ovarian cysts growing for 9 months and awaiting ca125 result

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Back in October last year I was treated for what was thought to be water infection. Pain worsened and after various A and e trips had a laparoscopy which showed adhesions and these were released. Ovarian cysts also discovered but all less than 2cm

However pain progressed and bloated tummy, constipation and weight gain kept me backwards and forwards to GP. Referred to urologist who rules out bladder or kidney trouble, only saw gynae two weeks ago and had US scan and ca125 test. Some shadow in adnexa last area found and cysts over 3cm and quite big according to radiologist. All last weeks I've suffered huge swelling in right foot only....I've been told to ring this coming

Monday as us results back and blood should be back then so said she wants to discuss both results together??? Am I right to worry???

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    The unknown always causes worry but try to stay calm. Focus on things that please you. Until you have the results anything you worry about is fiction and causes more discomfort and is not helpful.

    Your Dr. wants both results for a more complete picture of what's going on. Good Drs. review results (good or not) personally with their patients. I know so many women who have frantically pushed for results from the nurse, secretary, whom ever, only to panic because of bad or incomplete information.

    Once you meet with your Dr. he/she will develop a next steps plan for you. You're on the right track but haven't crossed the finish line. No matter the results it will be easier once the plan is in place and

    you can deal with the steps one at a time.

    Breathe deep, rest, and focus on the goal - restored GOOD health. :-)

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    Ovarian functional cysts are normal,

    multiple cysts are normal (not more than 12 cysts per ovary though),

    the single cyst size of 2-3cm is actually considered normal.

    My daughter had a 3cm cyst (hemorrhagic looking, was luteal phase just before mens) seen via diagnostic laparsoscopy and they left it in there, even pain on that side saying: it was normal. (we have to check though, if it bursts finally).

    - It depends if a cyst does burst/disappears or not (which it should),

    - if it persisted and grew or not (mine did, at 9cm had enough, no symptoms though, and a tumor was inside, benign, time to get it out), a constant even benign cyst can play havoc with your hormones,

    - if it had something inside other than liquid, some white-ish structures which can be from blod clot to tumor tissue,

    - if the liquid inside could be ongoing hemorrhage and indicate an endometrioma.

    Cysts are mostly completely normal and functional.

    But need follow up to know what they are doing. They don't wear a name tag and future prognosis during first ultrasound. Hence monitoring, going back and forth to doc is neccessary to see what it is doing, which could be very well purely physiological.

    It's state of the art procedure to monitor, especially if you have symptoms.

    There are so many organs in an abdomen and no, I would not worry at all at this point in your case at all.

    CA125 blood marker protein btw is good, but more a parameter to be monitored in a series and just one little part in a whole picture,

    your base value has to be found (which is now),

    which can be also bit higher when being healthy (please search internet) or having endometriosis, more important it is as a follow up parameter, to see if CA125 changes significally (I don't mean 5 or 10 units/ml more or less since this is normal testing error).

    CA125 is just one puzzle piece, if it was grossly out of range now, a further investigation was indicated asap, if it was normal, it doesn't say much yet, it is not an absulote 100% marker for endometriosis or cancer at all. 

    It is Monday now! All the best and ask all questions you have to your doc,

    I don't quite understand what with 'shadow in adnexa' is meant.

    So please ask, ask, ask to put your mind at ease or do whatever it takes.

    Bloated tummy, constipation...could all be due to bowel issue from malabsorbtion, anxiety or parasites, too.

    Please stay hydrated and take some probiotics (that can actually cause a bit of bloated and gasy tummy at the start, too).

    And good luck at your doc appointment,

    that you are not left with anymore questions and get a clearer picture.

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    Hi, I have a 4cm complex ovarian cyst and a large amount of fibroids. I found this out about a month ago, like you after 1 ultrasound and a transvaginal scan I had to have the Ca125 blood test. Like you I worried and made myself so anxious. I was referred to a gynecologist on 22 July. Like you my bloods were normal and I'm due to have a hysteroscopy in the next few weeks to take a look at my womb and have mirena coil fitted to help with irregular heavy periods and then following that a further scan on my cyst to look what the next action will be to treat this. Your appointment is end of August, if this were worrying to them they would have you in sooner. I'm happy I'm getting treatment now and it's a process that I've got to follow and the same applies for you. Try not to worry xxxx

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    Hello DonGriff

    How are you doing these days.

    I wondered if you had any other symptoms when the cyst was growing?

    I was very sick with nausea and light headed for about 9 months. When my dr decided to do an US scan and saw a 6 cm simple cyst.

    We have monitored it for a year now it hasn't grown and I'm not sick anymore. I'm convinced I was sick due to the growing but my obgyn says NO?

    No other diagnosis on why I was nauseated for so long.

    Anyone out there had a cyst of 6cm that their dr wanted to monitor. I have had all cancer marker tests all fine... I am post menopause?

    My dr said its up to me but how long do I want to monitor. No symptoms on it only nausea but like I said that's not a symptom ??

    Let us know how your feeling nowsmile


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      I'm still the same and now have to wait to see gynae on 21 September! Gynae reckons cysts aren't to be worried about but My body tells me differently ??

      I too have had nausea

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      3cm simple cyst accidentally found in prophylactic check up ultrasound (such check ups do not exist in Australia, where I am now)

      of course was within normal range and just stayed.

      monitor: 1 year later: same ovary, 5cm (simple cyst looking, only 'black'wink

      I had NO SYMPTOMS

      monitor: 2nd year: same ovary 9cm (simple cyst looking, only 'black'wink

      doc wanted to monitor still,

      but I knew,

      that any size above 6cm is unlikely to burst sponatneously, usually above 7cm is recommended to be taken out (not to twist, not to become to heavy, not to squeeze or disturb rest of healthy ovary)

      and pushed for a removal.

      In hospital the 9cm simple cyst looked complex (white stuff within black cyst) and had a at the end benign growth in it (dermoid, teratoma),

      it would never have burst on its own therefore since it was no simple cyst at the end.

      Still, I had no symptoms ever!


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