Painless colonoscopy!!!!!!!!!!

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After reading many terror stories on the internet about how horrifically painful this procedure is, I got myself into a right state! I was crying and refusing to have it done, which is not like me! However I had nothing to worry about!

I am simply writing this to reassure other people who have read bad things on the Internet, that there is nothing to be scared about!

I am a 19 year old girl with a very low pain threshold and was worried sick about having my colonoscopy.

When I arrived at the hospital I made a huge fuss and was going to refuse treatment and go home. The staff were wonderful and reassured me and calmed me down. Once I was briefed and calmed, I had a sedative through an IV drip, which made me feel slightly drousy however I did not sleep. I stayed awake and watched the whole prodedure on the screen! I felt absolutely no pain throughout just a slight pressure when they went around the bends.

Afterwards I had some tea and some toast and was out the door in half an hour!

So for those of you worrying, please do not! You will be fine smile

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    Good that you shared that Abbie. I was worried about mine as well and like you, had no trouble and very little discomfort. Of course, it's different for others but hopefully reassuring for some to read encouraging posts like yours. Hope you had a good report. Mine was a 'come back in 3 years!' Squeaky clean but they have to keep a check on things as I did have bowel cancer but so far there is no sign of recurrence after nearly 18 months. 😊
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    Well done you! Very impressed! 
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    I am happy that it all went great for you during the colonoscopy.

    However, I had a colonoscopy last year in December and the pain was unbearable.

    I have a good pain  treshold, I was sedated and given some useless weak painkillers, but I still was feeling like "intestines's rape".

    I thought they are ripping my organs apart.

    It was couple of years ago when I gave natural birth without a gas and painkillers helping and I screamed my head off, but this colonoscopy experienced was worse than that. It was like out of this world. When they were going around the bends it was like "stabbing me inside with a knife" pain.

    However, the results were all clear.

    I am not going to have another one in my life.


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    Hi abbie, I am glad yours went fine with little discomfort. Peoples experiences with this are will. On other threads you will read that people who have bad experiences do state that it is not like this for everyone. It depends on the consultant you have and how many patients they book in for the same day. Whether you have a high pain threshold or a low pain threshold it does depend on the skill of the consultant. I would just urge people to state to the consultant that if you ask for the procedure to stop then they must stop! My experience was that the pain was so bad I continued to yell for the consultant to stop and he just carried on. If he had stopped when I asked him to I probably wouldn't feel how I do today. My pain threshold is high, I have been poked prodded and had many procedures since my illness. Some uncomfortable some a little painful but I have always been in control. That day the control was taken out of my hands - so please people do not be afraid to have this done it is important. Just tell them before hand that if it becomes too painful and you want them to stop they must stop!!!
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    Well done honey...! Mine was too..😄

    its not not everyone's experience I know.....different tummies, different endoscopists etc.....but my only advice would be..consider the alternative?? We need these procedures....but people MUST be able to choose light or a heavier sedation. And is you have problems and knocked out completely !!!

    Something to discuss with our consultants. All the best everyone.💕

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    I totally agree with abbie!

    I went for suspected IBD and turns out the GP was spot on. My symptoms were frequent toilet use (5-9 a day), diarrhoea (bloody) , sharp stomach pains, dramatic weight-loss, fatigue and low appetite over 6 months.

    I tried to hope it would go away but it didn't, so I reluctantly went to the GP. They can do a procedure in the surgery that can look a little way up inside but other than that it's referred to the hospital for a full endoscopy with a long flexible camera device.

    I was really worried about the procedure BUT for nothing. They offer you gas & air or a drug injected (don't remember the name of it). I opted for the injection. The drug injected was wonderful, as it makes you totally relaxed and feel very comfortable; it's like being drunk without the dizziness and makes your eyes heavy.

    I was conscious during the procedure with very caring and considerate staff (1 doctor and 2 nurses in the room) and the nurse even held my hand to offer reassurance smile. And don't worry your dignity is covered as they give you these little special shorts - lol. The scope is about 1 meter long with a colourful light on the end that flashes and can bend.

    It does NOT feel painful in the slightest and like abbie says just a slight pressure that you feel, as it takes the bends on the large intestine. It'll go right up to the entrance of the small intestine which you can see on screen.

    The hardest part is drinking the 1.5 litres of solution the night before, which is basically a laxative that flushes you out 100%. It's pretty hard to try and drink all this horrible tasting salty, milky power solution that you have to mix with water.

    After my diagnoses of mild Crohns and UC, I was put on Mesalamine pills and liquid suppositories for a month everyday and my symptoms cleared up albeit slowly. I've also noticed avoiding dairy, eggs, sodas, juices, alcohol and pork products & too much fruit, raw-veg seems to work well for me but everyone is affected differently. I also found out that taking vitamin B12 powder under the tongue is good for this.

    I Hope this helps whoever the next poor person suffering with IBD because it's awful when it's bad (flared-up). It ranges in severity from person to person and can be so bad as require surgery to remove part or all of the intestines.

    I hope whoever reads this that it helps you out from my personal experience because the net was the first place I looked before going to the GP and getting myself sorted. 

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    I am waiting for an appointment for a coloncsopy and i must admit after reading all the forums it is very frighteneing seems very painful also when i asked could I have a ct scan instead I was refused and said it was a colonscopy or nothing !!! so it seems they want to go this route at all costs even tho i said i would have a colonscopy if the ct scan showed anything up still refused.
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