Ovarian cyst to be removed soon, lots of questions and concerns. Hoping for some help & reassurance

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Hi there everyone..  I am supposed to have a cyst removed, with probably ovary removal as well, along with an endometriosis procedure as well as a D&C all at the same time, very soon.  I have never had a major surgery before, actually never had any surgery before.  I would consider myself to have a pretty high threshold for pain.  

Any tips or advice anyone can give me for what to expect?  I have been reading as much as I can and of course everyone has a different viewpoint on things, so I understand that not everything is going to apply to me.  My big questions are what do I need to do in order to get ready for the surgery?  They are going to have to do the full open surgery due to the size of the cyst, the other procedures and not wanting to cut it as they may need to send it off.  

I have read that people complain about their stomach being quite a bit larger than it normally is for awhile after the surgery. Others have this problem?  Like to the point where you need another size up in pants, etc?  

I do a seated work job.... what has your experience been of how long you had to be out of work?  

Anything information or advice anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated to help ease my mind. 

Thank you!! smile 

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    I am due for the same surgery in 2 weeks (not the D and C) I am in the same boat as you but I have had some awesome tips, guidance and advice from here.

    When is your surgery?

    At this moment I can only offer support, someone to chat too and a few tips I have been given so far.

    -take a cushion with you for the ride home as the seatbelt might sit on the scar

    -Take an extra towel with you as some hospital pillows have plastic covers inside and might make you sweat.

    -When you are at home after, and maybe have no one to help you, Put some things at reaching level so you dont have to stretch up high or bend down. So things from kitchen cupboards.

    I thought these were great tips.

    Have you got a list of what to take in the hospital?

    I have been preparing my home, housework in order, work is in order and planned for when I am up to it. I think I am over preparing!!!


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      I schedule it tomorrow at my final appointment before the surgery {you know where you ask a bunch of questions and only get technical answers back ! smile }

      Hadn't heard about the pillow at the hospital or for the car ride home, thanks!  That will be helpful!!

      Luckily my husband will be at home with me after surgery, so I'm going to make him do all of the reaching, etc for me at least at first.  Lord knows I have earned it! confused

      Have no idea what else to take to the hospital with me, I would assume stuff to pass the time.  However I have also heard that you spend most of the time sleeping when you are there, so I might not actually get to read or whatever else I would pick.  

      Yeah preparing at work is my main goal right now..  Will never be caught up but I can do my best to not have my desk in crisis mode for someone else to have to handle.  


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      Ps - my husband has been great helping me out !!

      I made a few meals in my slow cooker and bought some foil containers with lids ,so got meals to carry us through for 3week in freezer.

      You will do great xxx all the best xxx hugs

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    Hiya Hun

    All I would add , to what i have said in previous conversations is to buy some night dresses or pyjama bottoms with a very loose waist band. I got a nice one from Asos and sainsburys .

    In the hospital they gave me some soft dishcloth like material pants and like a pad to put inside of them which I could change,but I suppose it depends which hospital you go to they may be different.

    I went to Matalan and bought big 100% cotton full pants ,a size up and in a pack . They are marvellous !!

    I have been told I can't drive or lift for 6week and to have 6week off work at least. (I drive about and and lifting in my job) People who have keyhole surgery can be off longer than that so it just depends Hun, and how you feel and heal xxx

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      Yeah he told me he would prefer to do the open surgery so that he can see everything and just take care of it all while he is in there if he needs to.  

      I'm in the US, so won't have any of the same options for hospitals as you would.. but thank you for the recommendation on either nightshirts or larger size pj pants for better comfort and to not press up again the surgery site!!

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    Hope this can help 

    5 weeks I had open surgery to remove Dermoid cysts from both of my ovaries, I am 35 years old fit and healthy but I found the recovery very hard at times.

    The first 5days were my worst as every movement uses stomach muscles even getting out of bed was a task but slowly I was able to do things again.

    i am not one for sitting around so found it hard but if you overdo it you will struggle as I have learnt the last few days.

