Ovarian cyst, what to expect?

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I went to my GP on Wednesday with some bloating and a heavy feeling. I was aware of a lump in my stomach and expected her to say I had a mild hernia from over exercising. 

She did an examination of my stomach and said she could feel a large swelling. She then did an internal examination. After the internal she did a smear. 

She told me that she thinks I have an ovarian cyst. 

What has me worried is the speed that everything is happening. I have a blood test Tuesday CA125, internal and external scans on Thursday and an appointment with a Gynaecologist on Thursday.

Is this normal or are they rushing me through for some reason? 

Other symptoms I'm having is weeing more and tired more than normal but I had put that down to Marathon training. I am 40 years old if that helps any. 

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    My doctor told me they are very common in runners. I ran cross country and track and he said this was probably a main cause of mine. It usually is a fast process when they are trying to determine whether it is a cyst or not.
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    Hi there.... I initially went in for symptoms of a UTI but asked my gynecologist about my distended belly... She immediately asked if I was pregnant and I said no. She had to rule that out and then said she wanted to do an immediate ultrasound so we did it that day.. She said a 15cm cyst. She also did the Ca blood test which came back normal. She wanted to wait 2 period cycles and recheck it at end of October. I called back 2 weeks later and said my symptoms are getting worse..( peeing more, stomach aches and hurts when I jog) she said I can go see an oncologist sooner if I'm worried. So I have my appt sept 28th.... I have no idea what type of cyst etc. I have been using castor oil packs and they help with pain... Good luck and keep me posted 

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    Told me boss about it today and she has had a cyst herself, almost 20 years ago. Made me feel much better about things. 

    It's weird how other peoples experiences can help you through your own. 

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    I went for my CA125 blood test today to find out I was having 6 different ones, one of them had the word protein at the end, 

    Any ideas what tests these could have been? The practice nurse didn't even know what two of them were.

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    I found out what the tests were, 

    Serum c reactive protein

    U & Es

    Serum total HCG

    Serum LDH

    Full blood count

    Serum alfa feto

    All of which are linked to cancer in some way, 2 of them seem to be used to help see how far a cancer has spread. 

    I either have a very thorougher doctor or she believes my cyst might be a nasty type. 

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      MY GYN/ONC told me that the CA 125 is a marker test, but that it can have false positives, or false negatives. It is only one test, and is used in conjunction with others tests to help determine the most likely type of cyst it is.  
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    Hi there.  I went to my PCP because  of bronchitis. You know, just a sick visit - no big deal.  He asked me otherwise, how I was feeling and noticed some wieght gain since last visit.  I told him okay, other then a constant back ache, but that I thought I needed a new bed.  Sometimes a twing on the right side of my upper abdomen.    He asked if I had any recent trauma or injury.  i said I didn't think so, but am an active person.  I do alot of outdoor type stuff - hiking, horseback riding, and that I recently (about 6 months ago, did some volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity rehabbing a house.  So, generally, I am the type of person that if I get hurt, I take a moment, than walk it off.  If it any pain doesn't subside, I would have come in.  He looked and felt, and noticed a  somewhat palpable mass just below the surface and suspected a trauma related hematoma type cyst may have developed or potential hernia.  He schedule a CT the next day, and also scheduled an appointment with a General Surgeon.  (He said if it was either, I would have to either have the mass drained, or if a hernia, it would need to be repaired, so he was taking an active approach. 

    Got the CT done, and the next day, saw the gen surgeon, who actually broke the news that although I did have a hernia, as well as bowel and displacement of intestines that he could surgically correct, but it would be best for a GYN to repair a distended bladder that was also found.  However, he said,  there was a larger problem involved.  He explained that there was a large cyst, most likely of ovarian nature, and I would need to see a GYN, without "hast" (as he put it).  He advised that  most of the time, these things are drained...After, he gave me a copy of the CT scan on disk, as well as the Radiologist report to hand carry.  

    The next day, i saw the GYN, who confirmed an ovarian cyst, and distended bladder, who then referred me to a surgical GYN with more experience as she is an OB/GYN.   She said cysts are frequently diagnosed.  That was all she said.   There was not much communication there, and I had no real answers. 

