Ovarian cyst symptoms?

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Hello everyone! I'm hoping to find some support/advice on what I think may be an ovarian cyst. (Sorry this post is so long!)

Over the last year (or more) I have had irregular periods. Then, 4/5 months ago I completely missed a period and started getting pain around my ovary occasionally, assuming it was just ovulation pain e.t.c. I didn't think much of it but just over a month ago, I got a very sharp and strong pain by my right ovary. It was radiating to my hip, lower back and just the general area around it. It was painful enough to make me feel sick and I couldn't stand up for long because of the pain. I went to bed and then woke up in the morning with just a dull pain/ache. I also woke up with all my hip, glutes, thigh and some lower abdomen muscles aching like I had done a really intense workout the day before (which I hadn't at all). Then I had pretty consistent pain over my right ovary, and about a week later the pain kind of switched to the left ovary. Since then (for about a month) I have had fairly consistent pain over my left ovary, my uterus will sometimes feel like it's cramping, I sometimes get pain in my hips, lower back and leg too, I have been getting really bad nausea, I am so exhausted all the time (developing some lovely eye bags), I get a twinging feeling over my ovary, I feel bloated all the time (I've had quite a large stomach for a while but put it down to putting on weight -lots of weight gain over the last year or so) and in the past few months have developed lower abdomen stretch marks which I assume is down to my bloated stomach, I also have been needing to go to the bathroom more which I have heard is a possible symptom.

Also, a couple extra symptoms that may be unrelated, but a couple weeks before this is all started I developed marks on my legs that just look like bug bites but definitely are not bites. Not painful or itchy, just show up all red, go down within 24-48 hours and sometimes leave a little scar. This hasn't gone away. Also, I have had a running nose for weeks but no cold or anything, it just appeared. Again, could just be a coincidence in the timing but thought I would mention it anyway.

Had a doctors appointment a couple weeks ago and I have been referred for an ultrasound (likely internal) and am waiting for that appointment to be scheduled. Doctor seemed to think it was PCOS, although I did panic and forgot to mention a lot of the symptoms.

Has anybody else experienced symptoms like this? Just looking for any advice, support e.t. while I wait.  It's taken over my life at the moment and I can't get on with anything. Thank you in advance!

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    Hi Kelly ! How are you feeling?

    I had all the same symptoms as you, to the exact description.

    I don't think it's PCOS, it sounds more like an ovarian cyst to me. I also don't think the red marks are related. Can't be sure, I'm speaking from my own experience.

    I was initally diagnosed by the ER after suffering from unbelievable abdominal bloating, back pain and vomiting when they did an ultrasound, they found my ovary was swollen with a cyst inside. My ovary was at least 7x9x7 cm with a large cyst inside being the cause of the enlargement.

    You need to call your doctor asap and describe to him your symptoms in full.

    Like I said, I had the same symptoms and mine went from bad to worse in literally no time at all. My surgery was rushed asap actually based on MRI scans being worse than they thought.

    Not trying to freak you out or anything (don't) but you never know when it comes to ovarian cysts. I had my surgery about a week ago.

    See if you can have your doctor rush up your apptmt asap, it's really no joke. I'm only in my late teens and ended up losing my right ovary.


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      Thank you so much for the reply! It's reassuring to hear you say that. I'm feeling pretty confident it isn't PCOS but thought maybe I was just worrying too much. I will talk to my doctor about getting an appointment asap. 

      Did your pain fluctuate at all or was it constant? The majority of my symptoms are pretty constant but last week I had less of the stabbing pain over the ovary (although it has been more frequent the last few days) but I still had constant discomfort, if that made sense.

      That sounds pretty scary! How did your surgery go and how is recovery going? Hope you are feeling better!

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      My symptoms never went away but they were all fluctuating between each other. One day I would be nauseous, the next I would have cramping and leg pain and the next I would be nauseous and feel pins and needles in my ovary area, next back pain and the cycle went on and on.

      My surgery actually took an hour or two longer than expected as my situation was pretty bad like on scans. Im going to ask her exactly what happened in my follow up. It was done laparoscopically though. Im still not feeling like myself yet but the recovery is way faster with laparoscopy. My worse pains lasted a few days.

      It all depends how big someones cyst is and the type of cyst (solid, fluid, etc) that they decide they do open or minimally invasive.

      Hope you feel better soon. How are you feeling ?

