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Hi everyone this past month I found out I had a very large cyst on my right ovary and that it would have to be removed I've been scheduled for surgery on Aug10 but today I woke up with a lot of pain and I wanted to know if you guys had any tips on how to "deal" or lessen it? I've tried hot pack and iboprofen 200mg x4 but no luck and I don't want to go to ER since my surgery is so close. Thank you all 

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    Hi Cece...I'm surprised your Dr didn't give you a script for something stronger than Advil. My suggestion would be to call his/her office in the morning and explain Advil isn't helping and you're in a lot of pain (be honest about your pain level). Your surgery is days away but you shouldn't have to suffer needlessly for the next 8 days. You must be your own advocate when it comes to your health care. If your cyst is large enogh that it requires surgical intervention, I can only imagine how painful it must be for you....again, I can't believe your Dr didn't offer you pain management medication.

    If your pain approaches a level 7-10 on the pain scale before you can get in touch with your Dr office tomorrow, don't hesitate to go to the ER. If you are having a fever or abnormal spotting/bleeding with the pain, either go straight to the ER or call the Nurse advice line. I know ER visits are costly and everyone wants to avoid them if at all possible but there is a time and place for Emergency care so don't be afraid to go if your symptoms warrant a visit.

    Good luck, I wish you all the best. 

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      Hi! Thank you for your reply! Dr did give me something stronger but I dont want to take it I didn't even get it filled. My pain is more tolerable now and since it was the same pain that drove me to the ER last time I didn't want to go because they'd basically tell me what I already know and give me pain meds and like you said that ER bill is not nice but tomorrow if the pain worsens again I'll go to the ER, I really really hope it doesn't though I'm trying my best to relax and looking for stuff to make me feel better without stronger meds. I can't wait until Aug10, thank you again! 

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    Oh, I understand. I know that taking RX pain meds can be something you don't want to rely on, but think of it this way: If the person you loved the most in this world was suffering and there was something you could give that person to relieve the pain, even if not completely, wouldn't you want to relieve his/her suffering? Of course you would. Give yourself the same level of care. Fill your RX so that if you get desperate, you at least have it on hand....and remember that there is zero shame in taking pain medication. Just mind how much you take and never take more than your Dr prescribed w/o talking to your Dr first. I can tell you that when I had my cysts, I took Advil with the pain medication and the two drugs both worked better when taken together. But never do this w/o talking with your Dr or pharmacist first (some RX drugs have Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen already in them - you don't want to take too much). As far as other remedies, the heating pad and/or a hot bath with Advil would be the best over the counter methods as far as I know (heating pad helped me but sometimes, the pain was too intense and needed RX meds). Also, for whatever reason, I felt worse with my cysts when laying down -- staying upright seemed to ease the pain somewhat...no clue why. Does your Dr know you're having urinary/bowel concerns now too? If not, certainly let them know this asap. Not trying to scare you...I had similar issues with my cysts too and it may be normal, but your Dr should know.

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      You're right.. I should have them just in case when the pain gets really bad, like today, and yes I can't lay down when I'm feeling like this I have to sit against my headboard with my legs straight forward and with the heating pad it helps a lot. I actually don't have urinary or bowel concerns until I get the bad pelvic pain then I won't pass gas and bowel movement is painful because I cant sit on the toilet it hurts a lot, like my pelvic area, but once the pain passes everything starts feeling normal again.. should I still be concerned? 

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      Hi cece,

      I hope I can help I have lots of tips. You have my absolute sympathy I'm going through a similar thing currently and mine has been going on and off for a year for me. They've only just finally found out the problem. I have a moderate sized cyst but also a very swollen ovary from partial torsion where it started to cut off the blood supply to my ovary. The pain has become tolerable but it's uncomfortable and unpleasant and the bowel bladder issues come and go with the pelvic pain.

      I too only take ibuprofen and have been prescribed stronger meds but don't want to pump myself full of unecessary drugs unless I have too.

      My tips are:

      1. Lie on your side, opposite to where the cyst is with your cyst side leg up. So if it's on the right like mine lie on your left side and pull you right leg up to your chest. I think it works as for me it seems to make more space in that area. The pain is from the cyst pushing on things in that area so the more room it has the better for now.

      2. Eat a low fibre diet for the time being. Contrary to popular belief this keeps your bowels moving. Again keeping the bowels clear means there's more space for the cyst and less pushing on other organs.

      3. Sleeping elevated. The same theory as walking around or standing up is more tolerable, sleep as upright as you can.

      4. Sorry if tmi but release gas when you can. Again gas build up just makes less room in there. I find peppermint tea helps when it's bad.

      5. Try to move slowly as sudden movements can aggravate things. You probably are anyway with the pain you're in. I find that a sudden move to the right for example causes a stabbing jabbing pain that then won't calm down for a while.

      6. Sip water at a steady pace through the day. Having your bladder too full too quickly again puts pressure on the cyst.

      I hope this helps. Most of this was found by accident as my doctors kept insisting it was a bowel issue so these are things that I have used regularly to give me relief and now I know it's because of a cyst I hope it helps. If I think of anymore I'll reply back.

      All the best and keep us updated x

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      Thank you so much for all your tips Zoe! I'm going to follow them and I'm already being cautious but I'll be extra cautious and moving slowly so I won't disturb it. The pain comes for 3-4 days then leaves so I hope it leaves soon then I'll have surgery and won't deal with it anymore! Haha. Right now I'm sleeping and sitting against my headboard in bed so my butt gets tired and I get up and walk for a bit before the pain gets bad. 

      Are you also going to have surgery to get it removed? I'm sorry the doctors took so long to find it, it's truly a horrible pain to deal with 

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      No problem im glad i could help and its nice to be able to talk to others going through similar things.

      I'm on a watch and wait at the moment as my ovary was only partially torsioned so if the swollen ovary goes down in size I might only have to have keyhole surgery to remove the cyst rather than possible abdominal surgery and lose the ovary as well. So I have a bit of a longer wait.

      If I get severe pain again I'll be taken straight in for surgery to remove the ovary. Have to admit it's all pretty frightening.

      But the pain is manageable for me at the minute so I'm hopeful.

      It was missed because on my first ultrasound in November of last year they couldn't get a clear picture of my right ovary but as they were convinced it was a gastrointestinal problem it wasn't followed up. I then had an endoscopy which found a hitial hernia and as I was having rib pain it was put down to that. It's been one a hell of a year.

      Please let us know how your surgery goes and share any experiences and tips as I'm sure I'll be there soon x

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