Pains in my lower back and hips

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Oh dear, I decided after taking my fourth tablet to look further into these drugs and although horrified, I am glad to see that it's not my imagination that I have these pains. I am 55 and usually healthy and fairly active, but on my last two walks I have suffered with joint pains like never before. I have a constant ache in my left hip. Also, this week I have had my first cold in three years and felt really ill with it and so tired, could this be connected? I don't know what to do now? The doctor prescribed these as if they were a miracle drug! 

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    Hi Anne. My sympathies. I was prescribed this drug for osteoporosis. After taking one tablet I developed a violent headache and nausea. So never again. My doctor is unable to give me anything else as I have a parathyroid tumour which needs to be removed tocorrect my blood calcium level first. My consultant told me that Alendronate costs pennies to produce ! Which just about says it all. There doesnt seem to be anything else the doctors can prescibe for osteoporosis. I also am worrying and feeling very frustrated. I hope you feel better soon.
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      Thanks Gaynor, the way the doctor put it across to me was that I would miraculously be healed! And silly me, I bought it. I hope you are ok and have the op soon to remove the tumour. 
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    "My doctor is unable to give me anything else as I have a parathyroid tumour which needs to be removed to correct my blood calcium level first"

    Gaynor - if you have a low calcium as a result of a parathyroid problem you shouldn't have been given AA either! It says VERY clearly on the instructions from the manufacturer that any patient with low calclium levels must have that corrected first. 

    Anne - there are other substances - including a monoclonal antibody called denosumab which works on a completely different principle. I and a load of other ladies have had AA handed to us automatically because we were put on prednisolone for "protection" but have had problems and some doctors are beginning to realise they were sold a pig in a poke by the fantastic marketing campaign that accompanied the lauch of the stuff. The trouble is doctors hang onto "facts" they learnt at a certain stage of their careers and won't relinquish them in the light of later information. Miracle drug it ain't!!!!!

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      I have high calcium in my blood Eileen. But you are quite right that the instructions for A

      Alendronate say that it has the potential to alter blood calcium levels. I really am stuck until I have surgery. Dont have an appointment for that yet...

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      Thanks Eileen, I'll look into that. It's quite scary isn't it?
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    My aged aunt was prescribed this nasty stuff as she has age related osteoporosis, she read the leaflet after taking it a couple of times and had to stop, it was making it impossible for her to swallow and affecting her breathing - all in the leaflet!  Plus the doctor did not explain how it would react with the other medications she was on, happily she is now not taking statins as they are unnecessary for anyone.
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      Two years ago they wanted me to take statins, much against my better judgement, as I had a high cholesterol level due to the pred - "exceptionally high" said the little bunny at the hospital (it wasn't, it was raised). I had to pay for them myself as they said I should have a fancier one as I already have a rheumatism which causes sore muscles and joints, hence the need for pred (I don't live in the UK). Within days of taking half dose I couldn't walk 50 yards - and I was on crutches anyway. It took over a year to recover from that but 2 years on and my cholesterol is in normal limits without statins. Diet? Lower pred dose? No idea - but I will NEVER take one again.

      I do wish doctors would bear in mind that someone realtively healthy taking one drug as in clinical trials is a different matter from less well patients taking several drugs - but I have come to the reluctant conclusion they slept through all their pharmacology lectures...

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      Eileen, you do make me laugh somtimes,  I like your comment about the little bunny!

      Years ago,  I was put on statins and was on them for about a year until I developed severe leg pains.  One of the strange side effects that I hadn't realised was a side effect, was that I kept falling over.  I thought there was something wrong with me,  I never dreamed it was caused by the statins. For example,  I used to bend over to pick something up and just topple over.  I will never take them again.

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    What annoys me is that the GP will stare at his / her computer screen but NEVER contemplate the interaction between drugs!!
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    A couple of months ago, I went to my GP with swallowing problems.  He loooked at my drug list and immediately said it was probably caused by the AA.  He has given me Ibandronic acid to try for 3 months.  I take it once a month.  And if that doesn't make any difference, then he was talkling about an infusion.

    I had noticed that I had awful pains for 24 hours after taking AA and also the Ibandronic acid.

    I am not convinced by taking the drug and am currently waiting for a DXA scan.  I was referred in April and rang up the other day to see if they had any idea when it might happen.........not before 2015!!

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    Ibandronic acid is no different to AA - it is a bisphosphonate too. Just stop taking it, you won't crumble into a heap. And tell your GP to do homework before simply giving you a different version of the drug he thinks is causing the trouble.

    A 9 month wait for a dexascan? That is utterly ridiculous for someone at risk of developing osteoporosis. I had to wait a few weeks and I had to pay about £30 towards it - but I'll take our version of state funded health care I think.

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      I know and the GP knows about the Ibandronic acid and, as for the DXA scan, my health board doesn't have the equipment available, so we use a mobile unit from the next area.  I was told that to go privately costs in excess of £100 and then, you only get a quicker slot if someone else cancels.

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