Osteoarthritis and spondylosis of my spine, and in pain .

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Osteoarthritis and spondylosis of my spine, in pain all over even my index finger has any one else experienced this, maybe just a flair up. Came on suddenly!

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    I feel for you. I started with osteoarthritis in my lumbar spine in 2012 I now have it in all of my spine both knees and wrists recent bursitis in right shoulder and impingement in left shoulder awaiting Mri to confirm arthritis. It's awful and does flare up really bad at times. I am currently having to take oramorph to try and help me sleep

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      Thank you for replying, I haven't had much help from my dr..just told I had it. I have had more understanding of what is happening to me by looking at this forum..it seems nothing can be done apart from pain killers and trying to manage what is happening to my body..such a shock as. I have always been so fit and well..

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    Hi Dingle ..I empathize with you ..I too have osteoarthritis ,along with spondylothesis and lumbar stenosis ,and facet joint arthritis. Keeps spreading started in back then knee now shoulders neck hands elbows ..all fun smile not lol.

    Ihope you find some relief ,it's so hard to control the pain isn't it . It interferes so much . Wishing you less pain

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      Thank you for replying..yes it certainly sounds the same as I have. I'm still in shock and trying to come to terms with it.ive had no help from dr just told I have it..take pain killers. I asked him how he knew I had spinal osteoarthritis he said a matter of elimination from blood tests. No x ray or anything. But dit have scan for spondylosis of neck. Now all this pain flaring up over my body. I'm going to have to get my mind in the right mode that I have it now.

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    Sadly yes in most cases it is managed by pain killers,exercise,weight loss if appropriate, learning to pace our time so we factor in rest periods and yes when a flare up ,just taking a TLC day..a duet day..a book read day , whatever . I would say read all you can,take from it what you can use,and once its sunk in,get on with living your life allbeit with adjustments smile

    a good website for info in coping with chronic pain is Pain Support.. http://painsupport.co.uk/ lots of free relaxation resources and advice .

    On here there are lots of articles about Osteoarthritis ,how to manage it etc.

    So read read read ...and ...revisit your gp and ask the questions you want answered, we have to be proactive ,cant leave it all to others ,.

    wishing you a less pained day

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    Hi Dingle Dell,I'm sorry you are in pain.I have Osteoarthritis head to toe

    along with Fibromyalgia and Palindromic Rheumatisim.Not sure of where

    you live but I live in the U.S Southern Plains and deal with alot of humidity.You sound like you are in a flare.Diet has a major impact on arthritis.Watch out for dairy,gluten and white starchy foods.I hope you are feeling better..

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      Hi Tony thank you for your reply... How was your ostioarthitis dilagoised? I have pains all over and yes I think I was experienceing a flare up.  But Im not sure now if it is OA as I had xray for neck SPondylosis but dr just said without any tests it was also in my spine... butI think It was the statins I was put on as it all flared up within week of taking them... triggered this all off. Wont take them now, but it has ruined my health as I was so fit and healhy before
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      Dingledell,I don't remember exact age of diagnosis with my osteoarthritis but I can say that in my early 30's I developed left knee

      pain suddenly that stopped me in my tracks literally.I remember

      being in the grocery store and my knee just locked up I had to

      hop out on one foot

      just to get to my car.My dad has osteoarthritis head to

      toe as do I as well.Is there anyone in your family that has

      osteoarthritis? I have severe arthritis in my neck as well.I truly

      understand the pain.My husband has rheumatoid arthritis along with osteo. Coming to terms with chronic pain is one of the best things you can do for yourself mentally and physically.Stress will

      trigger your pain and cause flares which causes depression due

      to the pain.It is a terrible cycle.Focus on what you can do,on what you enjoy.I don't take statins so can't comment there,maybe

      Google the side effects and see.Stay as active as you can,it will

      help keep you moving.Hope you keep looking in to forums

      they are wonderful to learn by.

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    Hi Dingle,

    ?I'm new to this site.

    ?Just wondering how long you have had Osteoarthritis and how you manage.I am 43 and have OA in the knee and Spine. I really worry about what the future holds. Can you tell me how you manage?

    ?I am not on any meication except MSM and natural tablets for now?

    ?Thanks in advance.. Do you get muscle spasms and how long do they last?

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      Ithankyou for your reply. I was diagnoise with Spondylosis of the neck a few months ago mI had an x ray.  Then I got dreadful pjains all over and the dr said out of the blue I had ostionathritils of the sjpine..... I said how do you know? he said an elimilnatilon of blood test fojr inflamatilon, thyroid,etc it was a matter of elimination in his book.  Before all this flared up I was put on statins I think ilt ils those that have caulsed the pain.. How was your ostioathritis diagnosed? 
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      i started with oa of lumbar diagnosed in 2011 , they blamed it on a motorbike accident i had in my teens but i did get pain on and iff whe7i over did things especially playing with my children etc. I now have it everywhere, its like weeds it spreads but unfortunately you can spray weeds to eliminate them. I am 54 and never had an operation for it, thankfully so as for the future, who knows and we are all different. I also believe it depends in who you see. I had 1 neurosurgeon who wanted to ooerate to replace 3 of my cervical discs but he explained it would be a domino effec as the ither 4 were just as bad but then my lumbar spine is bad but unless my legs go numb or i lose my bladder/bowel use then they won't touch me as an operation in my spine is risky as to success rate. I look at life now moree relaxed. I cant walk far due to pain so use either a rollatir to lean on or if i want to go out with my family yes i use an electric scooter even though pain consultant said using it would only put me closer to a wheelchair grrr not using it means i cant go anywhere so stuff him

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      Hi Stones,I am 51 and have had osteoarthritis,fibromyalgia for

      more than 10 years.I do as much alternative care that I can.

      Like my diet,I avoid as much gluten,dairy,processed foods

      that I can and I have to take medication for the pain.My

      fibro causes drug sensitivity,I don't tolerate many very well.

      I love my heating pads,dear foam slippers and Epsom salt

      baths.I have some friends that take MSM and they feel it

      benefits them.If you can take nsaids they are helpful,just be

      cautious for long term as it is hard on the stomach.I use

      Tylenol in between my low dose pain meds.I don't always

      take them since I have good days sometimes.For me dairy

      causes my arthritis to flare.I too wonder about my future but

      I want to live as free as I can now so I focus on what I can do

      and enjoy my mobility as much as I can.My pain is mostly in

      my feet so this can be a challenge.Don't ever be embarrassed

      to use any kind of assisstive device when the need is there.

      They can be very helpful.I get leg cramps from the arthritis

      in my lower spine which causes neurogenic claudication.

      You can research online the symptoms.When my spine pain

      settles so does my leg cramps.Our nurse had us get salmon

      oil from health food store,she said it was better there than in

      grocery store,they aren't the best regulated she said.Hope

      you find what comforts you.

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