Osterioarthritis all over my joints

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Please advise what medications you have been prescribed for arthritis.  I was taking Celebrex but it affected my kidney and livery functions.  I had to stop.  Now I am waiting to get into a Rhymotologist. I understand their are many new drugs out their which do not affect liver and kidney functions. 

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    HI, i have grade 3 OA in feet, knees, hips, neck, shoulders, elbows wrists and thumbs... this is what i currently do and i am hoping long may it last.... others are in a worse way on these boards so may be on much harder drugs. 

    1. nurofen extra (ibuprofen and codeine combined) when it really hurts and is clearly inflammed for 3-5 days. Otherwise i try and stay off pain killers as long as possible as there is some evidence - albeit not completely clear or understood - that anti-inflammatory use when not inflammed might harm rather than heal. On really bad times, i move up to Naproxen.

    2. I take a tablespoon of cider vinegar with water - not for any particular reason but we have a horse and when it went to stables for holiday, it didnt get it and was half lame when we got back but recovered when we gave it back its vinegar! Cant imagine this is a recommendation but i thought i'd give it a go! 

    3. For my wrist and hands on bad days and at night i splint them and rub volatrol 12 hour gel into hands and knees. again only if dreadful so i dont get too used to it and it works when i really am hurting badly.

    3. I divert myself - sounds odd but find if i am on phone to someone or have headphones on then i dont concentrate on the pain so much if i am very busy 

    4. I have a car with an airscarf which blows hot air round your neck. i always turn that on as its really nice and stops neck hurting!

    5. I ice everything before i go to bed if really bad or get in the sea as like having an ice bath (live in cornwall!) and just easier!! 

    6. i dont eat any inflammatory foods. Certain things seem to just make things flare. I relapse sometimes and seem to pay for it within 48 hours. Still trying to work out exactly what - i now write down what i eat and how much pain is in every joint daily so i can work out what i am doing wrong or when i overdo it dramatically. 

    7. found slighty harder supportive pillow helps neck and then spine and hips and shoulders so that i have found curiously helpful although i did not expect it to. 

    8. i also take a mixture of Chondroitin Glucosamine and undenatured collagen daily in line and in same quantities as a report from Harvard medical school, which was on a small trial but showed it worked. Google it but quite complicated to understand!  I also was taking 2mg vit d per day in winter but now sun has come out, have stopped. 

    Your rheumy will be able to advise - most of the new things are for rheumatoid arthritis.  Voltarol 12 hour gel which is OTC in any chemist is good for knees and hands and shoulders and wont affect your tummy. 

    Depends how bad it is really - others on here will be takings much more serious stuff than I but i try to keep it to a minimum unless its really bad and on a flare so i dont have to escallate up to nastier things. 

    Exercise also controls the pain hugely in my case. Build up adding 10% per week and even though its everywhere, it does still come and go so normally only 2 or 3 joints hurting and they rotate LOL!!  Apparently the brain only concentrates on the one thats hurting most at the time so theres always something that hurts. 

    The other thing i do is say to myself " can i get through today? you onlyhave to live one day at a time. Answer is normally, yeah, course i can. On REALLY bad days, then i say to myself " god, this is awful then i realise im getting depressed so decide not to be depressed until its really bad for 3 days. By which time it has normally got a bit better so i go back onto the "i only have to live one day at a time" and that takes off the anxiety about the future a bit and in any case i think within 3-5 years there will be treatments like stem cells and stuff which might help. Helps me to live in the present.  Dont know if thats helpful or not but it is what i do. 

    I just registered to go on a one day alexander technique for swimming easily with arthritis and its this Sunday so will let folk know if thats helpful too.  Really bad days for me dont last all day every day so the other thing i do when really bad is plan my next holiday. I just used to book a package deal and not think about it but now i get a book on where we are going and really research it and create a plan of what i;d like to see and organise my days so its half activity and the rest lot of enjoyable things for us all like massage or decent restaurant etc. the act of planning it all out i find cheers me up, is interesting and takes my mind off the pain as i get engrossed in something else.  A pal of mine in same boat joined a singing group and says she generally forgets about the pain when shes with the others singing. Weird but seems to work - brain seems to concentrate on the thing at top of mind - my rheumy says brain generally only concentrates most on the thing which is most painful or enjoyable. seems to work most of the time for me but there are days when i just give up - but then my 3 days rule kicks in.

