Pain, diarrhea and vomiting for 2 years. No diagnosis

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Hi everyone! Im brand new here. Ive been looking around forums and I cant quite find someone who has all the symptoms as I do. 

Im 24 and female with no major medical problems.

Begining in May 2013 I started to feel nauseas everytime I ate anything at all. I began throwing up at least 4-5 times a week. Ive always had a sensitive stomach and Ive always had a problem with having diarrhea (at least 3 days out of the week for the last 5 years or so) 

Since this started Ive had a deep pain in my abdomen under my right rib, closer to the pit of my stomach. It is always there. Either just a dull pain or a very shart deep pain. The pain gets absolutely terrible to the point where I am just moaning in pain in bed. Episodes like this last at least 12 hours and can go up to 3 days. During this time I am usally throwing up as well. 

I throw up at least 3x a week. It doesnt matter what I eat or when I eat. (Although I do know fatty foods upset my stomach) 

I have had an ultrasound, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy and every blood test, stool test, urine test out there. Everything comes back clear. 

Not celiac, not chrons. 

All of the doctors believe it is just IBS but I dont think I am sold. I also have anxiety and depression but that is under control.

If it was IBS would I be able to pinpoint exactly where the pain is coming from? Has anyone else experienced such things?

Thank you. Any info will help 

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    Hi Juliannarose,

    Sorry to hear that, although you should feel less worried that all test came negative. I've been having diarrhea almost 2-3times a week. 3bm or more per day of diarrhea attacks, with cramps that gets relieve by bowel movements, but no vomitting.

    I haven't had a good stool consistency of bm like a log size thing. Always very soft small pieces of stool. Thinner than a good size normal stool. How bout yours? Does your stool always loose and watery? And do you experience diarrhea or abdominal pain that wakes you up in the middle of the night?

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    Hello Juliannarose,

     I have come across a remedy for the diahrea you may be experiencing. My sister in Vancouver, after coming off a cruise developed severe diahrea. She was on the cruise with my father. She told me that my Dad may have some Bentonite Clay pills left over from the cruise... and he did. I tried them and they alleviated my diahrea immediately. When I called her back she said she could make some pills and send them to me in the mail. They have been a blessing. You see, I drink a lot of coffee which acts as a laxative. Now when I have a coffee I take a Bentonite Clay pill. No more diahrea. To make a long story short, I am now making my own pills using a gizmo that lets me fill empty capsules with Bentonite Clay powder. I'm set for life now. No more diahrea problems.

     I can't say anything about your other symptoms but with these new pills I can eat almost anything without bowel problems.

     Good luck in the future with your other symtoms.

     Mike o/a mjmdesk

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    Hi - my 13 year old daughter has had very similar symptoms for approx 4 years. She has had all the same tests and all negative. She did however have a ph study recently and it is possible her stomach is producing too much acid which could account for the vomiting and stomach pain apparently ? She takes lansoperazole daily (45mg) which does seem to help, 
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    Hello juliannarose. Sorry you're feeling so poorly. I know it sounds very mundane, but after a really bad food poisoning bug last year which led to long term tummy issues- pain, occasional vomiting, indigestion, diarrhea, I have found that ginger and lemon tea has solved my problems. Just the regular sort from the supermarket- but it has had miraculous effects. I wish you luck, and hope you find something to make you feel better. x
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    Weirdest thing, the specialist came back & said it looked like I may have CD & explained what that might mean for me, going into detail abt gluten & how cross-contamination would be my biggest threat. Still groggy from the procedure, I ate the juice & cracker they gave me & as I was contemplating what the Dr said, I got the most horrendous pains in my stomach area. The endoscopy was a breeze & pain-free but it was the cracker that killed me ( I suppose from the biopsies) smile
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      Hi Jeff, here in theStates, the norm is blood test first but my Drs over the course of 35+ yrs never put 2+2 together. They wanted to treat every symptom & failed to look past them to see the bigger picture. IBS, lactose Intolerance, GERD & I was falsely diagnosed w an ulcer once (I figured that one out on my own when the Dr said "never let your stomach stay empty. If your in a situation that you can't eat, sneak some saltines. Guess what?! That hurt like the dickens! Pure gluten). Unfortunately, I had never even heard of CD & didn't really know the full meaning of gluten (I thought it was wheat). Well, In Feb 2013, I caught a bad virus that seemingly wouldn't go away (common mistake... Thinking the ongoing torture is a stomach virus).  Everything hurt when I ate it & my stomach area & mid section under my bottom rib was experiencing sharp pains off & on. Gas pain that radiated into my upper left chest & shoulder, jaw & sometimes arm, mimicking a heart attack, loose, fatty, foul stools. Very very tired. Difficulty focusing. Irritable, depressed. I even had chronic hives!

      my symptoms were always different over the yrs. CD tends to manifest in many forms & can lie dormant for a season then BOOM you get hit again out of the blue. I will say that trauma, sickness, stress or surgery will more than likely awaken the sleeping beast & bring on a full blown attack. I had over 50 symptoms ranging fr digestive to sinus to migraines to heart palpitations to joint pain to back problems to skin disorders to infertility issues. Since going on a strict gf diet, all this are gone with the exception of silent reflux, Spondylolisthesis & Arthritis. I really didn't know what "normal" felt like! 

      If the Drs had been doing their jobs, the normal procedure is... Blood work 1st, endoscopy w duodenum biopsies 2nd but you will have to really have to be proactive for this to happen. I know many a person who took the blood work & it came back neg the 1st time. It's a tricky disorder. Also, the Drs have no incentive to diagnose a disease where there's no medical prescription.... Nothing in it for them. That's why the patient needs to be proactive.

      hope this helps!

      Live long & prosper smile

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    After 6 years of suffering pain and chronic diarrhea

    they find wheat sensitivity by special test of saliva and blood

    at CYREX Lab.

    My son carreid out 7 endoscopies with teenths biopsies revealed no

    any wheat allergy .

    so do this test through specific nutrition doctors whom deal with this lab.

    My pray for healing to you and all sick people

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    Try moderate fluid intake immediately before and after meals. Never drink and eat. I found I was much more prone to vomiting when fluids were added. I eat small portions, and feel very full, very quickly.

    My symptoms have presented for over 3 years, but now Adee mainly in the morning or early afternoon. Its been over 3 years.

    Stress was/is a major factor.

    Good luck,


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