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Lichen Planus

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  • ckitefly 2

    Oral Lichen Planus in the Esophagus

    So, I've been told I have OLP and have messaged a lot on this blog. I've had it since 2008 but just in last two years, finally got a diagnosis. Not by biopsy though it with a ENT looking at the lesions and saying yep, that's OLP. Since then, I had a deep root cleaning on teeth and since that time, my...

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  • Noni9 3
  • elizabeth lee 2

    oral lichen planus

    Hi I have just been diagnosed with oral lichen planus. I have had a sore mouth for about six weeks now and have just seen my dentist and g.p. I thought I would find out how mwny out there have this condition as I have never heard of it before.

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  • chinney 3

    sore vulva.

    Would like to start riding my bicycle again as haven't ridden it for a year as worried I will get a flare up down below, wondered if anyone knows if you can get a a special saddle so it doesn't rub please.

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  • carolyn81368 2
  • kokkie 2

    Oral Erosive Lichen Planus

    I was diagnosed with Oral Erosive - Lichen Planus a year ago after two biopsies on the age of sixty. I am positive that it was caused mainly by stress and that allergies and fungal in the body is playing a big part in this sickness. My Doctor treated me with high doses of cortisone, and mouth washes...

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  • Kmcfatter 2

    Oral Lichen planus and Cellcept

    My Mother has oral lichen planus. She has had it for 4 years. She has seen the leading specialists in the country and none of them have been able to even get it under control. She has basically existed on oatmeal for these 4 years. Her doctor has just prescribed her the immunosuppressant drug Cellcept...

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  • DMD3443 2

    Oral lichen planus in throat??

    Hello everyone! I am a 33 year old female and was recently diagnosed with oral lichen planus (confirmed with gum biopsy). My gums were very red and inflamed, with some erosions, so I started a topical steroid gel. It has improved some, but not completely. A couple of weeks ago, I developed a sore throat,...

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  • gail 62439 1

    Pregnancy with OLP?

    So I'm a strange one. At 28 I began developing blisters on my lip and finally diagnosed with OLP after a biopsy. After four months the illness disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived. Ten years and five months later I abruptly experience a recurrence. Two blisters on my lip that are bright red and...

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  • pooja54293 2
  • chinney 3
  • Norv 1

    hi everyone i have just been diagnosed with OLP

    I have to have a biopsy to confirm the end of july but the consultant said it was OLP. Any advice out there on what to use? I am currently trying the tea tree oil but has only been  day. I find the sore under my tounge is worse. Thank you in advance

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  • garbear 3

    Paleo diet, histamine intolerance and LP

    Has any one tried a Paleo diet? If my research is correct and I urge you to do you own. A Paleo diet involves a diet consisting of no possessed food as these foods all contain histamine, No alcohol for the same reason and only foods that are fresh and meats that are grass feed as these do not contain...

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  • Guest M

    Lichen Planus, changing diet

    I thought it was cancer and from the start of blood tests, scans, biopsy results it took about 8 weeks before I found out it was lichen planus of the vulvar. During that 8 weeks (because I thought it was cancer) I changed my eating habits (through a very renowned natural doctor, dont know if im allowed...

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  • donna18720 3

    cancer symptoms from OLP

    I have had OLP for going on two years. Not much of a problem just the white lacey lesions and irritated by spicy foods, but now My mouth is much worse with very sore all the time. What can be used to calm it down? Should I be worried about the changes?

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  • chinney 3

    sore vulva

    Hi, i am waiting to go back to vulva clinic the 15th this month, went there in november last year,. a doctor thought i had lichen planus, but the gyno at hospital didnt think it was, and when  i saw her it was clear , i did show her a picture of what it was like, a week and a half ago , my vulva was...

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  • millyabh 2
  • jason05355 2

    I started low level laser light therapy

    and combining with homeopathic medicine, B vitamins and NAD+ Riboside.  new studies suggest that NAD+ is key in reversing autoimmune disease and many people with lichen planus are deficient in this.  