    Few tips 

    -Nightdresses - I don't normally wear them as I love my pj but anything sitting around my waist was uncomfortable 

    -Big pants are a must 

    -I carried a pillow around with me for first few days great for the ride home from hospital, also good to use for support for going to the loo 

    - constipation is not good after operation so I ate a lot of fruit and bought prunes which helped a lot 

    - The gas pain is not nice I was very bloated for couple of weeks at least little walks around the house the first few days helped with this.

    at 5 weeks my stomach is still not completely recovered swelling over scar still visible but each week has got better, leggings have been my new best friend!

    i have tried to be honest each person recovers differently I thought as I was good with pain(2x children naturally) I would recover quickly but it has been slow you really have to rest and not overdo it as you will feel it.

    hope I haven't scared you if you have any other questions just ask 

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      I too Have this swelling over my scar,it feels like a sausage ,not painful, a bit sore.

      Helpful to know after 5week this is still the case for you with the swelling , as when I get to 5week and it still there I won't be wondering why it hasn't gone down.

      Well done on getting through your op! X

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      Thank you!  You didn't scare me at all..  I appreciate all the information and tips that you were willing to share.  Every piece of information I get helps to ease my mind cause I feel like I'm not going into this blindly.  

      The Dr was very honest with me yesterday and told me pretty straight up, expect to be down for 6 weeks... if you bounce back a little quicker than that is fine but don't expect it to be 3 or 4 and then you are okay, cause then you are only going to be mad! smile  


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    Hi I would just like to say that I totally agree with everything Carly mentioned. Last year I had this operation twice within 8 months. The first time to remove my womb then within a couple of months I developed a mucounous cystenoma, so had to have the full open surgery again.  This time they removed both ovaries and tubes. Thankfully it was benign.  I am only 44 and BIG knickers were always a no no until my ops. They were an absolute godsend.   Recovery is slow and don't overdo it. For the first couple of weeks I wouldn't advise doing anything except getting up for a pee and a little toddle round the house.  People underestimate this op.  Make sure you keep up with pain killers even if you feel ok it will come back .  For the first week or two at least.  Drink plenty of fluids to avoid constipation and prune juice does work.  I found it easier with ice.  You will probably not have much of an appetite for a couple of weeks either. Some people say peppermint tea is good for the trapped wind but didn't do much for me.

    Please don't be too nervous, I know it's really hard but after a couple of weeks you will start to feel better, just take it easy and accept any help given.  I hope all goes well for you and wish you a speedy recovery.  Ps. DO NOT FORGET THE BIG KNICKERS LOL!!!!  you will thank me for that bit of advice xx

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      Joanne -- 

      I thank you for ALL of your advice.. but I will absolutely take the bigger pants advice seriously! cheesygrin

      I use a lot of essential oils rather than medications for anything that ails me, but this time around I think I will be letting the pain meds do their thing.  I'm hoping that the peppermint oil on my stomach will help with gas pains.. if not I will see if the tea works as well.  

      The constipation and trouble going to the bathroom the 1st time or 2 after the surgery does have me a little concerned but hopefully that will pass.  I remember how painful it was after I had my son so I will definately take all the recommendations under advisement and try to remember to each fruits and veggies as well as continue to drink a lot of water (which I normally do a lot of so hopefully shouldn't be a problem!)  

      I'm not as nervous the more information I get from everyone!

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    I really want to thank everyone who has taken the time to offer up their recommendations and advice!!  It helps more than you will ever know.  I am nervous about things that I have never had to experience or go thru before (never had a surgery before now)..  but the more information that I get the more it helps easy my mind.  Mainly because I won't freak out when something is happening to me that I don't think is normal...  know I will know it is normal cause of all you awesome ladies and your advice and knowledge.  

    Keep any more tips, advice or stories coming as they will only help me and anyone else who may be reading these posts cause they are looking for info too!! 

    Thank you ALL!!!  lol

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