Orlistat with Codiene

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I have been on Orlistat now for 2 days and codiene for the last year.

Codiene makes me terribly constipated and I only go to the toilet once a week when I have to take a laxative to make me go.

Since being on orlistat I have not been to the toilet once and I'm wondering it it will actually work when I'm on a pain killer like this?

I have tested the bounds slightly over the last couple of days as to go to the toilet would be a blessing lol

Any advice would be a great help

I am currently 33, weigh 14 stone and on slimming world diet.

When I read how well they have worked for people I wonder what weight they start at as we all know the bigger you are the quicker it comes off?

Thanks kellie

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    Hi there, poor you, I get constipated regularly and it's been even worse since taking these tablets. And I also wondered at the start if eating an extremely low fat diet how they would work. My own conclusions may well differ from others, but I think "they don't" is the answer. I think the simple fact that people are eating such a low fat diet (and is definitely more low fat than anything else I have tried) is what is causing the weight loss. I have lost a stone in 5 weeks but I did weight watchers 4 years ago and lost the same amount in the same time. What I'm now waiting to see is if these help me to lose more consistently over a longer period as with WW it slowed down after that to about 1lb a week - sometimes 1.5lbs if I was lucky. Lost a total of 2.5 stone that time but it all went on again over the next 2 years. As I'm mid 40's now I really want to be successful and I need that to be long term so this is why I'm trying this, to see if it gives me the push to keep going as I have 4 more stone to lose. What I've found on these tablets is every 6 or 7 days I have to eat a really fatty meal with the tablets to make me go to the toilet as I'm just not going for 3 or 4 days at a time. I get really windy and my stomach can ache at times so it gets a bit uncomfortable. I think if you are suffering with constipation anyhow because of your other medication, try ditching the laxatives and just eat a fatty meal such as fish and chips and see if that works because these tablets certainly make you go if you eat fat (but if you do that best be near a toilet for a good few hours just in case it does happen suddenly). I have read on other forums about people sticking to their normal diet and losing 5 stone in a year due to these tablets but I find that a horrible thought because their toilet moments must be horrendous all the time. But I strongly suspect it is the really low fat diet we are on that is losing the weight and not the tablets as they only stop you digesting 1/3rd of the fat you eat, but if you aren't eating any?????? I'll be interested to see how you get on so keep in touch. Good luck.
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      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply,

      Since I have started the tablets 3 days ago I have not followed slimming world to test them out if you like and I still have not been to the toilet :-(

      The way I see it at the moment was ok I might end up on the toilet for 24 hours for breaking the rules but this seriously would be good for me lol.

      Still nothing!

      But hey its only day 3 and its half term next week so I will be home to maybe push the limit a little bit more!

      I will keep you updated.

      Thanks again

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    Just to give you an update.

    I have not followed a diet at all this week, decided to take the whole week off as due to how constipated I am a good emptying really would do me no harm and being at home all week is a great time to push the boundary's

    I was at a dance comp with my daughter yesterday and picked at rubbish all day.

    From 9am-6pm I had 3 rolls with Chinese chicken filler. 2 lemon muffins a whole large tub of yogurt and an apple.

    I did go to the toilet today but very constipated took half hour to go.

    No sign what so ever of even loose stools after 3 days of eating rubbish really doesn't fill me with hope.

    Today I have had 2 slices of toast pasta tuna bake and a KitKat chunky!

    I have decided tomorrow I'm back on my normal slimming world diet as I feel this will work much better then any pills.

    Feeling disappointed :-(

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      Oh poor you, not good. But you never know, you may have shifted some of the blockage so to speak and may now find it easier to go. As you are going to be off for school holidays maybe give it a couple more days of eating normally (higher fat than 5g) and see what occurs - at least you will be near a toilet should all hell break loose. As I suffer with constipation myself (and it's worse on these tablets) I am having to eat a fatty meal or two over the course of 24 hours every 6 days as it's the only thing keeping me going - but it's never been oily once even after fish and chips and cadbury creme eggs - but it has been easier to go than normal. You may find it's never oily like me, but you go easier. Give it another 2 days of eating normally, once you've shifted your bowels a bit (if that happens) then go back on slimming world with the tablets and once every 5 or 6 days have a fatty meal and see how it goes. Nothing to lose but it may just work, and if not, then back to square one i.e. just slimming world. I feel for you, it's very disheartening when this happens especially when this tablet seems to work wonderfully for others. Chin up and keep going for a few more days.
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      I am going to still take them for a few weeks I'm just not so excited about them as I was


      I'm due to weigh in on Friday at SW so that will have been a whole week of eating normally and being on the tablets so we will see but I'm not going to be disappointed if I put on this week going to put it down to an experiment week :-)

      Although I really don't understand why these make you more constipated when theoretically it should be much better. Xx

