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Hi all, I have GERD and IBS and have taken esomeprazole for 15+ years. Needed to stop about 18 months ago to have a HPylori test, which was negative, did not go back on them properly as I wanted to wean myself off them, was ok until about 6 months ago when acid, stomach pain etc returned, back on PPI but am concerned about hoarse voice, sore throat the pain goes all the way down to where the upside down V area is below ribs, epigastric area I think they call it and when you press in that area the burning stinging pain is horrendous. It is not bad every day but comes for a few days and then calms down, recently I have started to feel nauseous, but not sick, have a bad taste in my mouth and my tongue is really coated, food especially bread gets stuck and I constantly feel the need to burp as they sort of stick in my throat, sometimes even water sort of sits in my throat like a bubble.

Have seen GP 3 times now in last couple of months, changed PPI, upped PPI, pressed and prodded everywhere and I finally have asked for another endoscopy as last one was 5 years ago. I had hoped that GP would have put some element of urgency on the request but it is 5 weeks away and today I am really struggling, the pain down centre of chest is awful. Because I have not been sick, not bringing up food nor lost weight GP not that concerned, I know 100% that no all cancers make you sick or loose weight so that should not be the deciding factor. but it has been. I am really concerned that I have some sort of throat or stomach cancer, which I think we all worry about and I am fed up with sounding like a smoker with a hoarse sore voice and chest area.

Anyone with anything similar with a positive outcome please, I am 60 female, never smoked, drink 2/3 days per week and them only 1 or 2 glasses at most, I am a bit overweight but diet good on the whole but this is causing me a lot of anxiety.

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    Would suggest that you get a quicker opinion at a hospital E/R where they have the equipment that independent general practitioners don't have and can give you prompt treatment.

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      Did think about that but as I have had it for a while A&E would just refer me as it is not an emergency. I have taken some gaviscon and it has calmed down a bit. I am thinking if it was cancer I doubt it would come and go but just getting over anxious. I will ring and see if I can get a cancellation appointment as this may be a quicker way of getting it done

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      Unfortunately not sure I would get anywhere as would not be considered an emergency, this has been going on a while and they usually only see you in A&E if something new but will see if I can get a quicker appointment. Thanks

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    GERD can cause the symptoms you describe. I can often cough my throat hoarse and sore with GERD and my chest can be sore to the touch as well as feeling sore. IBS can cause GERD too. Try a food diary to see if a food is causing it. Try to relax and listen to your doctor who would only give you an urgent appointment if he felt your symptoms warranted it. He obviously doesn't think there is any need for concern so neither should you feel concerned. Your doctor is the expert. Worry will worsen GERD. The other condition you may have is gastritis which can be treated.

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      Hi, my chest is also sore to touch, the skin stings and is painful when I press the area, my chest feels like I have just got over a chest infection if you know what I mean. I had to ask for an endoscopy GP didn't offer which is worrying but also perhaps good in that he thinks it's all just acid related. I am a worrier and as this comes and goes hopefully nothing sinister will be found. Would you mind saying how you cope with yours, are you on PPI and have you had an endoscopy to rule out problems. My last one was 5 years ago when my acid was raging but they found nothing which was frustrating 😳

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      I just take over the counter antacids or milk. I used to take PPIs which worked but being doctor phobic, I decided I couldn't keep going through the stress of going back and forth to my doctor for prescriptions so I stopped them. I had an endoscopy years ago which found nothing and made me very ill. I am hyper sensitive to all forms of sedation which cause me depression or vomiting. I was convinced I had an ulcer when it was only acid reflux.. All the doctor could suggest was a weak oesophageal sphincter. Extremely fatty and spicy foods aggravate the acid and some fats make me vomit.

      Exam stress started the reflux off and three years ago another long bout of stress triggered IBS. I find I get reflux randomly but my IBS flares when stressed. I try to avoid stress and this keeps my IBS at bay.

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      I must admit I am sick of going to GP just to be told its acid, but having had GERD for 15 plus years I know unfortunately that something has changed, not necessarily meaning its sinister just different. I hate endoscopies but feel that if I don't have it done I will always be anxious about that is going on so will get it looked into. If I didn't have a daily sore throat which when you look down shows nothing I would be less worried. Thanks for your replies and take care

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    My theory is that your stomach has lost its ability to form a protective shield against acid because of ppi use or other cause. Either that or you had gastritis that has not healed. Try Mastic Gum and Psyllium husk and see if these help with the pain and acidity.

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