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Hi all i was diagnosed last year with dilated left ventricular.i am on medication for high blood pressure.i have been to ER so many times with my heart beating irregular and they just keep on putting it down to anxiety.lately i have been getting it more often and it scares me.i am also using a betablocker.can you strenghen your heart muscle again

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    Yes, - husband has dialated left ventricle, seriously so, he has improved over the last 6 years.

    Do you have a blood pressure monitor that also takes your heartbeat, if not I would get one, we were told by our specialist to get one so we could watch husbands vital reading and keep them in a diary.

    For a start how is your weight, are you over what would be your normal weight?, or close to normal for your height.

    I will give you my husbands 's story, sent home form hospital with comment we can do no more for him. EF 23%, he could not walk across room without help, needed help showering, dressing everything.

    Dr said to me, keep him moving, day one, bed to couch, then I set up kitchen chair at front door about 15 steps from couch, made him walk to chair, stop take a rest and back to couch, say 3 times a day, 18 months later that walking had become 3 - 4 klms in the morning, one letter box at a time, extending the walk every week or ten days one more letter box,  6 years later still doing that walk, but for times when he has been sick, and had to start again from scratch, his EF is now 45%, taken with echo last week, so I know that is correct.

    We watch his fluid 1 & half litres a day, have to allow for more if he is sweating.

    Come back, I hope can help you, have lots of experience of managed a heart failure husband.

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      Hi,thanks for reply then mine not so bad yet it was 50% last year doctor say if it goes below then they start to worry.i am about 40 kg overweighed if i take my height and age what the ideal weight should the last 2 years that i was without work i have become totally inactive dont walk at all only when in town or shop.because i feel funny lots of symptoms 1st started when i didnt work anymore.and since then it has gone worse and was told by doctor that anxiety can weaken heart.i really want to start walking but i have this fear of what if something happens while im walking.
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      Francois - first you need to get that extra weight off.

      We tracked down a really good dietian, gave us charts of what to eat and when, like little postage stamp pictures, 2 of anything on the list for breakfast, and free vegetables. and same for lunch, one chart for each main meal of the day.

      Once we got used to it, we started losing weight like you wouldn't believe, we both list about 10 kilos in a matter of weeks, took a break, but we need to go back on the diet again, husband has had a virus, and part of the advice for a few weeks has been a high protien diet, not do good for the diet, and so easy to follow, check with the fridge door before anything went into mouth.

      Even gave us a list of bad items, very limited, ie chocolate biscuit, ONE ONCE a week.

      Walking, start with walking to the corner of your street, and return, how far is that? a 100 yards, say for example, do that twice a day if you can. Let me know, then we will work out a routine for you.

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      Thank you so much for reply.went to fetch my medicine at hospital thought while i am there let me go to ER and just check had irregular heartbeat 2days so wanted to get it checked.before going there i had it.when they did ecg all normal.then they did bloodwork and all came back normal.cardiac markers,magnesium iron,vit d3 etc all came back normal so they send me back home without a explanation what can cause it.just got home and it started really scares me

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      Can you afford a fitbit, one that records your heartbeat, then you can download to laptop.

      There are some stories out there of where people have not been believed about irregular hearbeat, recorded on fitbit and been able to prove what they are claiming.

      In one case here in australia, pacemaker fitted after months of multiple visits to ER, fitbit proved his claim of irregular heatbeat.

      Husband had a issue with electircal activity in his heart, pain in left bicep and weakness of left arm, not believed for 15 months, even reported to cardio dr's during his regular checkups for his dialated cardiomyopathy, dismissed as not his heart, rotator cuff injury, arthritis in shoulder, and torn muscle in bicep, nothing showed up in x-rays, ct scans, and ultrasounds, even when his heartbeat dropped to 30BPM, at that point I was told it was a pinched nerve in his neck, I lost it and told him what I thought of his medical degree, and told him he had better go back to medical school and get a real education.

      When heatbeat then dropped to 23 BPM, they got worried and called in the consultant, I was ready for him, and told him in no uncertain terms what I thought about his junr staff, reassuring to be told I was right, pacemaker installed that afternoon.

      All very scary at the time, and very stressful, so can understand where you are coming from.

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    I am at the moment having tests as i had pneumonia back in April a very bad chest infection and was layed up for 3 weeks i started to pick up very slowly then all of a sudden i seamed back to square one unable to walk more than a few steps etc i have been told i probably have heart failure due to the illnesses i had back in Apri. i have swollen ankles and legs am on 80mg frusemide for that also water retention in chest stomach etc i have fluid on my lungs at times very heavy feeling of the chest. i had an ECG last Thursday and the cardiologist has referred me for an echocardiogram asap im still waiting i was told if i get any worse to go straight to the hospital but im unsure about this as every day is worse than yesterday. last night i felt really nauseas when in bed was woken several times with heart beat all over place and sweating like crazy im getting real scared now but want to try keep calm incase it increases symptoms x


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