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      I think all drugs either make you constipated or make you go copiously as they muck around with the system - I hate taking drugs as I have to take so many of them for kidneys problems, toilet problems, and now these - eek! Anyway keep going cause I just had an experience for the first time in 6 weeks so I guess they do build up in you and then you become much more susceptible to needing the loo urgently if you eat anything fatty. I was just on my way home in the car when I got the urge to go and I was about 10 minutes from home. And my gosh, did I start to sweat cause within minutes I was desparate. Anyway, made it home just in time thank god. Now the interesting thing is I haven't eaten anything fatty since Friday evening so I guess they are now really kicking in for me. So, 6 weeks! Keep going and see what happens in due course. I now also feel really nauseous but not sure if that is the tablets or I've picked up a bug - on who the hell cares, I'm off to bed cause feeling rotten. Bye for now.
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    Hi Kekkie Louise, Just to let you know that I was on Orlistat for about a year. They certainly make you go to the toilet once they kick in. Unfortunately they take about a week to kick in properly but are great after that. As i said I was on then for about a year and lost no weight at all. I could not exercise though. The Doc. took them off me as he said I was just using them as a very expensive laxitive and gave me senna instead. Cut down the sugar and fat and do a wee bit of exercise. This will do the trick better than drugs.
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    Just a little update really,

    Unfortunately my father in passed last week so anything to do with a diet went well out the window.

    I did also stop taking the tablets but omg had little drink and my stomach was so upset I didn't know what to do with myself.

    Has anyone else had this with alcohol?

    So firstly I would definatly agree they take a week to get into the system.

    I showed no signs I was even on them until about a week.

    I'm now scared whether I should start them again knowing I will probably have a glass or 2 at the funeral next week?

    I'm also worried about the stomach cramps I had they were so severe my husband told me never to take them again lol I must have been moaning just a little x

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      Hi, I am really sorry to hear that, what a horrible time for you. I think you should just take some time out and concentrate on the funeral and your family and forget all about the tablets and dieting for a couple more weeks. You really do have enough to deal with just now and I'm sorry for your loss. In response to what has been happening with you, I don't know if it's the alcohol or the tablets or a stomach bug. I was really ill all last week too. Terrible upset stomach and it was cramping pains, fevers, high temperature, I felt truly awful and couldn't even keep water down. I didn't take my tablets all week as I hardly ate and I put it down to a stomach bug as it seemed too bad to be anything else, but maybe it was the tablets. Another lady has commented she was really ill with bad stomach and I replied that I thought it was a bug, but maybe it's the tablets. Probably best to speak with your doc to see what he says. On a more positive note, I am completely recovered and taking the tablets again as normal since Saturday. Take care and I hope your father's funeral is a good remembrance of him. Bye for now. x
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      Thank you hun,

      I did go to SW for a quick weigh in and I had lost 3lb but was a very bad 2 weeks and hadn't really eaten, also had just had a period where you always weigh less.

      I weighed in at boots yesterday and had put on 5lbs.

      BUT back on it full force this week all Easter eggs gone! Funeral over! No more alcohol!

      So fingers crossed I can get back on it full force.

      I am back to square 1 with the tablets but hopefully another week and they will be back in the system.

      I think I will still weigh at SW on Friday and even if I have put on do it as a new starting point.


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      Hi there, I think it's an excellent idea to go to SW and our docs for your weigh in's because eventually you will come off the Orlistat and so you will probably want to continue with SW. Anyway, don't worry about the gain, as you know our weight fluctuates all the time and you have had a lot to deal with. So, new start from this point onwards. Forget was has happened and this is day 1 (or Friday at SW). I had my weigh in yesterday at docs and only lost 3lbs this month - bizarre because it feels like more - I have lost 1 inch off my waist, 1 inch off my stomach, half an inch off my midriff and half an inch of each thigh and half an inch off my ankles - not effin worried about the ankles because they are scrawny anyway! So confused how I only lost 3lbs because I sure as hell have lost at least 1 chin. I have, however, been doing lots of cycling so perhaps I'm toning up - heavy muscles (usually think that's bull...... but now not so sure). So anyway, I must lose 5lbs this next month if I am to hit my 5% weight loss! Soooo all guns blazing and I only have 2 functions (eating out) all month so it must be doable right? Good luck and let mek now how you get on. xx
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      Muscle definitely weighs more! I do a lot of classes with weights to build lean muscle and since doing that I have lost inches but not weight! My legs are toning and my arms are getting more muscley (not gross like!) which helps because I'm also a pole dancer ☺️☺️
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      Well thank goodness for that then, at least I can say with much confidence that I am losing flab. You are good going to the gym, I am just too embarressed to go to the gym with all those lovely fit people and the one time I did go I had to do a trial with an instructor and he was so young and good looking that I was completely mortified and never went back. As for the pole dancing, I think I'd snap the pole. Guess I'm sticking to cycling - been out 3 times since Monday and last night my husband pushed me really hard, we went so fast even up this hill where I usually have to meet him at the top - the backs of my thighs are killing me today. smile
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