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I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for a few years now been ill since 2003.

Im in constant very bad pain in most of my body, particularly feet, ankles, knees, hands & elbows. I also have abdominal pain which Dr's cannot explain, I've had mri, ct and ultrasound they have no idea what's causing the abdominal pain as well as the other fibromyalgia pains. 

I was on tramadol but had to stop as every other week I'd be violently sick, puking bile up for 2 days then repeat. 

At the moment I have no pain relief at all as gp will not prescribe. I was referred to pain clinic in January, saw consultant in April and was accepted for treatment then had 2 more appts which were a waste of time and I've had no treatment at all next appt is December. 

I'm at my wits end the pain is driving me mad, I'm signed off work so I'll be losing my job soon I expect (not that I care tbh) I'm on duloxetine which isn't helping with the depression let alone the pain. 

I've had every other SSRI and SNRI going too. 

I've seen multiple Dr's at my practice none will prescribe because I'm "too young" to be on strong opiates (I'm 38) my point to that is I feel like saying if you don't give me something it's as old as I'm going to get as feeling so down from the pain just feel life's not worth living iykwim 

Anyone have any tips on how to approach gp for painkillers? 

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    I was given the FM dx in 1999, I was 61.....I never had tons of pain but it was an emotional trauma that pushed me to this mess.

    I find that some of the B vitamins are critical, B12, Inositol (calmer from B Family) and just so many supps I take.

    MSM powder helps dull pain and I take 1 tsp in glass of clean water 3 times per day....have been doing this for years.

    Thyroid is MAJOR with the FM are adrenal supports..

    I deal with bodywide OA as well so it's a big mixture of pain in my body, but over the years I've also developed a higher pain threashold....I can't imagine ever being out of total pain....oh yes I can....Dead....

    Acupuncture can do marvels and finding a good acupuncturist could help a lot...I've done acupuncture off and on for years.

    Ibuprofen is NOW my big gun drug and I take 2 in late AM and 2 before bed at 11PM or sooner....keeps me asleep and out of pain all night...

    Again, it takes a lot of work and I do it all myself, never gone to a doc for FM.

    Do you know what pushed you to the FM syndrome...and it is a basket of stuff gone wrong.....

    I'm in the U.S. and we are big on alternatives...

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    Oh magnesium is also very critical with this FM stuff....Vit D3 as well.

    What country are you?

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      Hi Thanks for the ideas. I'm in the UK. 

      I've just received given huge doses to vit D something like 10,000 units 4 times a day so that's OK at the moment. 

      It was all triggered by nearly dying from liver failure as a result of a cut glandular fever in summer 2003.i was in hospital for 3 weeks and essentially I never got better. I've been quoted post viral fatigue, chronic fatigue, ME and of course Fibromyalgia

      The pain is a constant 7/10 pretty much every day and every so often I'll get a twinge somewhere that'll give me a 9.9 and I'll have to draw breath and bite my lip to not cry out. 

      Up until this time last year I was working full time and it was all more or less under control but something changed 12 months ago with this abdominal pain and I've had 2 separate week long hospital stays since then the pain is worse than ever, I struggle to sleep more than an hour at a time at night and I've been signed off for past 10 weeks. 

      Just at my wits end I'm on duloxetine which neither lifts my mood nor pain. Pregabalin doesn't work, Gabapentin made me "loopy" tramadol made me really sick and Dr won't prescribe anything else, pain clinic I've been to 3 times and they've done nothing next appt is December so guess I'm supposed to put up with it till then? 

      Really really depressed at the moment over it all. 

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      Hello Richard,

      Sorry to hear you having such a hard time. Ask your doctor for Amitriptylene, works for pain and for sleep, tho I have found more for sleep. Only thing my Doc will give me. He is interested in Fibro and has done research, so i trust him. Very important to have a good Doc, so if he's not - change him.

      Wish you luck

      Take care, Anne


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    Thankfully you are on top of the Vit D now and hopefully you'll find more help with the ideas I've given you....a good friend deals with CFS but not FM and she is forever trying new protocols...adrenals are a huge one and we are forever exchanging info on adrenal supports.,

    So many theories and everyone's issues are unique.

    Now that Fibro is not new, in the olden days it was known as rheumatism, then years later it was given the name Fibroitis and in recent years fibromyalgia....

    Today I just think so many meds are messing our bodies you have some other issues you are challenged with.

    Many of us have other issues as well....i have enough osteoarthritis to choke an elephant......

