Pain under breast on left side

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Has anyone experienced pain under the left breast right at the top of your belly? It sometimes moves to the same level in the back. I told my GP about it and they said it was indigestion. I take Zantac but sometimes it doesn't help. Does anyone know of any other remedies that may work?

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    Hi Sharcerv

    poor you... sounds like indigestion... 

    indigestion common in peri... 

    have you tried the liquid form Gaviscon... see if that helps 

    Jay xx

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    Hi Shar.  

    It sounds like gallstones to me, I had my gallbladder out 4 years ago, but that is exactly where the pain was. The gallbladder breaks down the fat in your body causing indigestion pain when blocked sometime indigestion tablets worked sometimes they didn't , The pain is worse after any dairy or greasy food and quite commen in women at this age, try cutting out dairy this helped me but needed op in the end


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      I'm sorry you had to experience that. I do not have gallstones. My GP described the symptoms of that and my sister who also had her gallbladder removed told me that it is extremely painful. What I feel is more like trapped gas. The reason the zantac didn't work is because I have a tendency to become easily immuned to medicine and then I have to find something else. That's why I was asking if anyone knew of something else I could take.
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      Hi shar,

      Last year I started to get what you describe, used to be pretty painful and would ease up a little when I got rid of the wind.  In the beggining I thought it was reflux or gerds but I also thought I had anything I read about back then, these days I describe it as trapped gas, although I am so careful and limited on what I can eat, I still can get it at times and as I am always full of gas my tummy usually makes horrible noises.  When it travels around to the left side of my back it seems just under my shoulder blade and its not so much pain as lots of tingles/electricity or something crawling around in there, sorry but things are so hard for me to describe properly these days.  The dr says its ibs.  I havent taken anything for it, the dr told me to get de-gas but it seems perppermint doesnt agree with me and I am really too scared to take anything else that can make it worse and I have been off dairy and wheat for about 10 months might have made a bit of a difference but I really think that when the hormones are playing up anything I eat can upset me.  Sorry I cant suggest anything to give you some relief.

      Jo xx

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      Hi Shar

      are you still the same hun.... Indigestion 

      i use to get alot of heart burn ( we call it ) in early peri, infact one time I was so uncomfy and I was at work at the time ... i actually went to the farmacy in UK and asked him, he gave me gaviscon, it eased it abit but this heartburn just lasted a couple of days constant, I also had a docs appt for something unrelated ( my old UK Doc was lovely) anyway i mentioned this heartburn, ( he also did homeopathic meds) he said try this it will be gone in an hour tops, I said no way... Sorry indomt believe that .... He actually gave mt this homeopathic powder for heartburn for free as i didnt think it would work and wasnt taken by homeopathic..

      anyway... I put this stuff on my tongue and an hour later the heartburn was gone.... It sort of changed my view towards homepathic stuff, he did the same when a ovarian cyst of mine was growing and not dispersing 😩 and that worked too..magic ay 


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      Hi Jay

      Like you I am starting to change my mind about homeopathic remedies, the ones the naturopath that I was seeing gave me made me worse.  I mentioned that I had started seeing a nutrionist/homeopath and so far the remedies I have got off her are helping no end, we havent started on the hormones yet but I am impressed and very happy that what she has given me for constipation is working and even better my tummy is handling them.  So hope that she can help with the hormones, like you the last fews days havent been so great.

      Have a great day and hope you are feeling heaps better...

      Jo xx

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      Hi Jo

      oh sweetie... so we are both having a blip old time of it at the moment

      i am not too bad today... got my first coffee in front of me... 

      yes, homeopathic impressed me ... i worked in healthcare for many years in uk, nurse to medical management etc, and my old doc actually became a colleague, so he often gave me stuff to try as he knew i didnt believe a word of it 😀😀😀. hahaha and it did work...  changed my views completely.. wish was his mission ...

      lately, i have been fine... meno reached .. along old natural peri.. tough journey...

      but the only thing now after the blip .. is the hot flushes for me and the vaginal atrophy  dryness ... oh my ..... well ... after much deliberation and thought and head scratching for a week, research and all the rest of it ..

      later i am off to get that Ovestin, estriol vag cream  i am going to try it... 

      its the lesser of our three oestrogens and i like what i see about it..

      my gyno said the atrophy will get worse and its bad enough now..

      if it solves that problem, ups the libido, protects my bones and sorts hot flushes, doesnt enter uterine wall and protects the breast.. then whats not to like...

      theres another estriol natural for wrist application if this is stingy.. 

      so options are out there... like my gyno said... Estriol only ..

      ( oestrogen and progesterone or just progesterone no no no )  

      so thats my decision today ...

      have a good day Jo 

      jay jay xx



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      Hi Jay,

      Yes read that you reached post meno, hooray for you and congrats, sounds like you have had one very long 10 year journey.  Hope the Ovestin helps you and I can imagine that you have done your homework and then some more before making your decision, you defo need something to help.

      Thanks for your wishes

      Jo xx

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