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HI, can anyone tell me the recooperative process that you REALLY go through when you have an ovary and tube removed?

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    Very easy, little pain, more discomfort. A bit tender for a week or two.

    No lifting or twisting. Take it easy for the first week. That's about it really.

    Maybe, because I had a rectocele repair at the same time, much bigger op, the ovary tube and cyst removal took second place.

    I would have the other one done without hesitation.

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    Hi Nancy 

    I had a LHS Oophorectomy (tube and ovary) I had a full incision - like a Caesarean as my dermoid cyst was large and solid ( the size of a grapefruit roughly) and I wasn't able to have keyhole surgery.  

    The pain was bad when I first came round from the op but I was fine during the night, I had plenty of pain killers. I was unable to lift my legs the first day to get dressed and I was uncomfortable for a few days as I was terrified of bursting my stitches.I couldn't stand upright very easily. However I only spent one night in the hospital, I was home within 36 hours. I recovered at home and just didn't do a great deal for the first week or so. I had the operation on a Weds and was driving by the Monday.

    I was given 6 weeks off work but I was probably ready to go back after 4.

    The only thing that was inconvenient was getting comfortable in bed, I was unable to lie on my front obviously and I just had to curl up because stretching the skin on my abdomen was horrible so I had sleepless times during recovery but nothing major as I caught up during the day. 

    I had an infection in the wound in one corner which was minor and occurred after one week and was treated by antibiotics. The incision healed very well apart from that, I did keep it very clean and oiled with Bio Oil after a couple of weeks. 

    My periods have been lighter and less painful since the op - I have no idea why but it seems to have had a positive impact. 

    I think that is about all - I wouldn't say it was anything to worry about and although initially painful and uncomfortable it eases quickly and it manageable.

    Good Luck 



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      Thank you Angie for responding. A whole cut like a caesarean...I hope you are doing well! I would be having the keyhole. It's good to know from people what to really expect. Wow, you were driving after only 5 days!

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    Hi Nancy,

    I had my operation on April 25.  I ended up having to have both tubes removed and one ovary removed pluse three hernias (big, med, small).  I came home same day and I went back to work yesterday after being off for 2 weeks.  Most of my pain was from the hernia part of surgery.  I did take a couple of pain pills just to stay ahead of the pain, but that was on day one.  I didn't have much gas pain as I have read, maybe my doctor was able to get it out.

    I am still tender in the pelvic area and I think that is normal.  I still can not lift more than 20lbs.  Your recovery may be different, but it depends on you and the type of surgery.  My was lapascopic with a 10.4cm cyst.


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      Hi Kelly,

        Thank you for responding. Wow, you went back to work after only two weeks even having repaired hernias! That was good about the lack of gas pain. Was there any problems as far as going to the bathroom after surgery? What about showering..how soon could you do that?


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      Hello Nancy,

      Yep, back at work and really do feel good other than fulid build up from the hernia (had it drained) and maybe need another drain. I was able to shower next day but waited two days due to not being really able to move from hernia(that was more of a problrm surgery for me).  Bathroom had no problems.  Not sure if you are doing a bowel prep, but if so don't expect to really need to go after a few days due to that and lack of food.  I did take Colice just to make sure I didn't have any problems and I didn't then.  I do have a little bit now, but I think it's because I'm slacking off on my diet..  

      I'm sure you will be fine and back to normal very soon!


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      Hi Kelley,

      Would you mind me asking why they had to remove both tubes and one ovary? I am currently waiting to have a cyst, ovary and fallopian tube removed and I'm concerned they'll remove more once they've started the op.

      Thanks in advance and I hope you are well on the way to a full recovery!

      Rebecca xx

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      Hi Rebecca,

      Well, to be honest  I only had a cyst on one ovary and it was the second time around for large cyst  and thought it might help to reduce the chances for cancer by 50%(ovarian cancer does not run in the family).  I took the consertive approch to if it isn't broken why try to fix. I know my doctor really wanted to do a hysterectomy and take out my uterus with other ovary and tube but everything else was ok or I thought.

      After reading and going with my gut I made my choice to just remove one ovary and tube as the other ovary will still give of a little bit .  On day of surgery when doctor came in to talk to me I double checked with him if he was inside if he looks at everything and he said yes and if it looked suspicious then he can take it. He asked me 3 times if I still want my uterus and each time I said yes.  Just wasn't ready to give up all parts.

      When I was in recovery and still some what out he came and I could have sworn he said he had to take the other tube as it was torsion.  Hence one ovary and both tubes.  This was the secound time on same ovary for a large cyst. 

      Do I feel I made the right call?  Who knows.  The only thing I need to is be vilagent with other ovary.

      I have a lot of questions for him when I have my follow up with him for the first time since surgery. I think it's a long time to see him after surgery, but that is what the office said when I went back after 1 week to have stitches removed.

      I hope this helps a little.  When is your surgery? Ask me any questions as I can only give out what I have experienced.  As of today I really feel great and back at work.



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