Pain during bowel movements

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Im just 21 years old girl. Already one month i feel pain during bowel movements.

This pain feel it during 2-5 minutes.

I already check with 2 doctor.

The first said that i got fissure anal and the second said that i got internal hemorrhoids. I just got confused i already used that all doctor medicine but still during pain. Anyone have same condition?

I just got stress everyday to think about it.

Thanks for the reply.

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    Hey Sherly,

    Just based off of personal experience, if you are feeling slight pain for a few minutes rather than unimaginable pain for a few hours after having a BM, then you probably do not have an anal fissure, or a bad one at least.......

    You probably have hemmroids which are still uncomfortable and not as painful. I would recommend taking Sitz bath, eating fiber (with lots of water, but do not take too much fiber as that could cause more damage), and using a seat cushion if it is painful.

    Is there any blood?



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      Haiii mmarcus151910,

      Thanks for your respond,

      I just got confused two doctor said different things.

      One month ago on october was first bleeding only 3 days, After that 3 days no more bleeding. And until now is still in pain 2 - 5 Minutes. Then is normal again, not have pain anymore.

      And tomorrow when bowel movements, like that again and again.

      I already use any cream that doctor suggestion.

      Thanks for your suggestion taking sitz bath, doctor said so.

      I will try it.


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      If there is bleeding it could mean you  have a fissure, but if you are only hurting for a few minutes afterward you probably have a very small one. If it really hurts, you could try applying some coconut oil to the area or some Calmoseptine cream which can be bought at a local drug store. Calmoseptine contains zinc oxide and menthol which will soothe the area. I would also recommend the squatting position when you poop as when you squat you are exerting less pressure to poop, which could agravate a hemmroid if you did have one.

      Good Luck!


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      Dear mmarcus151910,

      Really hurt? I think no, because its only few minutes feel the pain. And the pain its smarting like that.

      I ever got hemorrhoids 5 years ago, and often come back with bleeding. But its only 5 days and after that its gone nothing pain or smarting anymore and can be back again like that.

      But this time, its already approximately 40 days. Since end of october.

      I afraid that i got fissure, because i read in internet that cant be healed.

      And i checked two doctor, the other doctor said so, i need surgery.

      I always think about that, i only 21 girl, if surgery it can be poop anytime. Because dont have klep anymore.

      And today, when i use a cream, i realize that i touch or feel it that in my anus top side have a piles, but not a piles, its like something texture. And if i press it, i feel pain.

      Are you ever got fissure? How the symptoms? I really afraid that i cant be healed. Hiks.

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      I did have a ffissure before...Mine was a chronic fissure, and I had to have the surgery...The worst side effect I have from it currently,  which really is much of a side effect at all, is that it is hard sometimes to hold in farts...but that is about it. With my fissure, I felt excruciating pain so much that I  could not do anything else besides lie in bed after I pooped. So, thats why I was thinking you didnt have one...But if you do, you probably have a small one and if your doctor thinks you should have the surgery I say go for it, but I might go  to one  more doctor to get another opinion about if you need the surgery.

      Message me back if  you have any questions... also here are some tips in general:

      My name is Myles and over the past summer I had a very bad anal fissure that was causing me enormous amounts of pain everytime I went to the bathroom. I wanted to put this post out there for anyone currrently suffering with an anal fissure because I know how bad they can be. For anyone who is currently suffering, you have my total admiration and respect because I know how hard it is waking up every day knowing that that day will bring pain. Anal fissures are very tough because it is not like a human cannot poop.

      Anyways, to go into a little detail about what I went through, the pain from the anal fissure was so bad that I had to bite on a washcloth in order to prevent me from tightening any of my other muscles in my body that would cause me to go through more pain. I could not exercise, thinking that I would agravate it, and was scared to get constipated out of my life.

      After about 40 days of dealing with the intense pain, I decided to get the anal surgery (sphinctoronomy) done. This was the  best decision of  my  life. After surgery, it took me a good two  weeks to poop with no pain, which was incredible. The first few days after surgery were very tough and the first time I went poop after surgery I almost wanted to throw up. 

      So, if your anal fissure sounds like it was as bad as mine, I would definately go for the  surgery. The percentage of people who suffer bad things from the surgery is very small.

      Some things I tried before I got the surgery were:

      Diltazem Cream (which I do not think  helped that much)

      Fiber (but do  not take too much as a poop that is too watery can actually cause more pain as a watery poop is  very acidic)

      ******Pooping in a different position- I want to emphasize this point greatly. Instead of pooping sitting down on the toilet, I tried squatting by putting my feet on the rim of the toilet and by squatting so my stomach was touching the front of the top of  my legs. This position helped  me tremendously and ever since my fissure I have always pooped in this position.

      Calmoseptine Cream- This cream contains menthol that numbs the area. This cream also prevents sweat form accumulating in a particular area. 

      I really hope that this advice helps and please do  not give  up on  your battle to survive your fissure. YOU will survive it whether by waiting it our or by getting the  srgery.


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