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hello, for two years now, i have been having terrile pain in my chest, back, arms, and just all in that area whenever i eat. I am 15 now almost 16. I used to have gerd problems when i was around 12, and i took zantac. THe zantac helped a lot, but now no medicine helps at all, i dont know why. Im not sure if its anxiety, because its seems relative to my previous gas problems. I have been to many different doctors and had many different procedure done (barium swallow, chest x-ray, abdominal ultrasound, and some others  forgot the name of it. So i dont know what to do from here?

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    Hello Ashley,

    So sorry that you too are a sufferer of these kinds of problems, which sound like gerd-related. I don't know if you've ever been given advice on how or what to eat to try to lessen the problem, but in case it may help you I will give you the measures that help me with my gastritis-related troubles. Hopefully you will benefit to some degree in time if you try them.

    Several small or medium meals per day (I have seven, one every two hours or so), rather than fewer bigger ones, so you don't overfill your stomach and worsen things. Eat relaxed, chew well. Be sat upright for and after meals, so you don't squash your stomach and press its contents upwards.

    You might find some foods are ok or bad with you compared to other people, so it's a matter of experimentation, but fried foods, high-fat foods, high-salt foods, carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, smoking can all impact on stomach and reflux troubles. Spicy and hot foods can also hurt some people. Minty foods relax the lower eosophageal muscle, which can allow acid to come up easier, so they are bad. I use a fruity toothpaste.

    Wholewheat bread, cereals, bananas, hardboiled eggs are a few of the foods that suit me, but there are pulses, rice, various beans (not kidney beans apparently) and many other things you can try. Chicken is one of the best meats to try due to its lower fat content, though even that can hit me and isn't eaten presently.

    Stress and excercise that affect the stomach are also to be avoided. Be as calm and stress-free as you can, though I know anxiety can be difficult to master.

    Having your last meal a few hours before bed can prevent or lessen reflux at night, but I found that waiting to be too empty caused hunger discomfort and kept me awake. Because of this I lie-down about an hour and a half to two hours after last meal, and this is much better. I lie raised a bit on three pillows, on my right side, which is best for me, but maybe not for everyone.

    Another thing that helps me greatly is to not burp after ten minutes after eating, as this can bring acid up and cause heartburn.

    Improvement can take time, so it takes patience to get a dietary routine that suits you. You will find other posts on this site that might help you too, but we are all different, so trial and error will be likely. Best wishes to you.

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      thank you for replying. it doesnt matter what i eat it always is bad (but is especially bad with greasy or fatty foods). I dont know what to do about it because no medicine helps, and my whole family says its just anxiety. I have been exercising and i just started taking anxiety med but i dont know if its helping.

      this happened about 2 years ago, i woke up with a different kind of chest pain than last time. I went to the pediatrician and they gave me some more zantac and that didnt help so they tried other meds for acid reflux but they dont help at all. So then the doctor thought it was my heart and sent me to get an ekg, and that was normal. So then i went to a GI specialist and they gave me more medicine. I took so many different tests (barium swallow, chest x-ray, ultrasound, and i forgot the others). So then the doc said if the medicine isn't working, its probably  not GERD and said it could be psycological. If it is psycological i really dont know how to stop it because i cant do anything about it. SO after that i moved to Florida and still had the same problems but not as bad as before. So i moved back home and went to public school (i have been at a charter school my whole life so public school was new to me) and had a panick attack for like six hours straight for five days and that really made me feel a lot worse than i ever had. So now i realize that the public school gave me that anxiety cuz i've never had a panick attack anywhere else. So it obvioulsy made everything worse. So now im goin back to the doc next week. 

      So right now its still painful to swallow, and sometimes i feel nauseos or my back hurts after eating. and recently whenever i eat i feel like im going to choke on my food cuz it feels weird and it feels weird after i eat too. 

      so yah...

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    Hi Ashley

    As you have not mentioned the type of food that you eat I can only add that you take notice of the comments from Paul38620. Certainly I have found relief from being extra careful to keep away from food/drink that sets it off for me, also, and very important, try and stay as calm as possible, as anxiety and needless worrying is enough to give you problems.

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    Hi Ashley,

    It's very sad you are suffering this way at such a young age. Knowing anxiety and stress issues well myself, including social anxiety from boyhood, it can affect your stomach badly, especially if you have a panic attack, for it is the fight or flight response to things that scare us, are painful or a danger. And if you can't fight or run away, then the horrible feeling and effects of it can persist. The stomach is not meant to work in the normal way during flight or flight, and that's why a person can feel sick, just as when a person feels sick with nerves, which, again, is fight or flight. So it does sound like your anxiety might be playing a major part in this, though not necessarily be the whole cause, for stomach troubles can also cause sickness and throat issues.

    Last year was the worst of my life for personal reasons, and the stress and so on of all that made my gastritis stomach troubles worse until matters were settled late in the year. Stress really is not good for us.

    I would suggest you ask if you can have some time with a counsellor. They should advise you about anxiety management, things to try to settle your mind along with or instead of the meds you're having, and maybe you will have things that you could talk to them about that you can't with your family? Your moving to and from Florida must have been quite an upheaval at your age? Maybe you were unhappy about it? You get what I mean.

    Difficulty swallowing is a common anxiety symptom, and the fact an anxious person has that difficulty makes them even more anxious, like a vicious circle! They can worry that something physical is wrong with them, and when that illness can't be found they feel, just like you, stuck in an even more anxious state.

    You can also read about anxiety management online if you Google anxiety and panic attacks, but it would be good if your doctor and maybe a specialist could help you too. Just be honest with your doc. Tell them about your awful six-day panic through the new school. The more info you give the better the source of your problems might be found.

    Whatever the case, do try all ways to be relaxed and calm, and know that you can post here anytime with further queries, or to say how things are going for you.



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