Palpitations / high heart rate after getting up from bed in the morning :(

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i am 31 years old female. hi i have been struggling with high heart rate and palpitations which comes out of the blue when i get up from bed in the morning. my heart rate goes up...doing between 125-146 bpm. gets lower when i sit down and increases with standing and little walk . as the day progresses i can walk 2-3 kms without any issues but do get palpitations while sitting/watching tv/working on computer.

?sometimes when i am out with friends or at work i get palipitations for no reason pushing my heart rate upto 156bpm with little dizziness and goes away by the time i call ambulance..

this issue has completely taken over my life...

i don't know if it is related or not i do chest pains mostly all day which gets worse when i hold my breathe in, twist, stretch.

have told my GP he keeps putting thing on to panic disorder...

?yesterday called ambulance, they picked my heart rate as 146bpm n by the time they did ecg it came down to 125bpm with sinus tachycardia on ecg.

?i have seen 3 cardiologists - 2 in december 2016 and 1 in feb 2017, had 3 stress tests, echos and numerous ecgs with NORMAL results...

3 holtors so far picking up sinus tachycardia n occasional sinus arrythimia. but i have had no issues while wearing monitor

?started with panic attacks which got worse n worse with time ending up having palpitations..

?sometimes palpitations makes me have a bowel movements .. don't know if its related..

?my thyriod, blood works, lipids are NORMAL with no issue. no electrolyte abnormalities.. B12 is high

can anybody ANY HELP please.. i am so desperate for help.. can anyone tell what can be causing this...........

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    Hi Mandy. I had the exact same. After various emergency room visits and seeing Cardio I was told it’s related to burnout and panic disorder. Had to make some big lifestyle changes. My weight dropped to 62 and I could not even shower without my heart rate hitting 150. I have made a reasonable recovery and can now exercise again and cycle for an hour a day with no more palpitations. The panic attacks still happen but less frequently. 

    There is no doubt mine was caused by stress. I see you posted this 9 months ago. Hope to hear how you doing now

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    Hello Mandy, 

    Do you still feel those symptoms? What has helped you? What do you do on the “bad” days? 

    I experience the same exact symptoms you describe, even the bowel movement, sometimes it gets better with a bowel movement. Same things been to several cardiologist, had the test done and all come back normal. This really affects my mental state, it consumes my thoughs! I have also seen therapist.... This has been going on since i had my second child and she will be 4 this year. Sometimes i dont know what else to do but sit alone and cry. 

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      hi glory

      i can understand how u feel and its a terrible feeling i know. no cardiologist cud find what’s wrong with me. this has caused me depression and panic disorder. i am taking bisoprolol furmate 2.5mg for this every morning and taking SSRI paroxitine 25mg to control my neevous system. stop looking dor answers coz i tried my hardest ending up developing panic disorder 

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      Thanks for your reply!  Sometimes i give up on looking for answer but its so worrying. Going to the gym helped so i may try that again.  I swear its one of those things that i feel like no one else goes thru.  And dont get me started on how it seems to be worse the week before my menstraul😔 but thanks for your insight!  Good luck!

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    I had same problem of palpitation ...  But a bit different case, when I woke up from sleep at any time, my heart was beating like 10 strock engine... Sometimes my whole body was shaking, cold sweat etc etc.. If I start to  run in my house ground keeping up my hands, my heart beat rate reduces slowly and within few minutes it comes to normal.. I was worried about my health... Sometimes I felt I'm going to die soon... many tests done by doctors including color Doppler, ECG, blood test, urine test etc etc.. Even blood sugar level was also showing normal.... Finally I started treatment myself as trail... Started to take glucon D powder a tablespoon of powder mixing with drinking water (glucose power which is available in market) at the bed time for a month.. And also reduced travelling, started yoga, took rest.. Now there is no palpitations or any other signs... itz worked with me.. I'm happy to say I'm healthly without any tablets... smile 

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    Hey Mandy, I'm 28, male, found out 3 weeks ago I have a hyperthyroid condition, still waiting to see an endocrinologist and for my Holter monitor results.

    My Story:

    I also hurt my lower back pretty badly at work last year which I've since learned contributes quite a bit to hyperthyroid symptoms. I've been really scared the past 3 weeks and it's pushed me to change my lifestyle, I am avoiding processed boxed foods and meat. I've increased my intake of fruits and veggies significantly and switched to whole wheat and grains. I've watched alot of those healthy food docs on Netflix before, but watching them again this past few weeks has impacted my view on health and food significantly, particularly "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead". The protagonist is easy to identify with and it's inspired me to focus more on my diet and physical health.


    1st week trying to sleep and waking up I have the most severe symptoms, I always wake up 4 hours into my sleep with a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, numbness in my limbs, dizzy, headache, cold sweat, super tired, felt like throwing up. Similar symptoms throughout the day but never as bad as waking up symptoms. 2nd week got better but still same symptoms waking up and in the morning.

    3rd week now and I'm starting to feel better, the symptoms have mostly gone away except in the morning where I still get a pounding heart and numbness in my limbs.

    I hope this helps, keep us informed about what's happening. smile

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    Have you been given a d-dimer blood test? Pulmonary embolisms are overlooked so much in the UK. If you haven’t been given one insist on it. Just because you suffer with anxiety it doesn’t mean you can’t have a genuine problem.

    Are you or have you been on the contraceptive pill? 

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