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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this so forgive me if I have posted in the wrong group or miss anything out.

I have had severe spinal problems since I was 30 and as the years have gone on it's always got worse, I won't bore you with to much details, unless you want to hear which might help with my severe depression.

I am on large amounts of medication for my pain, I had been on Targinact 40/20 for well over 3 years and my GP felt that as my pain has increased recently I should change my Targinact and she put me on to Oxycodone 120mg every 12 hrs with oxynorm 5 mg up to 6 times a day for quick release. My question is the Oxycodone is in packs all sealed but when I open them they are nearly all crushed. My GP surgery is closed until Monday as is the Pharmacy. I called a different pharmacy to ask if it was safe to take and they said they can't answer as didn't issue. As these are slow release being crushed I assume they will not work in the same way.?

Any advice will be great.

Many thanks


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    Hi Buggsy.

    Glad you asked the question.

    I have been on both Oxycodone & Oxycontin.

    Where are you from? UK or USA?

    in the UK the Oxycontin which is slow release is also called Oxynorm. If they were crushed you will get all the release in one go instead of it being sustained release. Depending on the amount it can be very dangerous.

    Take care


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      Hi Ritchie

      Thanks for getting back to me, yes I am in the UK.

      As I said I have been on opiates for a long time but the Targinact for well over 3 years, and because my pain increased that's why it was decided to have a change. I have just checked and it is 120mg PRolonged release every 12 hrs. I then have 5 mg of oxynorm which I can take up to 6 times a day as break through pain releife along with lots of other meds. I have gone through all 56 tablets and recorded as I went to show the pharmacist how they have come, in the 56 15 are whole so I have set to one side in my dossette box and then re bagged the damaged ones to take back to the pharmacy. I am glad I clarified that it was best not to take the broken ones, I read a few stories where people have and they have OD and one guy even died. Will write to the local CCG and forward the video so they might be able to use in the future or issue warnings in the packet.

      Again thanks for your advice


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      Not a problem.

      They are the purple ones right?

      When I was addicted to them I was prescribed 4 of those per day along with 4 of the green 80mgs per day. Id take 200mgs x 4. That's the amount my GP at the time prescribed me. Towards the end I was on 1500mgs per day. I'm lucky to still be here.

      Because my GP took me off the Oxycodone instant release & put me straight onto the Oxycontin sustained, I ended up chewing the things because I was in so much pain, I needed the relief straight away. Like I said, I'm very lucky to still be here. If i had a lesser tolerence I wouldn't be here now. Along with the many thousands that this drug has taken in the USA.

      Please be careful with them, its known as Hillbilly Heroin in the state of Kentucky where it has wiped out a whole generation!!

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      If you look at the message, to the far right of this box, there is an envelope next to my name.

      I think that's how you do it if I remember right??

      Let me know if you struggle & I'll send you one so you can reply if I remember how to do it!!

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    Ritchie is correct, if they are sustained release but crushed you will get all the medicine at once, and you probably don't want 120 mg of oxy at a time. 

    I know here in Canada they recently made all the oxy 'tamper resistant' so it can be crushed and turns into a gel on mixing with water (which makes me wonder about the ingredients...but hey). I would be careful, particularly if you aren't used to oxy. I would suggest you can maybe take them in bits instead, or stick to the 5 mg breakthrough for now. 

    Hope that helps. 

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      Hi Judi

      Thanks also for your reply, If you look above you can see what I have said to Ritchie, but thanks for your help and advice to.

      It's nice to know there are people out there that are kind enough to share experiences and give advice to people who need help.

      Best regards


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    The first med (Targinact) you were on had an opioid antagonist in it, it actually is used to counteract opioids..at certain doses it can reverse overdose, it blocks your body from absorbing opioids (which may be why you had to take such a high dose of oxy) some Drs think it helps prevent side effects, addiction & overdose...of course US & Canada are really different than UK(in some regards)Yes if your Oxy sustained release tablets are crushed or broken you will get the dose like immediate release(all at once) & it will only last about 6 hrs...120 you DONT want all at once, the main issue with opioids is at high doses they supress breathing...if its all you have, take no more than 1/4 of pill...you cannot just stop taking them, if you ever get yawning, runny nose, goosebumps, gut ache...those are early signs of withdrawl....but returning them & taking only whole pills is BEST thing to do....you dont have the gut protection in this oxy, so you will have constipation issues....I took oxynorm for a while but it made me so "out of it" as oxy has a more "buzz" effect on your body (that's why people use it illegally) it didn't work well for me, I wanted my pain fixed not to get high, to kill my pain the dose was high enough it made me whacked out, I had kids & then grandkids, so I was put on MSContin which is morphine vs oxy sustained release...some Dr's don't want you on morphine, but it is just another opioid, it's the DOSE that matters I take it every 8hrs so there's no need for breakthrough meds...you have more stable pain relief w/o feeling stoned, as morphine would make you sleepy at first(something you get used to)in higher doses vs brain fog & feelings of oxy...it maybe called RoxyContin or some other name in UK...I have been taking it for over 15yrs & only had one bump increase....a med called Miramax or PEG3350 really helps with constipation...so sorry!! YOU were short & sweet & I wrote a novel..Best Wishes...Hope you get proper pain fix, getting back to DOING more helps you mentally too..I have been there, if you want talk more I would do that💙

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