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nattleskat nattleskat

Pain after progress

Hi all. I am 30yo woman that's been struggling with bilateral PF for about a year. After changing shoes didn't help, I finally started seeing a podiatrist about two and a half months ago. The first round of steroid injections helped, but two and three didn't make a difference. Been wearing the night splint on the more painful foot for a while and haven't noticed a difference with that. Started physical therapy about six weeks ago and started feeling better for about a week, so my PT exercises were progressed (about one week ago). The last few days were suddenly excruciating. I can't walk without sharp shooting pain- worse than before. I feel so hopeless about this right now because I wanted to avoid surgery or the shock wave therapy due to cost. Have you all ever noticed pain after changing a PT regimen? What more can I do besides wear supportive and comfortable shoes, use anti-inflammatory daily, night splint, ice, and physical therapy?

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  • JerryR JerryR nattleskat

    Hi Nattleskat.  I am a retired physician and plantar fasciitis patient.  I got plantar fasciitis around February 2016.  After about four months, it completely resolved. 

    Here's what I think.  Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the attachment of the plantar fascia to the heel bone, and/or some minimal tearing of the plantar fascia - just a few fibers - that results, naturally, in inflammation . . .   like a "pulled muscle."   Inflammation hurts until it heals and resolves.  So what's so difficult about curing P.F.?  Well we walk on it!!!  Let's say we take 5000 steps a day.  Imagine inflammation of your elbow, (i.e. tennis elbow).  Imagine taking your sore "tennis elbow" and wacking it against the wall, 5000 times a day.  Think it would heal quickly?  I don't either.

    So my cure for plantar fasciitis is cushion, cushion and cushion!!!  That's right - cushion the heel.  Here's what I did.  First, I wore the plantar fasciitis "relief bridge" gel-heel innersole in my shoes - that I got at Walgreen's for about $11.  (I plan to use them indefinitely in my shoes.)  Then I wear a pair (usually) of nice thickish sox.  On my heel I wore fasciitis therapy wrap padded supports that I got on the internet for about $13.  (I don't wear them any more.)  So when I had my PF, under my heels I had 3 cushion layers.  I wore this about 24 hours a day - except when in the shower or swimming.  And after about 4 months, the PF was totally gone.  I would suggest to you, have patience, not surgery.

    Nattleskat, that's what I think.  I hope this helps you and the many other sufferers of plantar fasciitis.  Good Luck to you, doknabox/JerryR

    • jean52798 jean52798 JerryR

      My daughter has been suffering with planta fasciitis for about 6 months and it has got worse in the last 3 months, she had steroid injections, but that hasn't helped, can't get to see the consultant at the hospital until the middle of April. She was given anti inflammatory tablets but still no relief. She has heel pads to wear trying to cushion the foot, now she is complaining of her knees hurting. I will pass your information on to her. 

  • lesley37942 lesley37942 nattleskat

    Hi there I'm going through exactly the same as you I've been having physio now for weeks and acupuncture. I brought expensive orthotics had strong medication and I'm still suffering. I'm currently wearing Birkenstocks with a slight relief of the pain. How are u doing now ? 

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