    So, you know what they say about curiosity and cats.  Yup - that's me.  I got into my car and read the radiology report and thought - This is no normal cyst.  The "cyst" was 30 cm long, 18cm w, and 12 cm deep. Then, got home, and viewed the CT scan on my laptop (freaked out a bit), then googled all the medical terms on the radiology report.  When I think of cysts, I think of a simple functional type cysts.  I was not prepared for what google helped me find, and thought that these doctors could have been more forthcoming.  I felt that I really don't need a surgical GYN, I needed a GYN Oncologist - From what google said.  So, I proceeded to research these type of gyns in my area, and found my GYN/ONC. 

    Called, explained the different doctor visits,  sent over my reports to his nurse via email, and got an appt in less than 72 hours.  I spoke to him, and he was honest and gently informed me of what was going on.  He asked if anyone had talked to me about this and I said, well I keep going to doctor's who keep sending to some else.  He said,  Well, i guess the buck stops here -  as it should.  He confirmed that the mass was orgiinating from my ovaries, but CT did not show if both are involved so he did not know if its just one or both.  He said that the mass  (he certainly did NOT call it a cyst) has pushed everything up, and it is taking up nearly all of my pelvis and abdomen.  (I did not say one word). 

    During this moment, I was just processing the hernia, displaced bowels, bladder, scarring, adhesions, and this cyst that was now a "mass".  He said, it has to come out, and has to come out whole.  (I probably looked like a deer in headlights, and I said, "I thought it was a hernia or some trauma type cyst that can be drained." He must have seen my confusion - because the next thing I said, slightly under my breathe was, "How?" 

    He said, okay, let me explain here is what is going on.  Many people have cysts.... Most 5-7 cm, like a grapefruit.  Yours is not.  your's is a watermelon.  My stupid response to this was "Seeded or Seedless?"  He did chuckle a bit.  He said "Seeded."  He proceeded and said, I can not tell you that this is cancer.  Maybe it is, maybe its not.  Can't know that until it is tested, but what we can't do is drain it.  If there is the slightest possibly that it may be, we don't won't the fluid to get anywhere in your body.  The mass hasn't ruptured so that is a very good thing.  The hard part here is that we can see a hernia and alot of scar tissue, and other things going on. 

    I asked about the hernia, the bladder, colon and intestines....and how many surgeries do I need, and how may doctors?  He said, just me.  It's my job to make sure all these things are taken care of and taken care the right way.  During surgery, if there are any other issues, I will repair them.  Then I asked him, what about cancer and finding out about that?  He said pathology would be able to diagnose it, but that would be 10 days later, after surgery.  He mentioned that just because the mass is suspicious doesn't mean you have cancer. We have to wait and see what those results are.  He also said that even if the mass had cancer cells, it appears to be very contained and hasn't ruptured.  He said that he would take biopsies just to be sure and check everything, He said its called staging, but he will do this as precaution right now, since i am having surgery already - even if the CA125 test comes back negative because that test is not always accurate. 

    He asked me if I wanted to him to try to save the ovaries, if they were not totally involved?  I said a fast No.  So, I scheduled the surgery....so now I have pre-op, xrays, EKG, and the pre-op bloodwork, as well as CA125 test to be done.  I scheduled the surgery 4 weeks out, because I have to kinda of rap my head around all of this, make arrangements, schedule these tests,  etc. etc.  I also have to take some pulmonary tests because years ago, my then little ones got chicken pox, who then gave me chicken pox, which turned into varicella pnemonia (i.e. chicken pox in my lungs - leaving lots are scarring in my lungs and landed me in ICU for a week.   

    The worst part of it all, is that I had no idea...no intense pain or doubling over....and I thought I was just gaining a bit of weight......... What I did find out, from googling reputable websites, is that bloating, back aches, weight gain or loss, feeling tired, etc., etc., are symptoms for ovarian cysts (Benign or otherwise).  Unfortunately, these symptoms can apply to alot of other things too.


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    I can't wait for the surgery now, I'm in so much pain 

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      Pleased to hear you're getting it removed and not having to wait much longer hopefully. I've been following you posts and indentifying with you as I had all the symptoms myself a couple of years ago. Mine was removed eventually and was 7cms and benign I'm glad to say. Keep posting, we're all hear to read them and understand how you're feeling.

       Best wishes, Pollyanna UK X rolleyes

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