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Hey guys I've had ulcerative colitis for the past 2.5 years and I've had many flare ups, but I've never felt pain with them just urgency, blood, mucous and everything else. But for the past week I've had a little bit of pain in the right side of the abdomen but only when moving etc, and last night I had a really bad attack of pain, like a stabbing pain all over my stomach which had gone down in 2 hours and now only hurts on touch. Has anyone else experienced this? Can you guys describe the kind of pains you get with Ulcerative Colitis?

Thanks all on advance hope youre well xx

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    I have suffered 5 years plus with UC. Sometimes the pain I suffer can be indescribable but I blame that mostly on meds! Lower back, abdomen and left side of stomach mostly. Some meds affect the joints too and pain in those areas is different. Altogether a hellish disease. I hope u r able to manage ur condition well but I advise you to talk to a specialist re your pain! Good luck!
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      Hi thanks for the reply I do get those pains too but I learn to ignore those and they aren't there all the time. This pain was just surreal and moved from right side of abdomen to all over the whole abdomen to then nothing. I went to A&E because it scared me so much but they weren't able to say what it was blood and urine results were clear x

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    Hi Millmix,

       First off, this is not spam...always willing to help another Ucer help. Have you ever been in remission? Also, about how many Bowel movements a day...typically when flared? Well first off, congrats on fighting UC for 2.5 years, not that it is a badge of honor, but it is a tough illness. Ok, so of course I have my degree is science and continuing my education, and just covered Crohns disease at the microscopic level....I also battled U.C. So, since I am not yet a practioner nor claim to be, I can comment from experience and education. Typically UC you will have right sided pain or left, typically right sided. So, when I had UC, I would get a slight right side, such as yourself. I never got entire stomach pain, even with going 5-8x a day. Now, things like bowel obstruction...which is darn hard to dx with UC because, technically you can be obstructed/blockage and only liquid stool passes, the stomach might bloat up or have a full feeling. Problem? People with UC, these are already common symptoms. So only on a CT can provide that answer, x-rays are useless. However, yes people have experienced pain all over. The thing is when you say stomach, is it really intestine? I am assuming it is. That's the other part when superficially( on the surface, like from our eye point of few, or touching something ) trying to evaluate ourselves. So to answer your question, yes people report sharp pain. Yes, it can certainly be one sided( typically is ), and yes it can be all over the Colon, or stomach region for better purpose of a term. Also you said when you lie down you have the pain....are you passing stool? When you lay down, everything like to go up and push back in. Example, many acid reflux people report when laying down, boom heart burn, or acid reflux to the point they cannot sleep, so they have to sleep with their head up....our body does strange things, even in restful positions. I take that back, I did have sharp pain once. 

           The pains I got were right sided, and it put me in a position where I would go into a sorta fetal position, that helped...remember what I said about acid reflux sufferers, sometimes changing position, i.e not laying down completely flast helps. Also, what has worked in salt baths, that are warm. Also, an on point diet. 

    So I answered your questions. My opinion advise. You claimed you never had this before, no pain, just urgency, blood, and mucous- which all just occured in the last week, beyond a few days, which means it may not be accute. My opinion is this, if your symptoms worsen or do not go away, because they are new symptoms, go make an appointment with a gastenterologist. I say this because these are new symptoms, which some are becoming chronic, like your right sided pain. I am not trying to scare you, because people do have these symptoms. I did too. However, in your case, since they are new, and the right sides pain may not be don't want to wait until it turns chronic. 

             Understand the colon has many areas. Most are afflicted in the rectum and sigmoid part of the colon- the part of the colon, right after the rectum. What I am trying to say UC can attact other parts of the colon. Ex. If you only had UC in the rectum and sigmiod, but now it might have temporarily went somewhere else, it may cause symptoms in that region. Now do you see what I am saying? UC is just an umbrella term, but there are dxs underneath it, like Pan Colitis, which means entire colon. So I hope I helped answer your question. 

          Also our mucous Membranes have what is called,  Epithelial tissue. Our mucous membranes help with our ability to digest food etc, It can be used as what is deemed a physical Barrier, using it to block pathogens. In a normal person that is an unhealthy, if our defense mechanism is used against us, inflammation can happen. Defensins a group of molecules , which found in the large intestine, help defend the attachment and attack pathogens. If we have a reduction in these, it can predispose someone to UC. - Just a nerdy easier way of explaining things.

          My opinion advice, is to go to your doctor, as your symptoms can mirror many problems, most likely it is just UC. However, being that U.C mimics so many other problems....if your in pain, and it is new, and it has lasted over a week, becoming chronic.....then MO see a doctor. Not to scare you, as these can be, and most likely are UC. However, again for reasons above, the main part is, this is new for you in 2.5 years. This is not meant to scare you in anyway. Feel free to look me up, and will talk anytime. 

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      Thank you for your very detailed reply. In answer to some of your questions, I have been on and off remission for the 2 years but I haven't had a flare recently my last flare was 5 months ago, I've been very lucky and going to the bathroom 1-2 times a day with a formed stool. No blood no anything. Just a noisy belly really.

      So right side of abdomen pains can occur? I thought it was mainly the left but I do have pancolotis so I guess it's possible. I have an appointment with my gastro in 2 weeks but I did go to a&e last night as the pain just really really scared me. And it was so sharp that I thought it would be my appendix or something scary like that. Because I've never felt any pains like that before I just didn't think it could be UC

      Thanks a lot for your insight 😊

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      Sorry I don't think I've made it clear, I've been in remission for 5 months. And I'm still in remission but these pains happened without any changes on bowel movement like blood mucous, diarrhoea etc. That's why I went straight to a&he because I didn't think it would be UC related. That's why I wanted to get a description of pains people may get 😊

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      As you are fellow suffer and have medical knowledge of uc I have left sided uc just over 12 months have had 2 colomosy but both hurt so much they never got round the first bend am on prednisolone 30mg ascol and Azathioprine have tried remicade and now on entyvio just had my 6th infusion but still having bleeding and relapsing after about 6 weeks my consultant wants to see me again to discuss treatment only had appointment 2 week ago scared that he will be on about surgery again which I really do not want or feel is needed at present anyway what I wanted to ask do you have any info or thoughts on xy123 stelara for uc

      Thanks in advance

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