Over a month of Abdominal Pains

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Hello, over the past 2 months i have been experiencing severe stomach/chest pains, diarrhea and starting last week body aches. most days all day i have a mild burning sensation in my stomach and hard pressure between my ribs above my stomach, causing me to have no appetitie what so ever, and when i do very hard to keep down without feeling pressure/full feeling, I was rushed to the hospital yesterday had the feeling i was having a heart attack, dizzy and stomach pains. I had ECG, X-rays, bloodwork, urine tests and all came back negative.

Though i am having a hard time to believe the results are negative from the amount of pain i am in everyday, I have decided to ask around if anyone is having these same issues and know any home remmedies etc ?

Its becoming unbearable to even go to work most days..

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    Yes me! Had gastritis for 14months. At Xmas stated with weird pains. Had me up 3am terrible pains had to go to loo. Then couldn't got back to bed as stomach was too sore. So tired. Lost loads of weight. Had CT scan waiting results, having colonoscopy in 2 weeks. Trying lactose free. Pain not as sever plus sleeping till 6:30 Yeh! 

    Still not perfect, will try anything. Hope you have a better day tomorrow x

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      thanks for the Reply!

      Yes that is also an issue i have waking up in middle of the nights with either very bad pains or having to use the washroom.

      I dont seem to have a problem with daiy thankfully, its more when i try to have a sip of pop,surgary things, fast foods and even alcohol.

      Hope you have a get some positive results in 2 weeks, goodluck!


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    And me! I have had severe abdominal pain high burning stomach pain severe nausea acid reflux docs think it's gastritis! It's been 6 months for me and still in pain everyday I'm awaiting endoscopy in June been put on omeprazole I weaned off them 2 weeks ago tho as they made me so uncomfortably bloated and I'm trying natural remedies! I'm using Dgl licorice it has helped it bit but I quit ppi's cold turkey so may be having some sort of rebound effect as well! The nausea kills me I hate it I just want to be normal so I feel your pain!

    Wish we could all be well again!

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    Hi well I've had off and on discomfort and pain on my upper right abdominal. Last year in the summer I was told it could be gastritis. I had blood work CBC and hepatitis panel all is good and negative. The reason I wanted a Hep panel was cuz it's the same symptoms as gastritis. I use to work in the medical field and have some knowledge of these kind of things.. Now my concern is hoping it's nothing serious as in gallstones or Hpylori. I was told just to get over the counter stuff like pepsid so I did and I took it today for the first time. My pain is not severe at night it doe get a lil more painful when I turn a certain way like to my side and put too much pressure on my right upper side and even when I sit at times. Any suggestions ?? Thanks
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    Oh and also I get a burning sensation not all the time tho it's more pain/discomfort I been burping a lot like air at times it is GERD . I've also read and know that untreated Gastritis turns to cancer cuz it makes wholes in your stomach. As well if your pain radiates from your back to the front of your stomach could be Gallstones and Gallstones are bad that's what I'm afraid of having.. My doctor says I have to try all the methods first to control the pain so try the over the counter meds and if that don't work them I will be trying a deffrent type of meds and if that don't work plus eating right no hot sauce beer etc. then they will do the endoscopy I beleive its called
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    l,d have the feeling of bloated fullness after eating small amounts for quite a long time, in oct started with severe near persistent nausea, some pain discomfort, but the nausea was and is horrible, debilitating restricting to a miserable state of life and loss of appetite with it, couldnt fancy anything, but had small plain snacks, crackers, toast, oat biscuits, yogurt, needed or pills make you more sick. . l thought it ic related, but finally had a scope with gastroenterologist who diagnosed gastritus, tum and dueodenum, prescribed omprezole, havent helped much so far,

    the gastritus mb on here gives loads of info and tips on foods supplaments to try,

    lve been adviced to try using juicer for cabbage juice, cod liver oil pills, vit e, lots of advice.  Sam l know what you mean about severe nausea killing you, waking with it every day on and off throughout, worse on doing even light jobs,soul destroying, weight loss started.  l aslo waited oct to feb, like writing off months, for some years l guess,

    l think its poor, l,m lucky in l have finished work, feel sorry for those who have to go feeling this way. But today a better day, even have some colour in my face, and got out without being it an endurance having to sit down every 50yds to settle my tum,  as was usual, feels brill not to and feel more normal, hoping its the omprazole finally working, and its just not the odd day. Tomorrow will tell from waking.  Tonjra, l dont think blood tests, scans, always show gastritus, most need a scope for diagnosis.  best wishes to all

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