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  • Coligion 2

    Recently Diagnosed with Lichen Planopilaris (scalp)

    Hello all.  I'm a 30 year old male hoping to gain some valuable knowledge and insight from this community, as it's been a major struggle dealing with this disorder. I've been fighting with the following symptons on my scalp for ~2 years now: red, inflammed skin, no flakes or scales, mild itching but...

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  • Janey6 2

    Lichen planus and LDN

    i am writing for my husband who has oral and dermal lichen planus. I am a pharmacist and have researched treatments for his condition s and he has seen a rheumatologist who understands the disease state.  He has been on steroids in the past and a mouth wash.  The mouth was worked wonderfully and is a...

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  • leros 2
  • wills72 1
  • garbear 3

    EMUAID? Has anyone tried this for skin LP relief?

    So I recently came across this ad for EMUAID topical ointment. It claims to relieve itching in days with a visible reduction in breakouts in 5 days. This EMUAID reviews say it helps with scalp and skin Lichen Planus.The reviews are mostly positive and provide hope to a condition that haunt us and no...

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  • patrick 46804 2

    Lychen planus on the anal region

    I have been diagnosed with lychen planus, biopsy. As I have progessed through lychen planus in this area is unbelievable in pain. My diet is mainly soft foods, softeners actually have the opposite effect due to stomach acid. Bleeding does happen since the anus is surrounded by a mucus membrane which...

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  • pooja54293 2

    Recurrence of lp

    I had episode of continued about 4 months..then got cured left with scars all over..for about two months till new rash was there but before couple of days 3-5 new rashes have appeared on my hand...I am in lot of stress now that my lp is returning..will my lp will continue this way for...

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  • carneyr 1

    Struggling help!

    I have had oral LP for over four years and am 28, they have told me to keep an eye out for any changes. I regularly check and have noticed no ulceration any more, as such but it now blood blisters and has progressed to both sides of my tongue. It's really painful as it's along the side of my tongue...

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  • catharine69497 2

    Lichen Planus Eye Problems

    I have Lichen Planus and Lichen Sclorosis .  I have started with an eye problem that the hospital opthalamist  believes is caused by the Lichen Planus . My eyeball swells and is painful, he has given me eye drops steroids, but they are not helping.    Can anyone help with thier experience  please. Catharine.

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  • richard43925 1
  • carolyn81368 2

    kenalog injections

    Has anyone tried kenalog injections for oral lichen planus?  My nurse told me she treats a couple of patients this way with much success.  She only needs to see them a couple of times a year.  

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  • Sasr24 3

    Lichen Planus and Vegetarian

    Two years ago I woke up with OLP.  I believe I had LP for eight years prior without being diagnosed.  For over a year I have been on an immune suppressent which keeps LP/OLP under control.  My sister-in-law believes it's because I'm a vegetarian.  So now I'm curious as to how many of you are meat eaters...

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  • rick41375 1


    Has anyone had this on there upper chest genitals and oral . Male here

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  • amber79324 2

    Oral Lichen Planus in child

    Hi.  My son was diagnosed with OLP when he was 8..... But his mouth ulcers started when he was 3!  He's 10 now. He has good weeks and he has Horrible weeks.  No one has been able to help us relieve his pain.  We do have some meds prescribed but none are miracle drugs (I know that doesn't exist. . I...

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  • garbear 3

    Licochalcone for LP skin relief

    Has any one heard of licochalcone? Has anyone tried it to soothe itching? From what I found licochalconeis is in a few cosmetic products for acne. According to the National Cancer Institute it has, "potential anti-inflammatory, antioxidant...activities." Licochalcone is a molecule contained in licorice...

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  • Mercky 2

    I have Oral Lichen Planus and just heard about Gengigel

    Has anyone with OLP used Gengigel and did it work.  I found using baking soda to brush my teeth is much better than any toothpaste.  I just can't find anything to help relieve some of the pain on my tongue.  It feels like it has been sliced with a razor blade all the time.  Any help you can give me is...

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  • jason05355 2
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