Paleo diet, histamine intolerance and LP

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Has any one tried a Paleo diet?

If my research is correct and I urge you to do you own. A Paleo diet involves a diet consisting of no possessed food as these foods all contain histamine, No alcohol for the same reason and only foods that are fresh and meats that are grass feed as these do not contain histamine or very little. The reason I mention histamine is that some if not all of us more then likely suffers from a intolerance to histamine this is my best guess at least, good luck getting a Dr. To listen to you though. Now doing a Paleo diet is not to rid the food you ingest of histamine but it does, correcting a lot of problem we LP suffers have. So just to name a few ailments gesturalinternal issues, inflammation, skin rash or hives, anxiety and many more. I know there general but most if not all of my problem fall into these categories. There are a lot other benefits to a Paleo diet like better more efficient fat burning, more energy, lean muscles, and more. I can't stress this enough don't take my word do the research because no one else will.

Ok, so let's get to the histamine intolerance. Along with the Paleo diet I've been searching histamine intolerance and what I found was mind blowing. Histamine plays more of a role in the body then I ever knew. It's not just the cause of allergies. An over abundance of histamine can cause all kinds of problems in the body. Now, for me my connection to histamine, Paleo diet and LP came when I read that the histamine you ingest in your food is broke down in the gut. A enzyme called

Diamine oxidase or DAO in your small intestions track is responsible for breaking down the histamine your body ingest. This was my qureka moment, because my LP didn't happen until I started having digestive problem. Before I go any further A little background on me. I had little allergies but not enough to bother my way of life very mild in other words. I would consider my self to be normal with a sneeze here and there, an occasional bug bite swelling not to bad right? I have never had chronic gestural intestinal problems. Needless to say pretty advantage until about a year ago when I started having digestive problem. I was diagnosed with C-diff a yeast infection in my gut. My Dr. gave me antibiotics which flushed out all the bacteria in my gut good and bad. About the same time I started to develop a itchy rash, the time of year was spring all this happened a time when our own histamine levels are high. At the time I didn't put two and two together but now I'm floored that no one has experienced this and seen the connection. Back to me, over this past winter my LP stopped. I had no reoccurring breakouts for over three months until a week ago. It is spring where I live now and the allergy season has begun. Now remember I haven't had a breakout for months guess what happened? I broke out severely, after working in the yard doing the same things I've always done.

Once again back to the Doctor's I go. I seen my primary care, dermatologist and a allergist and all three said it looks like poison ivy. This is what I was told the first time I broke out and there was no poison ivy involved no prior yard work I wasn't even involved in any outside activity back then prior to my breakout. This time around I went back and I searched and searched my yard and I didn't find any poison ivy, poison oak or sumac, but what I really found interesting though is the night before going to see a allergist for the first time in the 39 years of my life and for the past year. I've been taking a 24h allergy pill to deal with the itching of the skin LP. I also took a benadryl tablet for itching the night before going to allergist. Ok, just bare with me so I go to the allergist mind you I've got 2 histamine blockers in my system. The allergist does a histamine test, a stretch test and then another allergy test between the two skin layers. Now, prior to these test they told me they my not get results because of my antihistamines, well guess what? They got 35 positive results. How is this possible unless my histamine levels are higher than normal. I'll tell you why, because I eat processed foods, it's allergy season and my own body is producing histamine to fight off the seasonal allergies. Now the only conclusion that I can come to is I don't have enough of the DAO enzyme in my gut to break down the histamine I ingest through food leading to build up of histamine and causing all of my problem mainly the skin LP, but now this year I have developed sinus headaches, itchy water eyes, scratchy throat and IBS.

From what I understand about histamine intolerance, everyone's symptoms are different but will reoccurr as the same when you hit your threshold tolerance for histamine. This recurrence can be 1 symptom and mild or a multitude of symptoms depending on how long this goes untreated. Please do some research and leave some feedback. I'm searching for answers and the Doctors just want to treat the symptoms with a pill, steroid, shot or cream and I want answers to why and no one know anything about Lichen Planus. Best of luck to you all and I look forward to your comments

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    Hi there seems to be a lot of different things that agravate or cause a flare up of LP.

    At the moment I am being treated with Steroid cram for my skin and steroid eye drops.

    I am sure the sugar in Alcohol does not suit me and am cutting down wheat.

    I also take a culture called Kefir for my gut health which can be purchased on line.

    I got mine from Amazon.

    Wishing you good luck.



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      Thanks for your reply Catherine.

      Have you been tested for allergies?

      If not I'd recommend it, this way you can tell the difference between what is a allergic reaction and what is LP. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish what is what. Now that I know what I'm allergic to and that I am more prone to a dermatitis response working in the yard I'll be more cautious.


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