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Hi - I've been on 10 mg oxycodone sustained release tablet twice daily now for 10 weeks following surgery to repair a broken hip . . . I'm non weight bearing but was also due to have knee replacement surgery on the opposite knee the week after I broke my hip - the knee surgery obviously was cancelled.

My question is . . .  when the oxy isn't fully controlling the knee pain is it safe to take a 30 mg codiene tablet to boost the pain control.


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    My dear Susan.

    I'm very sorry that this isn't the answer you want but, the 10mg will no longer help your pain because your body has built up a tolerance to it & you need more of the same but, please don't, I'm not a fruitcake, or at least I wasn't. I was a very successful Operations Manager on over £50k per yr until I was struck down with a degenerative back Desease. Please see below:

    I know when in pain you will do absolutely anything to help with that pain.

    From my experience, I was put on Oxycodone (imediate release) of 20mg tablets.

    When that after a while didn't help, my GP at the time then put me on (Sustained Release) which was Oxycontin. To cut a very, very long story short, I ended up on close to 1500mgs per day!!! Enough to actually kill a few people plus a horse or 3 who were non opiate tolerant!!!

    As I said mine is a very very long story that I won't repeat as it's on here somewhere but, what you will definitely find is that, as your body gets used to the Oxycodone or Oxycontin, you will need to keep on upping the dose more & more & more until, you wake up one day & realise you will have a massive problem with it. It will be the last thing you think of before you go to sleep & the very first thing you think of as soon as you open your eyes!!!

    I don't know where you live Susan, I'm in the UK & this was & still is a massive problem in the USA.

    People robbed pharmacies for this drug, a whole generation was wiped out in the U.S state of Kentucky where they called this drug "Hillbilly Heroin"

    The manufacturers of this drug "Purdue Pharma " have, to date, been found a total of $645million!!!!

    As they claimed it was non addictive, it is 2.5 x the strength of morphine & heroin addicts switched on the streets to Oxy as it was cheaper, hence the nickname hillbilly heroin & legal Heroin.

    My advice to you is to get off this drug altogether before you are a statistic.

    I don't want to frighten you, honestly I don't, but this drug is wholly responsible for many thousands of deaths through overdose!!!

    I guess I am one of the lucky ones!!

    Even though my GP at the time prescribed me enough to actually kill me 6 times over, I was very lucky, but, it has honestly, totally destroyed my life.

    I had everything but now I have nothing and it's all down to this one very powerful drug!!!

    It messed with my brain, my head & my mind big time & I still haven't recovered from the effects of it!!!

    All of Purdue Pharma's sales reps were on annual bonuses of $250k for selling this to Drs saying 1 Pill eased pain for 24hrs & it's non addictive. A complete, total Joke!!!

    I said I wouldn't waffle on, for that I apologise but, Susan, please please, PLEASE, get off Oxycodone, Oxycodene & never ever go on Oxycontin. Eventually, it truly will totally, TOTALLY, DESTROY YOUR LIFE!!!!

    If you have any doubts at all to what I have said, then please Google "Oxycontin" & you will see it is all very true, that I am not a fruitcake, and that Purdue Pharma the manufacturers of this drug have the blood of very many thousands of poor, innocent American people on their hands.

    I'm just doing all I can to try to prevent the very same murders happening in the UK!!!

    Good luck & all the very very Best Susan

    Take Care

    Ritchie xxx

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      All these opiod painkillers some worse than others eventually lead you down the same path and unfortunately I have also found out the hard way, I have done withdrawal 4 times now and won't touch another opiod again, I'm just clear from palexia/tapentadol 300mg per day for 2 years, I look back now and can't believe how much of my life it robbed, I suffer chronic back and neck pain without meds now and it's no picnic, meds or no meds the pain comes back anyway once you build a tolerance but I would rather have my facilities.

      I had my annual MRI a month ago but 2 weeks ago something progressed in my lower back either where my fusion is l4/5 or my s1 disc, I'm waiting for an emergency MRI as I can barely walk, stand or sit and even lying here typing this I'm crying with the pain, my left leg has become increasingly numb with sciatica down both legs, I'm getting cold shiver like pins and needles flashing through my whole body, I am really scared of more surgery, it sucks😢

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      Your situation sounds so very similar to mine. I really do feel your pain quite literally.

      I have to sleep In a recliner chair now as if I sleep flat in a bed It wakes me in agony during the night & takes me an age to move.

      The Sciatica is horrible & almost unbearable.

      Take care

      Ritchie xx

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      Oh it certainly is, Iv took Celebrex and it's helped with sciatica but I was originally taken them for back stiffness, I know youve had enough of meds but maybe you could look into them just for when it gets really bad (will only take them when I'm about to hit the wall with my head😂wink

      It's awful to think other people are suffering as well, it wears you down.

      Most nights I dream pain and when I wake for a split second I think oh it was a dream...no wait it's real, there's just no escaping it, I probably will end up going mad😅

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    Hi everyone . . . in my heart of hearts I knew this, I've been taking it for 6 weeks nw but have been taking co-codamol for a long while prior, thanks for your input, no worries, I have no intention of staying on this once my hip is better - I think I was posting in a moment of desperation!   You've all been there I would imagine

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      That's great to hear, sometimes it can take years before you realise what mess these meds get us into, I wish you a speedy recovery and meds free in no time, keep us posted, I hope your feeling better soon xx

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      Just make sure you do it slowly that way any withdrawals should be minimal, if it gets tough where always here to help you through in any way we can, good luck with recovery and tapering, youl be back on your feet in no time😊

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      Hi Susan

      I really hope you feel better soon.

      Caroline is right what she says about how long it takes before realising you're in a mess.

      I tapered down, but when I got to 320mgs I just hit a brick wall & couldn't drop anymore. I was doing so very well till I got to that point, then I was suicidal. But, I was on a really massive amount, at least you haven't been on it that long & your dose isn't too high so, it should be better for you But, as Carline says, even at that dose, please take your time when tapering. Don't be rushed into dropping it too much. Just take your time & take it slowly & you will be fine.

      Good luck

      Ritchie xx

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      Thank you for sharing Ritchie2168 - I really hope you will stay well.   I will take it slowly and I'm already monitoring my pain levels and resisting the temptation to take anything other than the 10 mg and paracetemol.  Bless you and thank you.

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    I hope you stooped the oxy.

    It's a drug you will just increase more and more and even after a few days your pretty much hooked ..

    I see your okay was 3 month's ago

    Please update and let me no how you are getting on . And if I can help with some advice I will..

    Take care .

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