Pain 5 years after Gallbladder removal! Worried its something more serious!

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So I am now a 26 year old female.

Back in 2012 when I was 21 I had my gallbladder removed as I was experiencing agonising pain.

They removed the gallbladder. 2 weeks later I ended up back in hospital as I had the same symptoms.. they removed 2 stones from the bile duct by endoscopy. While doing this they irritated my pancreas and I ended up with acute pancreatitis. I was discharged after 2 weeks of being in hosp on antibiotics galore.

I suffered from really soft stools and depending on what foods I ate I had to run to the loo but I got used to this.

In July 2017 I attended my local A&E in agony with back pain in my right side and going down into the right side of my back and a burning sensation in my chest like acid. They told me it was indigestion and I had to attend my GP if no better. My GP prescribed omepresole (cant spell) anti sickness and dihydracodine.

About 3 weeks ago I started feeling back pain again in right side and went to hospital where I found out I was pregnant. The hospital dismissed my problems for pregnancy symptoms.

Since 3 weeks ago I have felt tender on the right side like the bruising feeling after a gallbladder attack. Burning feeling going right up the middle of my chest and my back is agony on the right side. Also everytime I eat I feel like I need to be sick.

Went to my GP today she has arranged an emergency scan and bloods to be done to check my liver and pancreas function.

I googled it and it comes up all sorts. I have a 7 year old daughter and a baby on the way. I am worried it is something more serious and I might not be around to see the kids grow up. Anyone else had these issues?

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    Sometimes bile fluid after gallbladder surgery can lead into the abdomen area following gallbladder surgery. Many people feel malaise, fatigue, nausea. I would get several different opinions from different Doctor's, including a surgeon and specialist. They may have also hit part of your intestine while performing the surgery and it never properly healed. Write down in a journal all your symptoms and show it to a specialist. I hope you feel better soon.

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    Gallbladder surgery can cause complications such as continued pain, acid and diarrhoea.  The diarrhoea can be a result of Bile acid malabsorption  This can be treated. However, I don't know whether they would do a SECHAT scan to detect this since you are pregnant.  Being pregnant may heightening your possible gallbladder complications.  Wanting to be sick after eating may be pregnancy sickness  as well. Try avoiding fatty, rich and spicy foods.  You shouldn't have to get used to running to the loo with loose stools all the time.  .

    Post gallbladder removal complications are not uncommon and can be dealt with. Try not to worry.

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    I am so worried I have googled Pancreatic Cancer and I have all the symptoms apart from the Jaundice and Weight loss!

    I have my mum worried aswell I've told her I know I have it. I am so scared right now.

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      Google can not diagnose you correctly.  Go back to your doctor and ask for more tests.  Your doctor is the only one who can give you answers.   I thought I had pancreatic cancer because I googled it and terrified myself. I was diagnosed with IBS.
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    So. I had blood done last monday and I had my scan on thursday.

    The sonographer told me my pancreas (the parts she could see) looked fine. A bit confused as to why she couldn't see it all but I'm not a doctor.

    Also told me to book an app with the doctor for the results.

    The pain is still there to the point I cant lie on my stomach or right hand side now and I'm worrying again so having constant pale runny stools.

    I had scans before on my neck to check my thyroid and the sonographer never told me to book an appointment with my doctor 😑

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      When you have a scan, it is normal to have a follow up appointment with your doctor to discuss your results.  I had to have a follow up appointment with my doctor after my ultrasound, so don't worry. Anxiety can cause loose stools.  If I worry, it triggers my IBS and can give me severe diarrhoea.

      My pancreas could not be seen either on ultrasound which I have heard is normal.  My results came out unremsrkable because she couldn't see everything.  Bowel gas was given as the reason and I was also told my bowel was in the way.  No conclusions at all were drawn as to the bowel gas.  But I do wonder if the gas was a sign of my IBS which took so long to disgnose.

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    I had my gallbladder removed 1 year ago and ended up back in hospital 2 weeks after with the exact pains I had before surgery but x100! 

    They couldn’t figure out the problem and was sent home with lanzoprazole.

    The same thing happened again a few weeks later and after another few days in hospital I was sent home with Omezrapole.

    I now get the pain every morning around 4-5am and they still can’t figure out what is causing it. The only thing that slightly helps is the medications questran as it binds the bile acids in my stomach. I haven’t had a full nights sleep in a year now because of the pain. I was in less pain before surgery. I wish I hadn’t had it done. 

    After going back and forth to see the surgeon who performed the surgery and being fobbed off with stomach acid medication, I went to my GP to discuss my problem and they did blood tests (all fine) and he has scheduled me in for a stomach and pelvis ultrasound and also a transvaginal ultrasound. I’m hoping I’m now on my way to figuring out what the problem is.

    Keep pushing your GP for tests as there are a fair few things that could be causing pain (none of which are as bad as you’re probably thinking, as I have previously). 

    I hope you start getting answers soon. 

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      Hi. I had my ultrasound. They told me my pancreas looks fine.. I have a fatty liver but it shouldnt be causing me pain. She scheduled me in to see my surgeon on 16th January but told me they wont do anything as cant do a CT or an MRI while I'm pregnant. All bloods have came back fine aswell.

      Over the past week the pain has got worse again and I'm trying not to think the worst as I'm now nearly 19 weeks pregnant but all I can think about is something more serious. The sonographer also told me while doing my abdominal ultrasound that some things wont show up e.g. ulcers and hernias.

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      An endoscopy would show up ulcers and hiatus hernias.  If you had an abdominal hernia you would be able to see it and feel it youself because they protrude.  However, I suspect they will put this procedure on hold too while you are pregnant.  Try not to worry because anxiety will make your pain worse.
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    I've had my gallbladder out a long time ago but get pain in the area front and back for many years. Nothing shows up on any tests but the pain is unbearable. I have a fatty liver also. I'm thinking it can either be scar tissue or the fatty liver. I take something for pain and alternate between ice and heat. It seems to work. Maybe that can be what is going on with you. I'm supposed to have a liver scan for my fatty liver and see a liver specialist. If I find out something that can explain the pain I will let you know. Congratulations on the baby.

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      Gallbladder removal,can disturb abdominal nerves and cause neuralgia. Abdominal nerves are very sensitive.
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    Is there a UK English solicitor who would consider investigation into the clips used being the cause of pain discomfort, vomiting etc The clips I believe are the cause of many issues post removal and many people are suffering severe detrimental health issues over decades.

    Mirrizzi syndrome



    Bile duct disease

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