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Hi, I have had a scan to confirm I have a MN, then had an injection under another scan this was 2 months ago, however my pain is getting worse. I have an appointment booked for July. Has anyone else got a lump Half  way up their right foot which is extremely painful. It burns and it's like hot needles going in and out of it I could cry with the pain and I bet my family are fed up with me saying oh my foot is so right foot is the most painful but I have the same burning in my left foot. Don't know what it is or what to do to try and explain to the Dr. Can anyone help. Used to walk on my tiptoes when I was young and my mum always said I think she want to be a ballet dancer.


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    Hi, not sure what MN is but I had similar symptoms and a lump on outside of right foot though that eventually went. I had MRI scan and steroid injections done with scan, electro conductivity test and eventually a foot fusion op with tendons in calf cut and shortened ( navicula cuneiform arthrodesis). Problems started in right foot but spread to left. Operations leave 6 weeks in plaster and another 6 in airboot and now 11 months after op and plenty of physio I'm still in pain and awaiting another op to remove plates and screws before undergoing the same on left foot
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      Hi orientmick, ouch that sounds so painfull , how long was it from the start of your problem until now? Haven't heard about electro conductivity test so will look it up. However years ago I had a fall and had nerve test on my fingers like a electric pulse to test the nerves in my hand and wrist where they found I had carpal tunnel syndrome is it the same? Take care and hope you feel better soon.
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    Hi Jenny,

    It took a good 18 months of pain and hobbling to be finally told I had (have) a Morton's Neuroma. I had an injection into it (it is just a small one) but it made no difference to the sort of numb tingling I get in my 2nd and third toes. Accompanying this I have been suffering bouts of awful burning pain travelling from behind my MN toes across the top of my foot to the ankle bone. After a bout of burning my skin in that area is super-sensitive to touch and it feels exactly like skin does after being stung by nettles and the initial pain has died down!

    Last December I finally got an MRI scan - which proved the Neuroma - but also showed a stress fracture of the 4th metatarsal! I was just told to rest it as much as possible. Had follow-up appointment in May and was told it should have healed by now and there was nothing else they could do for me so I was discharged from the hospital!

    I then went to see my podiatrist who is concerned that my 4th metatarsal is still inflamed and is causing immense pain when pressed. She is the only person who has come to the same conclusion I have (separately) - that my symptoms point to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - the body's unexplained over-response to a previous injury.

    It sounds as if you may have the same thing - look it up, as I did...

    When I was told I had a stress fracture (common in runners - which I am not!) I realised how I must have caused it - months of using my laptop in front of the sofa and leaning towards it, resting on raised knees - this being effectively on tip-toe and repeatedly putting undue pressure on my fore-feet - the right one in particular. However, when I stood on tiptoe and heard, and felt, a crack (which caused no pain, just swelling, for up to 3 weeks) which began my whole saga, it was October 2012!

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is just that - complex! Finally, I have someone who understands what I am talking about when I describe the burning pain, and who has researched the syndrome...I have hope for the future of my poor right foot at last!

    I can wholeheartedly sympathize with you wanting to cry with the pain at times - I am the same - and I told the consultant, as he hesitated to stick the needle into the Neuroma, for fear of causing me more pain, that there have been times I would happily have had my offending foot amputated! He could tell I was serious!

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      Hi madcow, thank you so much for your reply, I am going to look up C.R.PS later. However I do feel you understand and know it's not just me. I feel my doctor thinks I'm making it up. I am overweight and I feel they have an easy get out. Well if you lost weight it would help a lot. I have lost weight from time to time but nothing has helped. The only shoes I can wear are Clarks ankle boot with a slight wedge or low wedge flyflot sandals. Will be in touch but thank you . X
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      Hi there madcow

      sorry to jump in on your conversation but wanted to ask if the injection was of any help to you or indeed hinderance in any way? 

      I'm waiting for my 3rd appt with podiatrist when he may send me for a scan. I've been in pain with MN for about a year. It's horrible!

      sorry to read about your CRPS and the terrible pain you suffer. Hope you get the help you need.

      i feel there is not enough said about these very painful conditions that can happen to our feet.


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      Hi Jennywren, that's ok!

