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i was diagnosed about 3yrs ago with cervical spondilytis, at the time the dr never told me about what could happen to me in the future, i now have difficulty walking, and get pains in legs, back and hands can anyone tell me if this is linked or is it something else, many thanx

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    Hi  I too have osteoarthritis in the neck spine and knees and possibly hips.  I am 67.

    My knees are the worst and I have had periods of bad pain although they have not been too bad for the last few months.  My neck troubles me sometimes but not all the time.  It is usually at the end of the day and cause neck pain headache and sometime slight dizziness.  Now to get on to your question although I cannot answer your question I can tell you that I have lower back pain pain at waist and higher up at shoulder blade level.  I sometime get some aching in the arms and hand I assume this is from the neck.  I too have pain in my legs and feet at times.

    I thought for along time this was to do with the knees but the consultant told me that it is probably from the spine.  Before reading your post I was going to ask members what type of pain and location they get if they suffer from spinal arthritis.

    I know this does not help you but at least you know you are not alone.  My gp did not mention how the neck would affect what me either.  I was diagnosed with the neck around 5 years old.  Hard to remember.   What medication do you take?  

    I can only take paracetamol but I use a cream called pernaton which helps a little.

    You don't mention how old you are but I would maybe see your gp for a spine xray.  Then you will know what pain is coming from where hopefully although I am sometimes confused.  Good luck. 

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      hello there, firstly my age im 43,  a lot of what you have described you could be talking about me, its always nice to hear from felow sufferers, even if they havnt got the answer, i have been back to dr and im nw on gabapentin one at night which helps a great deal, also, i have a tens machine for my neck which is a godsend, you can buy them in most chemists, and they work wonders especially with the neck and headache. my dr has now refered me to a specialist so i may have some answers soon,  another tip is to support the neck as much as you can, when you watch tv put a pillow behind youre head, this does help, or u could get a travel pillow, i have one and take it everywhere with me,  hope some of that has helped you, and thank you for replying, it is nice to know im not alone, hopefully we can write to each other again, all the very best love tracey x
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      Hi Tracey,  Thanks for your reply.  I do use a pillow for support for watching tv etc.  I have heard of the tens machine but not tried.  Fortunately my neck pain is only interminent (I expect it will get worse again).  It seemed much worse when I first had it diagnosed.  I used to work as a telephone interviewer, so I did wonder if the headset made it worse.  I have always been a headache sufferer, with bad migraines. Thankfully they mostly stopped after the menopause, so must have been hormonal.  You sound quite cheerful which is good, hard when you are in pain. I suffer from anxiety but mostly have it under control.  I sing in a rock and pop choir which I really love although I am not able to do many of the gigs.  I also have 4 lovely grandchildren ranging from 3 to 18. They all make me realise how lucky we are.  In fact my husband and I

      (sound like the queen) are going to look after our 3 year old grandson this afternoon.  We will be tired and achy (my husband also has hip arthritis) when we come home but it is a nice way of getting tired and achy compared to housework etc. I hope the specialist can offer you some help.  I look forward to hearing from you again soon.

      Take  care


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    pain in legs not related to c.s....but due to c.s some times pain radiates to the shoulders, hands, and back try these to avoid c.s...

    Prevention of Cervical Spondylysis:

    There is not any specific method which can prevent the pathologic process of cervical spondylysis. But, you can avoid the occurrence of the condition by the following some preventive measures, such as:


    ·         Exercise regularly to improve the flexibility, motion and strength of the neck.

    ·         Do regular brisk walking or aerobic activity.

    ·         Always take some mini breaks in between the computer works, watching TV or during driving.

    ·         Should use thin pillow and a firm mattress.

    ·         When get up from lying down position, always take a turn to one side first, and then get up.

    ·         If the pain is acute, then take medicines as directed by your doctor, immobilize the neck and take proper rest.

    ·         Use a firm collar, if you are travelling for a long time.

    ·         Drink plenty of water.


     ·         Do not run or do heavy exercise if you are a sufferer of neck pain.

    ·         Do not sit for a prolonged time in one postures.

    ·         Do not drive for long time.

    ·         Avoid bad road while travelling.

    ·         Avoid taking more than one pillow under the head.

    ·         Avoid lifting heavy weight on the head or neck.

    ·         Avoid sitting for a prolonged time in a stressful postures.

    ·         Do not hold your phone on one shoulder for long hours.

    ·         Avoid twisting your body or head while you turn around; instead, move your feet first when you turn around.

    ·         If the pain is acute, never go for spinal manipulation.

    ·         Avoid smoking. 

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      You forgot. When you are getting out of bed alway be sure to place your two feet on the floor before swinging off the bed. And its a good idea when in bed lying flat to take your right hand over your head and pull your head to the right until it clicks. Do the same with the other side as this releases pressure and stuck nerves and tendons.
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    TRACEY as we age most of us these days come down with something. I have arthritis in the left knee and am having hyaluronic acid injections and had another one this morning. Doc counted I was having around 10 per year. Today's didnt hurt at all but I sat in his waiting room with his ice pack on the knee. I should be able now to skip these until end December. Does anybody else have these injections? HA is a liquid found in our bodies which diminishes with time and age and is found in our eyes so it is quite natural and harmless. You can get these injections into most joints.
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    tracey it seems all pain connected to the spinal chord is from the neck. If you think about it, that is the top of the spine and the only way down is via your neck where all connections start.  It is all connected. I have neck pain too. Whilst lying flat on your back try gently forcing your neck to one side until it clicks. Then do the same with the other side. But be sure to hold the side of your head gently. You are just releasing tension but it does help.

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