Osteoarthritis and Inflammation

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I have been diagnosed with a moderate degree of OA in both knees diagnosed on X-ray by GP and  have also seen rheumatologist. Few variations and elevations in blood tests... ie CPR, ESR etc.  The associated inflammation I am experiencing is so debilitating and having a huge impact on my life.

I do have an auto immune disease.. ulcerative colitis of many many years standing and is well controlled. Currently looking at anti inflam diet and trying to follow this but the pain and inflammatory response having huge impact on my quality of life. 

Is this what OA is all about?

Anyone else have a similar experience??

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    I have been reading a lot of the other posts on here... I guess my lot is definitely no where near some others. 

    So many people are suffering so much more extreme pain and discomfort... 

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    Hi Gail! I'm sorry you're suffering from so much pain.

    There are a lot of foods and medicinal herbs that can help with inflammation.

    A healthy diet is key and avoiding processed foods, sugars, wheat, etc. 

    It can take months to notice a difference while changing the diet as eliminating inflammation, especially in the joints takes time and proper nutrients, etc.

    I have a little Jointcare e-book I can send you, if you'd like! 

    It has a few suggestions for foods to include in the diet, herbs and an anti-inflam. smoothie recipe. 

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      Thanks Steph... I am reading up on anti inflam diet and trying to slowly work into it as well. I have read extensively and researched numerous books... Ithink Im fairly knowledgeable about many aspects and areas of health and disease as I come from long career in medical science but am always looking for input and advice from others.  Thank you for your interest and support.. be great to have a look at your book.  Many thanks. 😊😊

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    Be aware that evidence of 'radiographic OA' does not mean that OA is the cause of your pain and symptoms. Most people that have radiographic OA live their lives completely symptom free. There is every chance that something else - something treatable - is causing your knee pain.

    There is no diagnostic test for OA; it is a diagnosis of exclusion - meaning it can only be diagnosed by ruling out all other possible causes. Muscle imbalance is a possible cause - for example, weak quads is extremely common in people with knee pain. Strengthen the quads and the pain can go. It's not that simple though as muscle imbalances can be more complex and you need to figure out whole chains of weak muscles and put them right.

    Honestly, your doctors is fobbing you off if he's diagnosed incurable OA without ruling out muscle imbalance.

    To help manage your pain, Google 'trigger point treatment' and 'self MFR'. Harmless, DIY treatments that bring relief to a lot of people. DON'T be fobbed off by the OA diagnosis. Here in the UK they no longer require x-rays/MRI to make a diagnosis of OA because they know radiographic findings are simply not relevant - research is making it clear that it's a red herring.


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      Hi Susan.. thank you so much for your really  informative response... and taking time out to r spins too.. really appreciated.......yes I realise we cant compare 2 individuals and their symptoms and disease/ conditions etc.... as apples aren't always apples they say. 

      I've had pretty extensive tests and assessments over last 3-4 months.. 

      I know there is definitely musculo-skeletal weakness issues and have been seeing a physical therapist too.  Also have had acupuncture which was as great help... along with massage.  

      I'm actually a qualified myotherapist as well as a medical scientist working in pathology.  Most of my day is spent in a sedentary position behind a microscope.. and I'd say this has probably had huge contributions to my current situation.

      I'm not hugely overweight.. maybe could lose 4-5 kgs at absolute most. Have always been fit, healthy, active, agile, flexible and on the go.  I am now into my 60's but age has never been a thing with or for me.... maybe it's catching up.. lol

      But by the time you pay for all the medical and allied appts it puts a big dent in the bank balance. 

      Am trying to get the inflammation under control as well as I find this a huge drain on me during the progression of the day. And causes most of the pain issues. 

      I guess it's step by step and day by day. 😊😊

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    I haven’t been able to work for 4 months and counting because of mainly OA in both knees. Lost 20 lbs., also doing a lot of anti inflammatory foods and less carbs. I have recently found that topical CBD ointment helps fairly decent. My quads are weak so trying to strengthen but pain sometimes gets worse. Trying to lose 10 more pounds. Now finally able to do a little more with minimal pain. Trying baby steps because pain definitely intensified with overusing them. Tell me more about yourself, I’m willing to help if I can.
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      Hi Chris.. thanks for your response.. that's why I said.. after reading other people's posts and stories... I am not that bad off. I guess I'm am finding it hard to adjust to and being incapacitated...

      I've always done everything for myself.. from mowing lawns , to climbing ladders, painting.. moving furniture et etc. 

      Once I hopefully get the inflammation under control things will improve. 

      I hope things will get easier for you too. 

      Take care 😊

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    I have OA of full spine and most my joints including knees. Yes it’s extremely painful indeed. I’m on high meds including oramorph and I still struggle, recently got it in my elbows so I try to keep them straight A’s much as I can as it eases pain slightly. Problem is with OA it quickly spreads because your posture is different to accommodate the pain so hips can be affected. I had a bad accident when I was 19 and damaged my back, actually told I wouldn’t walk again, 2 years later I took my first steps so I know I was on borrowed time, I started with symptoms aged 48. Warmth helps for me I have 4 bags I can put in microwave with lavender in them, they really help.

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      Oh you poor thing... like I said before.. when I read everyone else's bio's I realise I am not so bad. So am trying  to be positive.. will attack the inflammation and then see how I go. 

      Hope you also can find some relief too and the pain eases a little for you. 

      Thank you so much for your response 😊

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    Hi Gail,

    I also have the diagnosis of severe degenerative OA in my right shoulder joint. I have been significantly disabled now for more than 3 years, and interestingly I have adjusted my diet in order to decrease inflammation. I am still in great pain with the joint, but I don't notice anymore arthritis in other areas with good knees so far. I am 61, and despite being crippled in my right arm, I try to have some level of activity although just  getting up in the morning is difficult. 

    Let me know if you're interested in the anti inflammatory diet I'm on and give you some info.


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