      The injection I had in my neuroma made no difference at all - it didn't make it any better or give me any normal feeling back in the area, but it didn't make things any worse, either.

      My podiatrist suggested I try some trainers as they have a broader sole and, though very comfy, my walking boots have a narrower sole under the heel so that my feet rock side-to-side when I walk (I felt very self concious, parading up and down the corridor in front of her, both barefoot and in the walking boots!). I have been into town in my new lightweight Puma trainers today, for a couple of hours, and my foot has now started burning again across the top from toes to ankle bone.

      She also suggested I give Clarks Wave Walk shoes a try. Earlier this year she mentioned Rocker Soles as these are flattish under the foot but pronouncedly curved on the sole so the shoes do the bending for you and keep your feet relatively rigid. However, the price (about £150) is prohibitive! Clarks Wave shoes retail at about £50 (I got several pairs of last season's design off ebay for a fraction of that) and they support the foot well. However, the day they arrived I had been on my feet for far too long and my right foot was too swollen to really try out the shoes.

      The strange thing is I find my right foot can become more swollen, and therefore painful, if I have been sitting at my computer for a long time, than if I am standing and walking. The pain can be bad if I have been on my feet a lot then take a rest. As soon as the pressure is off my feet the right one starts burning and I don't know where to put it for comfort!

      I was prescribed Amitryptilene for the pain about a year ago, but didn't realise you need to take it every day for a month before you feel any relief! Although it's an old antedepressant it seems to be used a lot for nerve-related pain. I'm not sure I want to go down that route (prescription charges every month and a drug that could have weird side effects) when my pain is only sporadic. My podiatrist said that pain killers are all very well but they won't make better whatever is wrong with my foot. She wants to see me in a month or so to see how I am getting on with my footwear. If after all that there is no change in the burning pain and sensitivity she will write to my doctor and demand further hospital investigation.

      Sorry for such a long winded reply to your simple question! I got carried away!


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    Hi jennyb

    Sorry to read about your painful feet. I too get fed up of complaining about the pain in my left foot and am sure others must be fed up with me moaning!     I have an appointment on Thursday with podiatrist about the MN. Last time I went he told me I would just have to manage it with suitable shoes but I am wondering whether to ask for an injection this time. Did it give you any relief when you had the injection please? Not sure what to do. I ve had the MN for  about 12 months. Not got any lumps like you but sharp shooting pains up through my toes like an electric shock. I ve found Clarkes flip flops are pretty good for almost pain free walking also Hotters. I find buying a larger size so I can fit sorbithane insoles (from amazon) inside allows me some pain free walking, so long as I avoid bumpy pavements and kerbs.  Hope you may find some of this helpful.

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      Hi jenny wren, thank you for your reply. Firstly the injection did help for about a month the pain wasn't as bad however never pain free. Still had burning sensations. Got another appointment in July and they may remove the nerve. Would let them try anything. I too wear flyflots and Clarks always with a slight wedge can't walk if they are flats. So I would try the injections it does work for some. Take care.
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      Hi jenny

      thanks for your reply. I hope you can have op if that's what you want.

      i saw podiatrist last week. He told me I have to try other options before he can put me forward for injection. He gave me inserts which I don't find help me at all, iin fact make walking worse! Also said to get some trainers with non flexible soles. I wasn't too impressed when he said not to expect too much as this is the National Health.

      Am trying trainers but not much help.

      I wish I could sound more positive but at times it's difficult to do so.



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      Hi jenny, I do feel it is a postcode lottery to the response you get on treatments. I had complained to my doctor for years after a fall, just happened to see another doctor who got me an appointment at hospital on orthopedic trauma. Then from there I had 2 ex rays then MRI scan to confirm MN. Then the injection under another MRI scan. The right foot is so painful & now the weather is warmer my feet are swelling causing more pain, so need to get water tablets now. I feel you just have to keep on complaining, my problem is I have lots of different health problems, it's all running into one big one. After my fall I have a problem with the whole of my right side. The right knee and thigh large swellings which is arthritis. I need a knee op, however can't have it until I loose weight. Which is so hard as find it hard to exercise. If I was a horse they would put me down lol. 

      Will keep you all updated after my July appointment. Take care 

      Jenny x

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