pain under right rib radiating toward my back for 3 months

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Hi! I have been having a constant pain in right upper quadrant just below rib. I have had this pain for now 3 months. Doc has had me do ultrasound of liver gallbladder which was negative, I have had an endoscopy done because he thought it might have been a duodenum ulcer but it was negative, I been treated with one personal 40 mg a day Nexium 40 mg a day but nothing seems to help. The pain is dull achy but sometimes can be sharp and it sometimes radiates to the back right under my shoulder blade. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy, all my blood tests are normal and the doctor is at loss, next step would be a CT scan with contrast of abdomen and pelvic area. I am starting to get very worried and honestly don't know what could be causing this constant pain. Gallbladder was normal and no stones were noted. Is anyone experiencing something similar, I would appreciate any advice on the matter.

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    Could still be gallbladder even without stones - you may have inflammation etc. Sometimes the gb does not contract properly. There is a test that can confirm this - a Hida scan - has this been suggested at all?

    ​The other tests should help to rule out any other possible causes. Are you worse form eating certain foods, esp fats? As this is a symptom of gallbladder dyfunction. If so, you are probably avoiding hose foods anyway, but low fat diet usually helps in the short term. Constant pain is less typical but I have had atypical symptoms and the drs say gb is suspected - I do have stones though.

    ​I also have hiatal hernia and this has caused some constant left upper side pain for me, I believe and some seem to have it on the right. But you presumably have not got one of those or it would have likely been found by endoscopy. Although mine was not actually seen by scope but from CT scan. Nothing is 100% reliable in tests.

    ​Have you been tested  for h pylori as that can cause all sorts of abdo pain? Other things include rib pain from costochondtritis, or small intestinal issues. No doubt your drs will explore further if needed.  Hope you soon have answer and improvement, take care. 

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    You need HIDA scan. My ultrasound was unremarkable but HIDA scan showed GB isn't functioning as it should. Above 33-35% is normal and mine was 19%

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    I have the same problem. I started having pain under my rib in the area of my liver 1 year ago roughly. I have pain that goes straight through to my right shoulder.

    I have had several ultrasounds which were all normal, CT with contrast dye normal, HIDA scan normal, Bloods elevated ALT but all else normal. gastroscopic endoscope normal.

    I have specific pain when i place my hand or fingers umder my right side ribs and press in when breathing. Its really uncomfortable. The pain has progressively gotten worse and is there most of the time now. I now have a new symptom of a tickle feeling and a cough. Ive had my lungs checked and they are clear also.

    I saw a consultant surgeon for laproscopic procedure today and he is going to give me laproscopy to look internally and possibly rrmove gall bladder.

    Its been an awful year, i thought i was going crazy. hope you get answer but it takes a long time in the uk.

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      Stephen! I have too developed I tickle and cough!! I wondered if it was maybe reflux?? Actually my mind wonders a lot lately and not in good places, I even thought that maybe I had already metastasis in the lungs, I know my mind is really driving me crazy lately, I really think of the worst and I have two little ones to take care of and sometimes I feel bad thinking hopefully they won't have grow up without a mother. I lay in bed before waking up having major anxiety thinking of the most awful things , I almost went to the ER today The pain was so persistent and I thought if I go to the ER they will do the CT scan earlier. I have mine scheduled on Friday. Also could all this be small intestines too? I have a colonoscopy mid-November but are they going to be check my small intestines too? also what if the doctors are missing something? Your post truly made my day, most of the people here have on and off pain that could indicate gallbladder disease but mine is constant and then the fact that it radiates to the back makes me think the worst! Thank you Stephen for the first time I don't feel alone!

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      yes i also suffer anxious thoughts now. I keep thinking im about to have a heart attack. Im only 34 and was insanely fit and active up until one year ago.

      Ive had at least 20 visits to the ER in the past year and all ive gotten was pain relief and confused diagnosis. im in pain as i write this now. the pain doesnt go away at all but it does vary in intensity. I find its most painful in my back but i have bad days with the abdomen also.

      Reading google was the worst thing i ever done because it made my anxiety about the problem worse. I keep thinking i have a blocked artery or something. Its the not knowing that is driving me insane. I can take whatever diagnosis it is if im given one.

      The attacks are coming closer together now. in the beginning i had bouts of being pain free. When the tickle and cough feeling comes i take Buscopan and it helps a little. That wouldnt help if it wasnt Biliary or GI tract related, or so im lead to believe.

      I resigned myself to negative tests for everthing now, even my partner tbinks im going nuts now. I live between spain and the UK. health care in spain is not as good as uk and waiting times in the uk are ridiculous. Its just dragging on like a bad dream. I was a fighter and martial arts competitor and now im like a shadow of what i was 1 year ago.

      Let me know the resukts of the CT. If its anything like me they prob wont find anything. I havent had an mri. im unable to because of small metal fragments in my eyes. Id ask for one of those too.

      You are also the first person to describe similar feelings to what im having. kind of helps me believe im not going crazy.

      I hope that my laproscope will find something or treat the problem because i cant carry on like this. My doctor friend has sugvested it could be sphincter of Oddi. Ask about that too.

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      maybe it is. i dont think its muscular in my case. ive felt every bang and bruise going. im certain its internal and GI related. But my mind wanders so much now, i really have no idea.
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