Pain under left rib with general fatigue and weakness

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About 3 weeks ago I felt a discomfort in my rib area on the left side. Over the weeks this has progressively gotten worse - not painful, not harder to move and not affected particularly by my breathing. It is a sensation of something under my rib that shouldn’t be. 

I have had no other infection as far as I’m aware in terms of a cold or flu that could have caused this. I have had chest X-ray, bloods and ultrasounds all of which have come back normal. 

The only thing that my mind keeps linking to is a severe infection on my upper left gum where I then had the tooth removed about a week ago. But no medical professional seems to think the two are linked.

At this current time no one can see what could be wrong however I have moments of feeling slightly lightheaded and this discomfort in my rib side is always there. I developed severe anxiety as a result but this seems to be subsiding the more I am told it is nothing sinister. 

However the not knowing is now beginning to take its toll as I do not know if I am recovering from something or developing something - that in itself is terrifying! Sorry for the long post but because I can function but only at about 60% of my normal self I don’t think anyone is interested in hearing about it anymoren

 Any thoughts?

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    Ask your doctor about gastritis and costochondritis.  Lightheadness could be due to anxiety.
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      Thank you - it defo isn’t costochondritis as I have been to a&e and seen multiple consultants in the past few weeks and no one has mentioned that and I assume it would be a pretty simple explanation if they suspected that (I have researched EVERYTHING it could be and it doesn’t seem to be any of the obvious ones).

      I have no real stomach issues and because the sensation is constant I assumed it wasn’t food / stomach related but am now considering this is a possibility.

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      Costochondritis pain is constant and it is such a simple thing, it could easily be overlooked.  When I had my ultrasound, they were only looking for serious problems rather than simpler causes.   They often look for the significant things first.  I thought I had something significant and it turned out to be costochondritis which was diagnosed by physical examination and later IBS which was identified after a number of negative tests. 

      Gastritis can be diagnosed besed soley on your symptoms or by endoscopy.  Try a food disry.

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      I have managed to give myself the worst level of anxiety thinking it is something sinister so wouldn’t be relieved to hear something simple! 
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      Would would would haha. *would be relieved!
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      When you have no diagnosis. it is common to assume the worst.   Anxiety fuels these fears.  Try not to worry because that will intensify your symptoms. The simplest thing can get you diagnosed.  I didn’t think I would ever get answers and if I did, I was certain it would be bad news. I didn’t think my anxiety was linked to my abdominal symptoms.  However, I decided to mention it to my doctor in desperation and it was this that got me my IBS diagnosis when no other doctor could help.

      Keep going back to your doctor and mention all your worries.  Make lists of the conditions that worry you and ask your dcctor to disprove them one by one.  Ask for more tests.  The more tests you have, the more things will be ruled out and the less you will have to worry you.

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    I've been having this exact feeling on my right side..... Nights are worse! But no diagnosis! It's driving me mad and I am so scared and filled with anxiety that it's making me sick.... 

    I've had the following test 

    CT SCAN-negative

    ULTRASOUND-detected gallstones so gallbladder was removed! But the exact pain I had is back

    CHEST X-RAY-negative 

    Blood work- 3 or 4 times only showed slightly elevated liver enzymes but not enough to cause alarm. 

    I'm at a loss but have had this pain for over a month now.

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      Gallbladder surgery can cause complications such as IBS and bile acid malabsorption which causes diarrhoea.  It is also possible that abdominal nerves have been disturbed and have caused neuralgia.
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      You can still have gallstones. They can be stuck in a bile duct and the pain area is the same. The pain is intermittent because when the stone is stuck in the duct, the pain is intense. It can go away altogether at times. Took doctors over two years to figure out that's what I had.

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    I had the same feeling under my left rib too.  I also had bad indigestion 

    got an endoscopy and was diagnosed with gastritis.   

    No ulcer which I thought I had. I was scared too but gastritis is just an inflammation of the stomach lining.  

    Try eating more alkaline foods rather than acid foods.  That made a big difference for me..

     you can google to find those foods. 

    Ask your doctor if you can try an antacid like omeprazole to see if it helps. 

    Feel better! 

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    Thank you. I have had pretty much all obvious tests which have shown nothing. 

    Bizarrely I spent most of yesterday feeling ok with 90% reduced sensation in my ribs but that is back with a vengeance today and just always there!

    I am definitely considering the gastritis root although it is much higher up in my ribs than nearer my stomach but who knows what goes on in there!! 

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    I've had the same (pain under left rib) with many other symptoms. Lots of tests. No answers. I certainly feel for you.

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    I have a similar issue. Upper left under rib "sensation" and not necessarily pain. I do sometimes feel it to the right. I have gotten a pinched nerve pain to my back that may or may not be related. I was diagnosed with h pylori a few months back and took two harsh antibiotic meds and then was diagnosed with it still after an endoscopy. On my last day of treatment today. I get a feeling of being so tired that I must sleep at that very instant. I feel weak and heavy and just plain exausted. Im so tired of the Drs. as an appt runs sometimes months away. It has been over a year Ive suffered. Im ancious and depressed and feel like Im dying slowly. If any one has any ideas or has figured out what their issue was please do post. My fiancee has a hard time just being tested fir the h plyoti so we can make sure were not passing that back and forth.

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