still get moments during the day where I feel like crying as I just want to feel normal again even though I am able to do more things than I did - I keep focusing on the negatives instead of the positives.  It’s hard that my family don’t understand how I feel as none of them (touch wood) have broken any bones - saying that, my youngest son did have a operation on the tendons in his foot last year and he coped extremely well! Positive mental attitude I keep reminding myself!

      When is your next orthopaedic appointment? I have my next physio on 18th July so at least I can discuss my concerns with someone then.

      Keep me updated - take care!

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      Hi Vanessa,

      How are you getting on, hopefully some improvement?

      Well it seems the 2 week orthopaedic appointment I was waiting for has come and gone. I am phoning them today to ask about it. Partly as I have a very small lump on the outside of my ankle by the wound site that I am not 100% sure whether it is the cause of a bit of pain with a certain movement.

      I have wound clinic today and physio tomorrow so will ask them in the mean time aswell.

      I am getting about more and more although the swelling I think it making one of the scars go dark red which is sparking off my anxiety over it opening up or there being an issue but trying to keep that at bay. 

      I have also found that occasionally I can put weight on it without the boot and not have any pain but only doing that for 1 step or so as the physio hasn't approved that yet!

      Good luck and hope you have had a good week and have a good weekend.


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      Hi Freddy,

      Glad to hear that you are getting about more - I felt quite down when I was confined to the house!

      I think I’m doing ok - every time I have a physio appointment he says that I am doing well - I know I have improved slightly but it’s been really slow and I get frustrated sometimes as I just want to feel normal again!  The numbness on my palm has improved but still feels a bit numb on the back of my hand and in my wrist - if it is nerve damage I know that this may take a while to improve.  I am seeing my physio next week so I will have a chat with him them about my symptoms- I feel like I am on my own at the moment as I have been discharged from fracture clinic but I need to make an appointment with my own doctor next week as my sick paper runs out so I will discuss my concerns with him then!  I hope to return to work in September- I work in a school so have the rest of the summer holidays to recover!  Funny enough I am missing work and the routine that I had every day!  Do you work? If so, how have you found it not being in work?  It would seem like heaven to some people but if your injured it’s not much fun is it?!!

      With regards to the lump on your ankle I found that when my son had his operation last year his skin was very lumpy and bumpy and red at the site of the scar.  It’s been over a year now and this has improved significantly though he still has one leg thinner than the other from his time spent in the cast!

      I hope your physio goes well and your anxiety diminishes as you continue to make improvements- I keep telling myself that it will take time to heal but it’s frustrating that it’s taking so long!

      I’ll update you next week after my next physio- take care!

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    • Posted

      Hi Vanessa,

      How are you getting on with physio and recovery?

      Is the numbness any better?

      I hope you have had some improvement...

      I have reached a point where I am missing work too, yes I do work... until I win millions on the lottery anyway and then might give up for a more relaxing lifestyle!

      I was only thinking the other day that people might say "you've been off for 3 months that must have been wonderful!" but I couldn't agree with you more, it isn't much fun at all. In all honesty I haven't found any of it much fun. Constant differing levels of pain / discomfort can't do the things I used to be able to do so it is very frustrating and as you say it takes so long!!

      I am hopefully going to be working from home as of Monday/Tuesday next week as can do quite a lot from home. I usually have a 100 mile round trip to work but won't be doing that for a while which means no traffic which is a bonus smile

      We had a crazy amount on at work and whilst I have missed it because I would rather being fully mobile and helping out at work in some ways it has been nice being off, although I would rather have been of for a better reason, e.g. holiday!

      I asked the consultant the other day about the lump and she said it was the metal plate or screw which I am not very keen on but she said that the skin will settle so it won't be sore, wish it wasn't the metal but as long as it don't irritate something I will have to live with. She said you will always know you have broken it again not keen on that either but hopefully I will be able to get back to some sort of normality soon.

      I am now walking round the house with no boot as advised by the consultant which due to swelling isn't comfortable but is marginally easier than the boot so going with it!

      I think I have reached the bit you mentioned where I do the exercises and the physio says it is getting better but I don't see any improvement.

      2 hours of gardening yesterday made for an uncomfortable afternoon but nothing too bad. But sore muscles today as was using petrol hedge trimmers etc which was hard work with the boot on as it was quite hot!

