Painful abdomen any ideas?

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Ok so im an 18 year old guy, and I will admit I have an extremely bad habbit of not going to the toilet when I have to, mainly due to being busy at the time, usually it doesnt mean anything I just go afterwards, but sometimes it causes constipation.

Anyways, last night I had to have a bowel movement, but I also had to skype my girlfriend, so I decided id hold it and go afterwards, only I didnt go afterwards, I fell asleep. When I woke up this morning it was no where near as much sleep as usual, and I had an extremely sore abdomen and stomach, figuring it was me being constipated, I decided id take some painkillers and wait til I needed to go, the painkillers didnt help at a and I couldnt get back to sleep, then come the time I finally went to the toilet and obviously had a bowel movement.

Problem is the pain hasnt gone away even after the bowel movement, and I read up about obstructions ect but the only symptom I have is the pain, no vomiting, no inability to pass gas nothing like that just pain. It hurts most when I try to lay down and sleep it is killing me, what do you think it could be??

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    you should go have that checked out. It is never good to hold your bathroom tasks. Your body is trying to get rid of toxins and waste.

    Pain killers also make you constipated. As for the pain. I myself have had several intestinal issues that involved partial bowel obstruction, internal hernias, and intestinal twisting

    Which causes a full achy low back pain that just gets worse over time and can be quite dangerous.

    Please seek medical attention.Good luck to you and your health God bless.

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    You diagnosed yourself very well with a bad habit

    and may I too discourage you from doing so; 

    any phone call, any skype, any reading any TV or game or eating can be interrupted when nature calls, which is far more important.

    One has to suppress anyway when being on e.g. public transport, but other than that, no excuse, you need to go when nature calls, you don't do yourself a favour for now or long term and you can injure your body and train it in a way, that constipation will be a life long issue.

    Having done my preaching,

    One thing is for sure: stretching hurts the guts most and you have stretched it by not allowing it to release and relieve. You have upset your intestine which is rightfully so hurting.

    Go to the doc to make sure, if you feel concerned about obstruction,

    but it is unlikely by holding in a filled rectum to have caused an obstruction further up.

    On the other hand an obstruction can always happen, one doesn't exclude the other,

    but be sure obstruction is excrutiating pain. I don't know if you were able to type here into this forum during an obstruction.

    If you have another bowel movement, then your mind can ease even more.

    Hydration is often the passive therapy for even obstruction prior surgery (always depends on case, of course)

    So please drink a good amount of water over days e.g. like 2 liters water since any soup and food has liquid content too (not overdoing it like 4Liters of water, that can harm too)

    and please be so open especially to your girlfriend, that you need to go asap and will call back in a minute. It's annoying, but not the end of the world.

    Maybe you want to invest in a squatty potty as a present for your sour rectum.

    All the best!!!

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    You may have built up some gas in there.  Never hold it in as you've already discovered.  Try some Gas-X or Pepto Bismol.  For constipation or diarrhea try Metamucil (powdered fiber you mix with water).  Other things to make you feel better bath with epsom salts, hot water bottle on belly, peppermint tea, probiotics, and a hug.  Hope you feel better soon.

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    I'm usually the other way - I have a mild IBS-D and when I cramp and then go, my intestines can feel sore for a good day or so. Anything you do to make your gut angry - it will let you know and can continue to let you know for a bit. Like Sanya said - if you have another bowel movement and continue to not throw up or feel nauseous, I'm sure you're fine. The internet is a scary place and takes your mind to issues that are most likely not what may be wrong with you. Making a doctor appointment obviously isn't going to hurt anything and may put your mind at ease.

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