Pain in back and heartburn after eating

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I need advice because i'm getting worried. I've had this for about 5/6 months now on and off. About 1-2 hours after eating, i start to get a pain across my back and it's so uncomfortable, alongwith sometimes a pain in my side or between ribs. I also sometimes get heartburn with it but not always. When i burp, bits of my food come up in my throat. I got a blood test which ruled out Helicobacter and whatever else they can tell from a blood test. Omeprazole worked for me for about 1 month then stopped working. Gaviscon works for the heartburn but not the sore back and ribs. I've went to sleep before with the symptoms and woke up during the night because the pain and ive had to make myself sick to take the pain away, as if getting rid of the food thats sitting there takes the pain away. Its almost as if my food isnt going down properly or isnt digesting at all sometimes. I really dont know what to do anymore, i need advice...

I would like to add (because i have been asked these questions before) that i am a healthy eater, i stick to under 1,500 calories a day most days, i'm not skinny but im not very overweight either. I have no medical conditions, my health is great and always has been.

Exercise or a hot bath tends to take it away.

Has anyone ever experienced this before because I dont know what to do anymore. This has made so many night outs uncomfortable and so many meals unenjoyable.

Please any advice would be appreciated.

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    what time of the day do you stop eating? i only ask because if you eat late that could have something to do with it. have you had any other testing aside from bloods? i would see a GI doc and ask for an ultrasound and an endoscopy to try and get to the route of the problem because if they don't know what's causing your symptoms they cant treat you. I would push for more tests you could have gastritis GERD and ulcer any number of things that need separate treatments.

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      I usually dont eat past about 8 oclock and if i do, its not much. The tested my blood and ruler out an ulcer or infection but that was it.

      I am going to try make an appointment tomorrow because its really getting to me now

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      the only way to be tested for ulcer, GERD, or gastritis is through an endoscopy, these cannot be tested through a simple blood test, they have to see inside the stomach for these. i would definitely be upset with your dr if they told you you didnt have these by a simple blood test. push for an endoscopy. i have gastritis and GERD and my symptoms are a lot like yours but i dont get it at night.

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    Suggest you consult a registered dietition or nutritionist who can put you on the right track with a proper food menu.

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      Yeah it may be something to do with my food. It seems to just come on whenever it wants though, something i have ate before that didnt cause it, then gives me it

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    i had the same sympthoms ., Gastro didnt help much .,I went to another doctor for something else , he put me on low carb diet and all my pains are gone . It was inflammation , avoid pasta, bread , cookies, waffles, and sugar . my pain were gone in a week .

    good luck

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      How long did you have the symptoms? i've been suffering on and off for about 6 months now!

      Wow thats amazing! I really hope thats the same for me

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      I had it for 5 years , gastritis and back pain , burping and burning on my back .

      Also I stopped eating too much nuts ., those inflamed my gallbladder .

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      Was it a daily basis you had it? Thats exactly my symptoms, I get pain across my back that makes it impossible to sleep sometimes, pain between ribs and burning when I burp.

      I'm a worrier as it is so im really starting to think there is something seriously wrong with me so i just need some reassurance.

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      it was worst when i excercise or even walking a faster pace .

      I had colonoscopy,endoscopy, ultrasounds, ct scan , h pylori ., everything clear but the bacteria .

      I took bunch of meds but only relief for a few days , then started all over .

      the only test i ciuldnt have because of my kidneys was the HIDA TEST , to check gallbladder , that is very important because symptoms are sometimes related to this organ function .

      i hope this info helps you ., we keep in touch

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      Yes thats very helpful thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Do you think it is anything really serious from what I have told you?

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      if your tests dont show anything , go to a doctor or nutritionist that can start with your new diet or life style ., FOOD is the best medicine for your body but the right one .

      my diet is low carb , moderate protein , healthy fats , electrolytes , water with lime , you will feel rejuvenated .

      check Dr Berg videos , you will love them .

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    Have you tried a food diary and been tested for gastritis?

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      No i havent. I'm going back to the doctors tomorrow hopefully and im not leaving until they do something for me

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      Your doctor will do something for you by doing tests to find out what you have. He/she will be able to tell you whether it is serious or not.

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