Pain when sitting or even lying down now!

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Pain when sitting.....15yrs and counting!

I have got pain when sitting. Burning pain between buttocks and rear hamstrings. Had the pain for more than 15yrs.

Makes me very down and also very very anxious as I dread sitting!

Seen doc tons of times over the years. Had creams etc. Nothing works.

He said it is stress related!! Ok, it can get worse when I am stressed but it's the pain that is stressing me.

I have many stretch marks in that area from when I used to weight train when younger (not properly!) The pain seems to be coming from the 'open' part of the stretch marks where it is 'broken skin'.

Recently the doc put me on Pregabalin. I decided to get off that as side effects not nice for me. Only 3rd day trying to come off it (75mg twice daily down to zero! Bad move due to withdrawal symptoms but I aim to persevere).

I tale Escitalipram 20mg for anxiety / depression.

Doctor sent me for blood test this week to see if anything shows up plus to check some vitamins etc. I don't eat healthy so recently started to take:

Vit B


Cod Liver Oil

Vit C


I have ordered 5-HTP too.

If it were not for my child I would not be here as pain is horrible to live with.

Doctor is useless. He thinks I should not dwell on the pain or think about it. Really!

Anyone have similar pain?

Any advice welcome. Thank you

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    It has been a month since I came off of Pregabalin as I was having side effects with it and it didn't stop the pain.

    I have stopped all vitamins etc except:

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin B complex

    Blood test came back normal.


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      Is your pain in the ischeal ?

      I'm trying a lot of different things to get rid of this pain. Nothing has worked great. Also haven't wanted to try gabapentin. 15 years sounds horrendous. Please keep us posted and help others with any advice for anything that might help. Best --


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    I saw a new doctor at my clinic this morning. She is a new partner there.

    Soon as I explained the problem she immediately said she knew what it was!

    She said that it is nerve pain related to damage in spine. She looked at where the pain was and said it was

    Not because of my stretch marks.

    She said I would need an x-ray first. I pointed out I had an x-ray in May as I suffer with a bad lower back.

    Well, she looked at the x-ray report and she showed me where it mentioned deteriation in certain discs.

    She said I have thin discs at lower spine and tiny new bone growth which she said is causing pain along the nerves and ending where I am getting the pain!

    She showed me a chart with spine and nerves and where each one leads to.

    So, she has applied for me to have an MRI scan.

    She also put me on Diazepam for 1 week only as she said this will help and Cosine and Paracetamol for the pain.

    I have to go back to see her in a few weeks.

    No other doctors has said what she has. 15 years or more of pain!

    I hope the diagnosis is right. She did say it's non curable but they may be able to help.

    Fingers crossed people.

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      I am following your progress.  I have nerve pain between the buttocks on one side and in my feet.  Still trying to find out what to do, doctors don't really know just make guesses.  I will need more tests, which really sickens me. I do have a bad hip which will need replacement if I can't cope with it.

       Does your pain get worse as the day goes on?

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    At some points it is better than others. Pain is mostly when sitting so when home I spend most of my time either standing or lying on the bed. In work I stand.
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    Hi, have you had an MRI of the pelvic area?  I have same pain as you - it's worse at night especially if I have been sitting for a while during the day - just how long can you stand up without rest?  My MRI flagged up tendinopathy at the proximal hamstring origin (amongst other things).  It's being dealt with but it's a long job - still painful but with a diagnosis it doesn't seem as hopeless.  My pain started about 5 years ago - doc said it was all in my head so proceeded to get myself investigated privately (MRI scan) which confirmed it was not all in my head but in my butt at the sit bone!!  Don't know if that is of some help.   I was on dihyd for 6 months and it didn't do anything for the pain.   I was in great difficulty in coming off them.   I will not touch any drug again but having said that we are all not the same and I believe this particular drug works perfectly for some peeps.  Keep us updated.


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      Headland66 is you are off pain meds what procedures or whatever are they doing to help you.  I can't sit because of the burning and standing is hard because of the bad hip.  Been through two months of physical therapy to strengthen the leg muscles, which it did, but no help with the burning.  Told me to see my choice of neurologist, a different hip ortho or a spine ortho guy.  I am really loosing it some days with the pain and not knowing what to do, even going to an appointment is very hard now.  

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      Hi Meg52.   So sorry to hear about your continuing pain.   My pain is off the scale through the night (causing sleep probs).   Sometimes it eases during the day but will always come back.   I cannot take painkillers as they cause all sorts of problems and really don't work so I carry on without.   I got rid of my inflammation at the place where the hamstring inserts into the sit bone with an injection and that helped a bit.   I do clinical pilates twice a week which I want to feel is helping.   I was started on physio but I was in such pain after 6 months I told the physio I had to stop and he suggested doing the pilates.  I am seeing a MSK physio next month to see what to try next.   I will give him copies of my private MRI scan so he can see the full picture and maybe he can figure out what next to try.   I have always associated burning with a nerve problem and I am wondering if I have a trapped nerve somewhere.  I`m hesitant to suggest anything to the medical people for fear of being poo-hooed.  Sorry this isn`t much help but at least we can support each other on here. Neurologist sounds good in your respect.

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      Thanks so much for responding.  This can become such a lonely problem even with people who care about you, they just can't understand the degree of pain I guess.  I agree most burning pain is said to be nerve pain which unfortunately doesn't respond well to many pain meds.  I agree, I find suggesting to medical people almost makes them go another way, like they want to know more than the patient, it's very frustrating.  I have to do something, the pain is just over-taken my whole life.  I hope you have better luck than I have been having, I truly appreciate your support.

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    Still waiting for an MIR. Plus, I suffer with a bad lower back too. Doc said this could be the cause of burning. My tail bone hurts too after sitting.
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    How long does it take to get an MRI scheduled when a person is in such pain?  It isn't right to make people wait and suffer so long.  All my best and let me know the results.

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      Having a MRI when you have back pain is for really painful to do. And it is just diagnostic it's not like it's going to fix the problem. In fact he can aggravate the problem. They do what they can with scheduling. I once waited five days for an MRI of my head to see if I'd had a stroke. And yes I had had a stroke.

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