Pain under rib cage right side...and back pain

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I am a 16 year old female who has had abdominal pain for 2 weeks now. At first it was thought to be an appendix or something wrong with my ovaries. Both of which turned out to be fine. I am on constant pain killers that are not helping at all. The pain is the worst when standing,walking or sitting. I have had blood test done coming back good and a urine sample coming back without any infections. I religiously visiting doctors because of this pain getting answers like 'the pain has not got a cause' or 'it could be this so heres different medications' i would love some answers though. The pain is sharp. At first it felt like a stitch you would get after running or a cramp however now the pain is consistent in one place and i feel like i have needles stabbing me in the back. I would love suggestions as to what i should do or any ideas as to what this could be. I hate hospitals and will only go there if the cause is very serious.

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    Hi Aleks. Were you checked for Pancreatitis? This is very painful i was told by my son and presents like that. He was admitted to hospital for several days while it was diagnosed and still has to be careful what he eats and drinks as symptoms can come back. Or it could be gall bladder, same area. worth asking to be checked for these if you still feel bad. Best wishes xrolleyes

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    Sounds to me like the gallbladder, and gallstones.  I just found out I have them, though have no right side pain I have multiple stones and am getting them removed soon.  Back pain and right side pain are classic sx's.  Get an ultrasound or preferrably a CT scan done.  Hope you get some relief soon.

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    'blood test' is very general fact, hope you got a print out, 

    to see 'which blood tests'. 

    Liver enzyme parameters, electrolyes, kidney metabolites are usually done.

    But lipase amylase (for pancreas) are often missing.

    Often also conjugated and not conjugated bilirubin is not done, if patient doesn't appear 'yellow', but would give clues about gall stones blocking anything.

    White blood cell count and CRP have to be normal, both,

    to say, e.g. appendix is ok even these are very general inflammation markers for anything going on in the body. 

    So please find out WHICH blood parameters were done so far.

    From there we might be able to give you more clues from our experience.

    Medication is a not to bad start since working or not working medication is diagnostic in itself (if it was not plain pain killers).

    We had medication for abdominal migraine trials and for neuropathic pain, both not working, hence excluding these as a diagnose.

    Best of luck!

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    Does your pain move about your stomach and do you get bowel habit changes?
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    I have the same stabbing pain right side under and around my rib cage.  I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  All my tests and scans came back normal except that I have fatty liver with some fibrosis.  What helps me a bit is...Pepto Bismol, Peppermint, Chamomile, or Ginger Tea, Metamucil, Turmeric Capsules, and watch which foods cause worse symptoms.  I've heard also that epsom salt baths help to relax you which in turn helps with pain.  I hope some of these suggestions give you some relief.  So many of us have this same problem.  I feel your pain.

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    Hello Aleks19328 I am a 34 ur old female and I can remember as a child and through my teen years and as an adult I have always had stomach issues with chronic stomach pain that hurts bad I couldn't bare it and I did the same thing u are doing however after much frustration and no answer I finally found a Dr and she'd a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and found out I have gastritis with GERD got some meds from same Dr and doing very well with it so my advice to you is be diligent don't just deal with it see A DIFFERENT DR and don't stop until you find that right that is going to help you it rookie a while but I finally found one and you will too.Good luck.

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    I had something similar happen to me and it wouldn't go away. I'm not saying this is your case but for me it ended up being alcohol and caffeine. I had to cut them out for about a month and the pain I had finally went away.

    Any time I have even one beer about two days later my pain in that area returns, along with my back pain. I think it has something to do with IBS at this point. I would recommend asking your doctor for a CT Scan though just to be sure, along with some blood work.

    I also ended up having issues with caffeine causing excited nerves/twitches/muscle cramps.  Anyways, you sound kind of young for this stuff but if you drink any alcohol or have a lot of caffeine try to cut those out for a month. It's worth a shot!

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      One more thing, if you have been drinking a lot of caffeine each day for a while prepare for a killer headache for a few days while your body withdrawals from it. Also, in my last post I meant to say "more" blood work. If it doesn't go away after a while I'd maybe even recommend a colonoscopy.

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    After a very long time of trying to find out what my pain was, I went from doctor to doctor changing medication like underwear :P I finaly have answers. I had a ultrasound done a few months back that came back normal, However after a sudden excrutiating pain I ended up at a local A&E specialist hospital. They did another ultrasound as they could not open any of my previous tests and therefore had to check everything from scratch.They choose to do an ultarsound to check if it was appendix again! however after asked where the pain is and I specificaly said its higher up they choose to try for kidneys. The ultrasound showed a light shadow that they couldnt identify whether it was a kidney stone or just abit of fat. They did a CAT scan for a better image. 

    Believe it or not after a full year of excrutiating pain I was informed that I have 7 kidney stones in both kidneys. (they say they are very little ) Doctors believe I must have had many more but simply peed them out. 

    I am now feeling abit better, I drink plenty of water and take tablets every morning to help pee out the remaining of the stones. I must admit I am very angry at my GP doctors as after a full year of trying (they really weren't) they could not tell me whats wrong. I missed quite abit of school leaving my attendance at a terrrible state and I am now so prone to pain killers I cant even take simple meds for a headache as they dont work. 

    To anyone with a pain similair to mine I say dont give up. In one of the comments I was told to constantly change doctors and I must admit that that was the best advice I had in a while. 

    If one doctor doesnt help change doctors, you can also change hospitals like I did. Sometimes that turns out for the best.


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