    So good luck and keep working with other alternatives too.

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    if you didnt have pain u wouldnt be depressed.

    i dont like the sound of the trouble u have had with yr stomach that dosent sound right at all.

    cud it be a kidney stone .

    i have fm since 1998 and have never had any meds because i am super sensistive  to pharm drugs. i use b12 /q10  and magneisum oil applied topicaly to ease the pain . and stop twitching . iv been thru some tough patches but seem to do a lot better than alot of people on pharm drugs from there gps .

    the magneisum oil applied to the skin would i should think be a good place to start as unlike supplements it dosent go in to the stomach . try it its really good stuff . i am now getting 8hrs sleep most nights and no twitching limbs .

     regards tian .in yorkshire.


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    Richard try going to a pain dr.  I have been taking them for 3 years. Also he can give cortisone shots. I don't know what I would do without my meds.
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    Wow what a journey so far.

    I am 41 and my pain challenges started at 39.

    You must be frustrated re the painkillers etc. Have you tried an alternative approach?

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      I have tried everything.  At one point I was taking morphine and oxycotin, but I didn't want to get addicted to strong pain meds.  I dealt with fibromyalgia for 2 years before I was diagnosed.  I worked in maint purchasing heavy equipment and maintenance repair parts.  I picked up heavy valves and motors etc. Because they didnt have anyone to pur the parts away.  I now have degenerative disc disease in my neck, facet joint disease in my spine, and pain in my lower back from my sciatica.  On top of that fibromyalgia.  I m 59 yrs old and I dont want to live the remainder of my life with chronic pain.  I mam taking norco 4 x a da.  It helps but doesn't take away all the pain.  I m really good about sticking to my regime.  I have tried everything!  I did physical therapy, inflammatory drugs, tramadol, and everything else u can imagine! 
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      have you tried an osteopath they work in a lot more gentle way than a chiropracter

      and they always take a full medical history so would not touch you if they thought it would cause any problems.

                          regards tian

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      Bless you have really been through it.

      So you have not tried alternative treatments then such as a nutritional approach, osteopathy, hydrotherapy, homeopathy or acupuncture etc?

      I have and am trying all of the above as like you I don't wish to be reliant on pain meds. I have been advised to try the GAPS diet which is primarily aimed at those with joint/muscle pain.  I have also seen a local Myotherapist too which knowledge and treatment wise has been fantastic and really helped me get some confidence back for the future.


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      I would like to try acupuncture but my insurance doesn't cover it.  What is osteopathy?  Does that help?  I really don't know what  path to take.  I have been going to my pain dr. For several years.  Do u know what type of dr. That would recommend specific diet?  Right now my resources r limited.  I have been on disability with a limited income.  I have been on my cobra insurance for 5 mos which is very expensive.  My insurance will b running out!  Maybe I could go online and find an alternative regimen.  
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      not being funny but its best if you look  up osteopath  sorry it might not be spelt right but its close , breifly he will press on certain points and do small movements and adjustments , but its very gentle .

      i use to see an Mctimoney chiropracter he was brilliant i started going twice a week and got down to once every 3 months , i was so much better, but he retired and i cant find anyone elese ,.so there are things out there that do help ,which makes me really angry because these things should be available on insurance /i am guesing your not in the uk.

      or available on the NHS . this way we would get a lot of sick people back to work , instead of being on the sick .which would be better for them and the country , the medical proffession are so short sighted .

      in japan they use a combination of eastern and western medincine when needed. they are super healthy compared to us. its not just there diet.

      i have acupunture once a fortnight at £40 for an hr, iv been having it for 2yrs its not really an answer, it helps with certain things ,like if u have ibs with fibro , and headaches, or  anixety . but i have not found it any good for pain or fatigue .and sometimes it can make you extremly tired thats why i can only manage once a fortnight , once a week left me exhusted.

      and some points are really painful .its not a quick fix.

      it can be for an injury ,but not for an illness. afriend of mine got pregnant in 18months after trying for 10yrs thru the medical proffession .so defo something in it.  i wish you good luck but always make sure anyone you see is registered and insured .there are fakes out there.

                      tian x

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    I always used to put a brave face on things whenever I was out, but the turning point came one day when my husband found me curled up and sobbing with the pain. He took me straight to the GP in my wheelchair, and when the GP saw the state I was really in (instead of the usual 'brave' me) he put me straight onto pain patches. They made the hugest difference. I think that we can often be our own worst enemies when it comes to pain, because the doctors can't read our minds!
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