Overactive Bladder - so tired of having to go to the bathroom day & night!

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For the past month I have had the urge to urinate at least 4-5X/night and frequently during the day.  It is disrupting my sleep and I always feel that I need to be close to a bathroom.  It's depressing - I'm actually tired of having to go to the bathroom.

I am in my 60s, and began to notice that I was getting up frequently during the night to pee.  I hardly drink any water during the day (primarily because of this problem) so I have to wonder where all this volume of water is coming from.  Sometimes, I can sit on the toilet for 5 minutes at a time, and pee on & off and it seems like I've gotten rid of a pint of urine - or just too much.  It continues during the day, only it doesn't bother me as much except I always have to know where a bathroom is.

The only think I drink (which has not changed) is 1 glass of ice coffee with my breakfast in the morning - and that's it.  I don't even have anything to drink with my dinner because the thought of making it worse disturbs me.  I'm voiding enough liquid. 

I went to the urologist and had a lot of tests done and he cannot find anything serious.  I was taking a medication called Myrbetriq about a month ago, but after a week, nothing changes (except side effect of more headaches) so I stopped.  Now he wants me continue same med for at least 2 months as that's how long (so he says) it takes sometimes for this med to work!  I looked it up and I remain skeptical.  I'd rather not be taking this medication at all.  But I'll do anything because I can't live this way.

Sometimes I get the urge to pee and I have to sit a few minutes before the flow starts; other times it starts right away, and rarely, I have the urge but nothing comes out.  This problem is affecting my life and I have become very depressed.

I had a similar problem 7 years ago; and after a few months it disappeared by itself (suddenly), but my memory is vague.  I wish that at least I know why this is happening so It can be treated properly rather than trial and error.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and/or further feedback as to what I should do next.  As I sit here typing, I have to go again - I do not leak or have a hard time holding it back - just the urge to go way to frequently.  Sometimes, just when I think I'm finished, I have the urge to go again, and more comes out - I feel as if I'm going to dye from peeing!!

Although thankfully, there is no pain - not now anyway.

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    Sorry to hear this.  I know the feeling well.

    Four years ago, at age 34, I woke up one day and could not stop urinating.  Many many tests and months later, I was diagnosed with overactive bladder.  It sounds like that is what you have to me and that's what your doctor is treating you for (with the Myrbetriq).  He is correct that it can take several weeks on that medication to notice any difference in symptoms.  It's also possible that it will never work for you and you can try a different anticholergenic medication to help relax the bladder.  Now, are you saying the only thing you drink all day is 1 iced coffee?!?  If so, that is really bad for an overactive bladder.  When you don't drink enough water to dilute your urine, it becomes super concentrated, which is highly irritating to an OAB.  I know you are inclined to not drink liquids because you are already urinating all the time but for OAB sufferers, there is a fine balance between restricting fluids and getting enough to drink.  I would recommend forgoing your coffee until you can get this under control.  Coffee is a big bladder irritant and isn't doing you any favors.  Up your water intake but consume water in small sips several times an hour.  If you want to keep track of how much you void and when, buy one of those measuring basins that goes over the toilet and record when you urinate and how much.  This information will also help your doctor to see exactly what is happening at home.  Also avoid irritating foods like citrus, tomatoes, caffeine, chocolate, spicy foods, alcohol and carbonated drinks.  You have to go really plain for a while until you get your symptoms under control.  OAB was waking me In the night until my doctor put me on Nortriptyline, which is an antidepressant but which also works to relax smooth muscle like the bladder.  I then slept through the night.  It's been four years since my OAB began.  It's a constant struggle to maintain a healthy bladder but I am currently off all medication and just watch what I eat and drink and most days I am good.  Good luck to you and feel free to ask me any further questions.  If my experience can be used to help others, I am happy to share.  

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      Thanks for responding.  First, about coffee, I've been drinking ice coffee for as long as I can remember with no problems.  I find it very hard to wake up in the morning if I don't have at least 1 glass of ice water and at least it gives me some energy and a start to my day.  I just can't believe that one small glass can create all this urinating at night.  After I drink the coffee, it doesn't seem to have any affect at the time and it seems to help more than hurt, but I'm willing to try - although I don't think it's the problem considering I've been drinking 1 glass for so many years. But I'm willing to try.  My Urologist also doesn't think that one cup of iced coffee is the culprit here - and said to just not have any more than I'm drinking.

      I'm on Prozac and wouldn't want to go on another anti-depressant for relaxing my bladder; although I remember when I first started prozac, it eliminated the terrible PMS symptoms I used to have when I was younger, so one never knows.

      I'm willing to try anything, but part of my routine is one ice coffee in the AM to start my day.  It is probably more ice than coffee! and it never irritated me before - so I just don't know.  When I had this 7 years ago, I never stopped drinking 1 cup of coffee and it just went away.  What your body does is strange sometimes.  Nobody knows why it occurred; and noone knows why it went away.

      It's just that I'm careful with foods and nothing has changed so drastically that I'm suddenly having to pee sometimes every hour during the night.  I do think it's a good idea to get the

      He has also suggested some kind of nerve stimulation tens procedure once a week for ten weeks (too long to explain) IF the myrbetiq doesn't work. 

      I also don't have any foods that you mention at all! because it aggravates a hiatal hernia that I have.  I've been doing fine since I've eliminated those foods.  The only water I drink is Vitamin Water -0-.  It's just like water except it has a little taste to it and it is not carbonated.

      I'm going to get one of those water basins to measure how much urine I void, etc.  I think that's a good idea except that most of the time, I'm half asleep when I go, since I go right back to sleep - until the next time - and I don't want to get up and measure each time I go...

      Thank you for advice. 



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    trudilu,  I had that same problem, and many on this forum as well.  Sounds like your bladder is not emptying completely.  That's what happened to me.  It's best to get it fixed as quickly as possilbe so your bladder doesn't get flacid.  Once it's flacid, you'll have a hard time pushing urine out from your bladder.  If I could turn back the clock, I would talk to my urologist, and have him prescribed   a catheter that I can administer myself, which is what Im doing now.  Once you get enough practice doing CIC, it's a breeze!  You'll be able to empty your bladder completely and not have to always get up and use the toilet.  It's the best thing I ever did for my condition!!!

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    1 teaspoon of packet dry mint leaves in hot water or a mug of hot mint tea stops instantly the urgency and frequently of this concern. Try it drink it and leave feedback below to help others. Tried and tested the difference would be noticed instantly.

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