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Hi everyone

I've posted on here a couple of times now as I had been suffering with symptoms and didn't know what it was told all different things by so many docs one said ibs, one said Chrons, one said food poisoning, one said its just muscle pain where I was draining from being so sick, one said its stress! Nope after along emotional time it turned out to be a cyst which I did say to docs from the offset but no one listened and had to pay for a private scan myself which showed a cyst I was admitted to hospital for 4 days where I was treated terribly first of all they said they would remove it then they only did an abdo scan said that the cyst had gone and disappeared and they refused to do an internal scan which is what the private people did to pick it up we demanded it and demanded it in the meantime they were trying to say I had a problem with my hips and I needed an X-ray I was arguing saying I couldn't walk properly because of the pain I was in nothing wrong with the hips! Finally they agreed to do internal scan and found the cyst.

They now removed the cyst via laparoscopy it was full of blood and sent me straight home treated me terribly I was very sick after the anaesthetic too. Anyway no one really explained to me the after care or what happens during recovery before I had the cyst removed my period stopped for 11 weeks, it's day 2 since having the operation I have a very bad tummy with diarrhea and I'm bleeding quite heavily it feels like a Period but I can't work out if it is or if it's from surgery or both? The bad tummy may be because of the pain I was in before , sickness and vomiting, i could barely eat for 4 weeks and I tried to eat dry toast last night and set my tummy off.

Also recovery time the sister that sent me home was awful she rushed me out the door watched me struggle to lift and pack all my stuff up as I didn't know I was being discharged so had to wait around on my own with all my bags til I was collected I had to ask her about my wounds as no one told me she just said that I should take one of the plasters off today and the other two tomorrow not to put soap on them and to pat dry I had to have a drain in and the stitches there she couldn't tell if they were dissovalble or not and that I need to work it out and go to my GP Thursday if not. I also asked for a sick note as I'm on probation at work she only signed me off for a week and was going to do if for less than that when I looked quite shocked so she made it a week and said if I need longer I have to see my GP! She also made some remark I was coughing because my throat has been very very sore since the surgery due to the tube they put down your throat couldn't swallow solid food at first and she said something that I'd get a chest infection if I just lie there 😐 I've got an ulcer in my mouth now too. Sorry for the essay but would just like some advice please or any tips if possible from people that had the same surgery just feel a bit lost and unsupported by the people I saw haven't been told if I can lift things cook or do housework or drive not that I feel up to it right now lol.

Thank you for listening and sorry for the essay!! xxx

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    Hi hun, 

    I had my cyst removed via laparotomy 3 weeks ago now. I also had very heavy bleeding but the nurses told me it was completely normal and it should settle down after about a week. Just keep lots of pads at hand as you can't use tampons. I didn't use my bowels for 4 days after the surgery and for 2 weeks was inbetween diarhoea and constipation, they have been fidgiting about inside you so bowel problems are normal! If you find you're too constipated I would recommend Senna or similar laxatives. Try keep eating light meals, like you said toast or sandwiches as anything can irritate your bowels after surgery. 

    Get back to your GP asap for your sick note, a week is nowhere near enough time as most recommend 3! 

    When you're lying down try to keep yourself propped up as lying flat can cause chest infections, take soothers for your throat problems, or try a shot of whiskey mixed with lemon juice, honey and warm water. 

    Your nurses should have given you more advice, but if you're in the UK you can ring 111 and get advice there. 

    Also keep yourself as hydrated as possible, i found dilutey juice was very helpful for this! 

    I hope you get yourself sorted soon hun, xx

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    Hi there,

    I had laproscopy 3 days back to remove ovarian cyst from left ovary - chocolate cyst so much like yours. Medical Advice is to take it easy for a few days - can walk as comfortable but not too many stairs. Once the bowel function resumes, can switch to normal diet. I am currently largely keeping to soft food - bread, soup, porridge etc. The bleeding is likely to continue for a few days - not heavy though. I have been on painkillers and plan to reduce one dose from tomorrow but add back on if pain resumes. I am fortunate to have help at home so not too strenuous. Post op check after a week of surgery. Seriously I am shocked at the treatment you describe. I would suggest avoiding bending and lifting heavy stuff for a couple of weeks. Also have been advised that shower is fine as bandage is water proof but prefer to pad up with a thick towel etc to keep dry. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.

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    I am so sorry you were treated so badly at the hospital. I felt rushed too after my surgery. I think they do these operations on an outpatient basis now rather than keep you in for recovery. It must be to save them money. I had to go right home too. I had my surgery Thursday. It's now Sunday and I still have bleeding and pain in my side where they removed the cyst. I also have a back ache and sore throat. I'm taking oxycodone which helps a lot. My doctor said no lifting for at least two weeks. So I took off work for two weeks. 

    I had no appetite but I do have to try to eat since you can't take pain pills on an empty stomach. I had some soup and yogurt. That helped. 

    My advice is to rest, eat, take your pain pills, don't do any physical work for two weeks at least! My throat was sore too. Take cough drops. I also have an ice pack on the incision area. That helps too. 

    You were not treated right and I would complain about that. You should have been supplied with pills and instructions for post op. 

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!!!!


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    Hi everyone thank you so much for your kind words and really helpful advice don't know what I'd do without this forum I'm starting to get there still have a bad tummy when I eat, bleeding a bit still and my wounds seem to be healing well so hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!

    Thanks again everyone xxxxx

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