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      That sounds like what I am experiencing. It kind of hops between all the different symptoms but there is always something. Were you experiencing exhaustion too? I feel like over the last couple weeks I have had no energy at all. 

      Oh right, I'd love to know what happened when you find out. I'm glad you are recovering well!

      Also, how long did you experience symptoms for before your surgery? With your situation being pretty bad, I was just wondering how quickly it got to be that way. 

      I am still feeling pretty rough, to be honest. Along with the rest of it, the twinging pain is getting pretty frequent and I am so exhausted I'm struggling to get on with my work. I have exams coming up too which is such bad timing, but what can you do I guess. 

      Thanks for the reply and sorry for all the questions! smile 

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      I was initially diagnosed in January and the symptoms got really bad by March.

      Yes ! I was exhausted all the time and slept a lot.

      Best thing is for your doctor/gyn to get you an ultrasound/pelvic mri as soon as they can.

      Good luck !

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    Hi Kelly 

    Just read your post & the other reply all sounds familiar & agree you should try & push for your appointment seeing as you're still suffering with symptom.

    I had a scan for something else & it showed up some cysts on my ovary which luckily hadn't been giving me any problems although looking back now they probably were I was just putting it down to my age (50) & didn't connect there may be anything else going on in there! 

    I'm having surgery to have them removed on Friday & can't wait now as like you say it starts taking over your life!

    I was really really worried at first as I've never had any sort of op before but I know it will get me sorted x

    My consultant said if I was in pain etc I'd get admitted & they'd do it as emergency which obviously isn't ideal but if you are suffering I think you should try & push for an earlier appt 

    Keep me posted & good luck x

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      Hello and thank you so much for the reply. I think I will try to get hold of my doctor and ask to push the appointment forward as it is really disrupting my life and making me feel awful. These things always come about at the most inconvenient times, haha!

      I bet that was a bit of a shock with your scan! I hope your surgery goes well and you recover quickly.

      Thanks again!

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      Hi x

      I'm not sure if this was for me or not bit it came thriughblooking like it was lol 

      I'm home now my surgery went very well but sore & tired but feeling much better than I expected to! 

      Taking it easy at the moment but all good 

      thank you xx

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      Unfortunately, it's still a lot of the same for me. Still desperately trying to get my scan but was told last week that if I do get my appointment by tomorrow (which I still haven't) to call back, so hoping to get it all sorted tomorrow. 

      Symptom wise it's still all over the place. I'll have a day with very little pain and think it's getting better then have a day when I feel horrible. Can't wait to get this all resolved! 

      Thanks for asking smile 

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    How old r u ? I am 47 years old and i had the same symptoms that u had the last time i had a period was August of last year i had my left ovary and tube taken out in april i am doing ok now but i had suffered with it for about a year with the cyst on the ovary so that is why they removed it u should let them know about the symptoms so they can rush it faster i got my period last week i don't know if it was from the cyst cause they sayed that i am premenopausal everything will work out ok i hope u feel better

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    hi! i know im replying to this a year on i hope you got sorted ok. i came accross this becaause i was trying to find out if anyone was experiencing the same as me and i got here. so last year i started to get really irregular periods and i couldnt deal they could have been every week or two and then matbe skip 1 or 2 months and it freaked me out so i went on the pill to regulate them. but maybe this time last year a bit later i started to get so swollen around my overies and these pains they were sometimes like sharp stabbing pains or sometimes a dull ache but they were every single day most of the day and there was a few times where i honestly had to get onto the ground because the pain that went through me was undescribable. so i eventually went to see my doctor and she sent me for an internal and external which both came back clear which i couldnt understand so i let it be for a while and the pains never went away until the start of the year they went away for maybe 2 months or so and next thing you know i have 2 purple marks over where both my overies are. they could be stretch marks but im not sure because they arent like lines ive had stretch marks on my hips and thighs but none in years but these are nearly like a big circle on both sides and my pains started back again shortly after. i definately was feeling so tired i had to start taking naps after work which ive never done because i honestly couldnt stay up to 10 on a saturday if i didnt lie down for a while. i just seemed nearly run down. to be honest i dont know what to do. im on the edge a little bit with the marks i dont know if i should try to get looked at again in case they think im crazy or my results come back clear again because i dont think im having pains for no reason and yes i have definately put on some weight since but not that much and my marks just seem funny and in a strange place because it is just one on the left and one on the right above my overies and they are circle shaped almost

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