    GOod luck anyway.. i guess everyone tries all sorts of stuff to cope with it given the doctors cant help much.  

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      Thoroughly enjoyed your post! You bring up many positive ideas!

      LOVED hearing about your horse and the cider vinegar! My hair stylist has had great success with her hands by using the vinegar!

      I'm a big believer in just keeping busy, too! I like to use distractions to get my brain off thinking about the PAIN. Strange how that really does work!

      Thanks for a very inspiring post!😊

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      Hi Sparkle,

      Thanks for some really useful info,i have had osteo now for a good few years,have it in my hands and wrists,lower back knees,and feet. I had a total knee replacement last year which went well enough except for soft tissue damage,but im now in so much pain with the other knee and joints i feel like giving up sometimes,today is a bad day with hand pain and legs,just want to sleep..im taking Tramadol slow release,paracetamol and naproxen,which at times doesnt touch the pain,have a appointment next week at GP,to discuss what we can do next..just trying to keep positive..Thanks for posting

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    first my surgeon did an injection into the joints, that gave me relief for about 6 months

    next he prescribed voltarol which provides some help

    finally i have had joint replacements and now i am pain free, yippee

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    Hi Jan

    The first thing to say is we are all different. Some meds affect people and others can take them with little or no side effects.

    eg.  TRAMADOL .....if I take those they sent me loopy { well loopiercheesygrin} I know others who can take them and think they are great.

    As for me.....I've had 2 hip replacements.....2nd one.... weeks post op I was doing an NHS exercise and there was a crack and the greater trochanter bone fractured. I've been told I'll be on crutches permanently ..2 and a half years now....thats not the biggest problem......its the pain from the fracture which will apparently never heal......stretched too far to ever knit back.

    This is just to say I'm not a typical person with arthritis but here goes!

    I take paracetamol,

    I take naproxen,

    I also take a small dose of mst when its necessary

    Another one is lansoprozol.......its a stomach liner especially when you taking anti inflammatories.

    I've been for a colonoscopy today and everything is fine.....not ulcers bleeding etc.

    I find relaxation good....you can get some good CD's

    Distraction is another good one

    A lot of these are the same as sparkle........Living one day at a time.....in other words if its bad.....convincing myself it has happened before and I got through it..it wont last. Then distraction techniques or something like that.

    One thing I noticed was about the voltorol......it is excellent gel but if you do take anti inflammatories make sure any gel you buy doesnt have any in it otherwise it could be overdosing

    Exercise is necessary.....but it must be the correct exercise.....no running, walking is better......no high impact excercise.....it has to be low impact otherwise you could make it worse




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      Hi Eileen, Your post really cheered me up as you are so positive when you have so many issues... re tramadol... I loved it... woke up feeling as if i was on a cloud looking at daffodils - all floaty and wonderful. Never understood hy kids took drugs till they gave me it. Indeed i loved it so much GP took me off it as he thought i must be an addict. ):  I know a lot of people hate that feeling of floating round in a haze but felt pretty good to me!!  

      and thanks Cheryl... by the way the donkey (1 horse, 1 donkey, 2 dogs) also takes cider vinegar!!   Also have a cousin who is a pig farmer and when their pigs get OA (quite often early on) they give them mix of phosphorous and calcium or send them for stem cells - dont try this!! - but he was telling me that as long as the stuff was in exactly the right proportions the pigs were running around again. He farms down in Cornwall on a massive pig farm.  It turns out that lots more stuff is given to animals (not so dangerous) so their knowledge is growing all the time and stem cell stuff is now regularly used on animals in real life, which gives me a bit of hope...  