      Hope you have a good day today and things are improving!

      Anyway another day today and beautiful weather today.

      I have wound clinic Friday and physio Saturday.

      How is your physio?

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    • Posted

      Hi Freddy - so glad you are making improvements - it’s a very slow and frustrating process and I don’t have much patience!

      I have had a few people saying that it must be nice to be off work but not when you are incapacitated with an injury!

      I was feeling a bit concerned about the numbness in my hand and wrist as it is still there but my GP said that this is likely caused by soft tissue inflammation that’s pressing on the nerves and soft tissue takes a lot longer than bones to heal and nerves take even longer still!  At least I know roughly what the cause is as I hate to knowing what is happening to me - I’ve googled every symptom in the past and came to the conclusion that my nerves have been severed and I’ll never use my hand properly again but fortunately that’s not the case!

      My physiotherapist is pleased with my progress - I have about 80% movement and regaining strength but still room for improvement . I agree with you that it is difficult to see any improvement yourself so I have found the physio sessions really encouraging and it’s nice to have a medical professional to discuss your concerns with - I have physio every two weeks and I am really grateful for that.

      It has been lovely weather recently (do you live in the UK?) and like you, I have been trying to do a little bit of gardening even though I am not a keen gardener it’s nice to try and do something to take your mind off things for a few minutes as I find that my injury is constantly on my mind 🙁

      It’s really good that you are walking around without the boot but try not to overdo things! I find that my fingers and knuckles are still swollen which improved marginally throughout the day but back to square one in the morning after being in bed overnight!

      I’m aiming to get back to work in September- I’m a school secretary so a lot of typing - finding my fingers aren’t moving as quick as my good hand - another thing to practice!

      Hopefully this good weather will last for us whilst we are off work and good luck with your wound clinic appointment tomorrow and your physio- keep me updated!

      Take care,


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    • Posted

      Hi Vanessa,

      how are you getting on?

      I am really hoping you have had some improvement..and reduced numbness!!

      You mention googling symptoms etc which I did in the early days after the accident and went stir crazy at the thought of them all. I was told later by a plaster technician to just phone them with any question as the internet can send you down the wrong path!

      80% movement sounds good, although I am sure 100% would be preferable!

      The weather is mad hot at the moment, its like walking around in a sauna or perhaps steam room!

      I have had 2 physio sessions since the message above the first one ended in my trying to climb off the cough with the physio still trying to massage my calf which was almost the most painful this I have experienced but it certainly fixed the tight calf!

      The second was in the swimming pool and was really quite effective, got another Monday!

      I have started back at work part time and whilst it is nice to get back to something I am shattered by the end of the say but I think I need to build my fitness back up and that will get better! Are you feeling any better about starting back in September?

      I hope you are having a good week and continue to improve!

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    • Posted

      Hi Freddy - I’m plodding along slowly and feeling a bit more optimistic and positive but it’s taking so long to feel normal again!  I think the numbness is getting better though it’s hard to tell sometimes as it seems to increase and decrease throughout the day but the key to this I think is to keep my wrist moving.

      Glad to hear that you’ve had a few physio sessions - they can be tough but so worth it when you start to see results.  I am using a resistance band now to try and build up some strength in my wrist and this seems to be going well!  I have found that my shoulder is now hurting and I don’t have a full range of movement in it after not using my arm properly for so long - really annoying to have one injury and then it leads to another problem! Never mind, my physio has given me arm exercises to do as well so hopefully it will resolve itself.

      I’m looking forward to going back to work in September- I have been in for a few hours recently just to see what’s what!  I am the only secretary in the school so a classroom assistant has been doing my job in my absence and she has kept on top of things thankfully! At least I know I can take a break whenever I need to as the headteacher there is really amenable.  It will be nice to get back to a normal routine but not looking forward to getting up early in the mornings again!  You should build up your strength and stamina by being back in work - what type of job do you do?

      I’m struggling to sleep in the warm weather though it’s quite pleasant where I live today and not too sunny!  It must be really hot in the boot for you!  My son had a walking boot after an operation on his Achilles’ tendon last summer and I was forever washing the inner material part for him!

      Hope your physio goes well on Monday - I have another session next Wednesday and I might ask him about massage on my shoulder as I think that it may be helpful!

      Take care and enjoy the sunny weather whilst it lasts!

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