      Also, - this is a bit morbid - China has a big OA issue - very big - something to do with genes or whatever - and they are trying all sorts of stuff (and dont really mind as much as in Europe who dies)... so i think China advances will speed up what is ultimately done.  

      Ive also found what is state of art in UK - type in " oxford arthritis 5m arthritis uk" on google and also "tonia vincent" and you will get a load of articles on the latest in OA research in UK. You will also see they have joined up with the top places in USA and round the world. I regularly look at this as it perks me up and things are happening all the time - these guys are dedicated full time to suss it out. Enjoy... 

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      Hi Sparkle

      Have you ever tried di hydracodiene {SP?}  They put be on that once for pain and I took it for 2 days and that was it.....I remember a floaty feeling with pethidine when I was having my first child and it was greatcheesygrin but this

      I was all over the place with it.....up on the ceiling etc  LOL

      Thanks for all the information you have given us to check outLove


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      no, never tried that.. but i am reminded of when my brother in law died... he'd been in a wheelchair since age 14 from polio.  The day he died i had a dream that he was at the gates of heaven and Saint Peter was saying to him " I suppose you want to walk now you are here..." to which in my dream he replied " Walk?!? Everyone else is flying round up here so stuff the walking, give me some wings... " For some reason the dream has always cheered me up... so maybe i am a bit floaty anyway!   
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    Jan56581 I'm so sorry to hear you have had these side effects.  I stopped taking both over the counter and prescription NSAIDs because of my concerns about potential side effects such as cardiovascular and  gastrointenstional issues.  I've started on a herbal blend.  I'm very happy with the results.  I hope you can get something sorted to give you pain relief and not compromise other functions.
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      Maggie: my RA is so bad combined with failed back syndrome I have to take prescription drugs from my pain clinic.  I was on Celebrex and it affected my kidnesy and liver .  The tests showed I was in liver failure. .  Soon after I quit taking Celebrex my numbers came right back up.  I do think we all need to watch our blood work and understand what any drugs, or herbal drugs affect our system.  My back is just too far gone.  L-4/5 have collasped.  I have a cadavor bone cage at L/4 which is failing and L/5 was ruptured and I had a fusion.  Now at 70 years young, arthritis has caught up with me.  Today I was taken off brutrans 10 micrograms and put on Belbuca. A long acting opidoid. Use under the tongue twice a day.  I am on a very low dose.  So as I grow older I will be able to increase the doages if I need them.  Today when I went to the doctor I was crying the pain was so bad.  Hugs Jan
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      Maggie: Thanks for the cyberhugs.  Beleive I need them.  After suffering for over a month with out of control pain, finally saw my pain clinic PA. Pain is complicated,  some from RA and some from Failed back symdrome.  Met with PA and we talked about my pain overall.  We decided to eliminate a patch I was wearing and also cut back on the Vicodin and in its place use a stronger patch, called Belbuca.  Its a slow released pain mediation.  I place one patch under my tongue twice a day.  Sometimes I have to take a vicodin.  PA says that the heel pain I am feeling is from the failed back syndrome.  After two back surgeries I know that my back is settleling down and the vertebras are bone on bone. My heels feel like hot pokers. Sometimes I cannot put full weight on my heel.  Thus my cane adds some support.  The good news is that my new patch of Belbuca 150mg does help with the overall pain from RA.  Approaching 70 and this is a major change in my meds.  I think long term the current medication will change as I age.  For instance, the 150mg of slow release pain meds. can be increased as I age.  The joys of aging.  Wonderful.  At least today I am feeling about 75% better.  I needed this change so we can go to Colorado with our Fifth Wheel in June.  I feel good today.  Hope I stay that way.  My other doctor says this new medication also helps with elevating my mods.  Hopefully someone reading my stories will help them to know their is help for us all.  Listen to your body, do your homework and keep a diary of pain. Having the history of pain helps to identify your cycles.  Ciao Ciao for now friends. Jan


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